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Kevin McIntyre
Novice game designer, game player, avid reader, and all-around geek.
Novice game designer, game player, avid reader, and all-around geek.

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Turn 829

BOUNTIES -- start your turn by copying this notice and the below bounties forward. Take your turn following normal protocol. If you have fulfilled any of the bounties, add the indicated number of choice tokens to your pool and erase the bounty. For any not satisfied, increment the bounty value by one.

3 tokens - Create tile (-13,-13).
3 tokens - Swap out any doubleton tile with a hand-drawn replacement.

I got 151 & 168, (must take three tokens) and 58 (must find a player) EDITED: I removed the 'Must' text from the recruitment action. My recollection is that I only need to take two of the three 'must' choices? /EDITING So I'll take 6 (Thanks +Christopher Weeks​​​​!​) Choice tokens and pass this along to +Marc Majcher​​​​!

Turn 920

Forced to take two tokens, and a wild card to take two more, on to +Christopher Weeks​!

Turn 894

I finally get to add to the lexicon! While I'm at it I'll add someone to the who's who. Hissuth Aldermage, of the Thessaline Peoples is in residence at Netzali's Eye. Alder- is a prefix of respect among the thessaline peoples, while Natra / Natrasskin is an insult.

The lexicon appears to be in no particular order, so I'm spend some cutting and pasting.

Next up is +Marc Majcher​!!

Turn 890

I must take two choice tokens, and will add portraits to two who's who personalities.  Yondolo the ice giant and Zarek got portraits. J.R. Zambrano, my phone's about to die, your turn!

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I feel like I ought to recognise this ... What is it?

Turn 869

I created a double tile at 4,10 & 5,10 extending the mountains and coastline. My second action was to make something connected to 6,6 -- the heart of the Y'ber Empire.

Reading up on the polity, they have scientists, aquaponics, farmland, a barrow, and according to demography, lots of giants and etins and at least one ruined city.

So I stuck a Y'beran settlement on 5,10. What are they doing there? What are the strange structures they've built? How does Descrulin feel about being flanked like this? Will the ghost narwals impede travel?

All these questions and more may be answered when @lashanda takes a turn!

Turn 855

I switched myself to weekends only, since weekday evenings weren't working out.

I spent a choice token to add/augment a location or political entity twice.

Descrulin Outpost is militaristic, lead by robed priests or wizards intent on building a complicated system of roads. They do not like outsiders and may be of subterranean origin.

Espand is a meritocracy falling prey to caste stratification. In a few generations it will likely become a royalist or feudal society. The dissatisfied elements are fleeing to found a religious community in High Holy Espania.

Next up is +LaShanda S. Simmons​ come on down!

Turn 836

I must collect two choice tokens, and alternately will increase the likelihood of wildcards by 1.

On to +LaShanda S. Simmons

Turn 813

I got 'add a double tile or double-wide feature' and added more coastline and some forest to tiles -9,4 and-10,4 and that's what I have time for tonight.

+LaShanda S. Simmons​ come on down!
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