Want to help us curate a new batch of stock images?

When you’re creating a document or a presentation to share with others, the right picture can be worth a thousand words. That’s why earlier this year we added a gallery of stock images to Google Drive to help you find that right picture more easily--and for free. (In Google presentations, documents or spreadsheets, go to Insert > Image, click Search, and select Stock images).

You shared a lot of positive feedback about this feature, so we decided to expand our library to give you even more photos to choose from. To make this gallery more useful, we’d like your input on what we should add. 

If you’re interested in helping us out, go to www.thinkstock.com and search for images, or browse through them by category. Using the Google form linked below, submit the item numbers (linked underneath each image) for up to 10 images you’d like to nominate for use in your documents, presentations, spreadsheets. We’ll use your ideas to create and curate the next generation of our stock image library. 

Looking forward to your submissions! 
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