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Tina Jonasen

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Tina Jonasen

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ENDELIG langt om længe har #Google lavet et overførselsværktøj mellem G+ konti ;-) - så ka jeg slette den Gmail-konto de tvang mig til i starten (og som bare gir ekstra arbejde hver gang jeg skal på de forskellige Google-platforme)
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Hvis du vil overføre dine Google+ cirkler og andre forbindelser mellem konti, skal du klikke på værktøjet til overførsel af Google+ cirkler på Google Takeaway. Dette værktøj overfører dine Google+ cir...
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De har tænkt at være 7 dage om at lægge de 2 konti sammen, så glæder mig til at se om det overhovedet kommer til at virke!
- og så mangler vi bare lige at det også ku virke for YouTube-konti ;-)
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Tina Jonasen

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GREAT G+ tool !!!
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Thanks for sharing +Tina Jonasen! 

Tina Jonasen

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Free course, starts 10th of July
Course Details. Power Searching with Google is a free online, community-based course showcasing search techniques and how to use them to solve real, everyday problems. It features: Six 50-minute class...

Tina Jonasen

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Another great look inside the futuristic mind of +Thomas Power 
The Rise of The Google+Plus Coach 2011-2018

Like those social networks before it Ecademy 1998, Linkedin 2003, Facebook 2004 and Twitter 2006 Google+Plus will reach it’s critical mass in 2018 (seven years) with likely close to 2 billion users or one third of those on the internet at that time. It will be a remarkable story and we are all part of the very beginning of that journey right now.

Unlike Ecademy, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter Google+Plus isn’t just a social or business network, Google+ is a whole business transformation platform. Google+ is in fact it’s own “Change” program for migrating businesses and individuals to The Cloud.

The good news is Cloud is about jobs

The less good news is transitioning yourself or your business from a client server licensed software environment to a cloud platform is no walk in the park. 

This is why the battle for cloud services is becoming so brutal with Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Accenture, AT&T, Symantec, CSC, Cisco, Salesforce, EMC, Dell, Apple et al all heavily engaged in carving out their slice of market share and leading the way on speed, cost and uptime.

Cloud however is all about trust. 

Trusting your business data and applications to a third party organization. That is a very scary thought for most Boards of Directors who have listened to the dream of IT for the last 40 years with mixed experiences.

The most trusted brand online is Google and Google have launched Google+ to create trust around their Cloud services.

Interestingly neither IBM, Apple and Microsoft are considered an online brand rather more of a “computer company”, a “software company” or a “global services company”. They are however trusted and thus they are real rivals to Google. What they lack of course is that front end social network in the palm of your hand. So they either have to build one, buy one, partner with one or all of the above. And they will.

IBM provide internal social enterprise software based on Lotus Notes but lack the application in the hands of you and I (the public)

Microsoft are different they are building a social network and also buying assets to clone the Google+ experience

Apple may or may not acquire Facebook or Twitter preferring instead to extend iTunes and Ping.

So among all this confusion and migration to cloud services emerges a new kind of a coach. The kind of coach who is a digital companion. The kind of coach who’s half human half geek. The kind of coach who can walk at your side on your journey listening to you, guiding you and not judging you. Because this is a hard journey with a rocky sea.

Firstly you have to get your head round The Cloud and why it’s important, how much money you can save and how much more productive you and your organization will be.

Secondly you have to learn how to use a load of new software and smartphones which is rarely a pleasant experience. It’s taken me three weeks to get my head round the Galaxy S3 which in the scheme of things is a tiny piece. It is despite this a phenomenal product.

Thirdly you have to embark on that journey to a new way of working from an old way of working. Once again an unpleasant experience for most of us and of course risky. This migration can’t start all at once and should preferably begin with small groups of 5, 15, 50 or 150 people. Those numbers have been chosen deliberately based on Paul Adams Grouped book one of the authors of Google+ Circles.

Fourthly having set sail with some of your crew to the promised cloud lands those left behind in the old no cloud world can become increasingly frustrated to maintain the status quo because it worked in the past, isn’t broken and why should we head for the new world of cloud anyway. To many people the cloud is fairy tale (tail) with a sting yet to reveal itself namely lost data, hacked data or server failure

Fifthly those who do make it to the promised cloud lands can become zealots and evangelists to the point of being religious and this always makes people nervous and uncomfortable and once again can upset the balance in both you and your organization.

All in all the journey to cloud like all journeys in life will be both pleasant and unpleasant in parts. It is however a journey that all businesses must embark upon to maintain their current competitiveness. By the end of this decade with most companies being cloud based a company’s differentiation will once again be a new challenge.

As a digital companion sitting on a number of Boards of Directors as a non-executive director  I want you to know that I empathize with the pain and frustration of this journey you have ahead of you. I want  you to know there are people who will walk with you calmly chatting as you decide why, what, when and how. The role of a companion is to be just that a companion. Someone who is there with you.

In this new world some of those (digital) companions will be called a Google+Plus Coach and it is those people who will sail with you across that endless immense sea. Good luck.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." 
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

p.s. my own gpluscoach is +Thomas Morffew who's yours?

Tina Jonasen

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Fantastisk serie af glas (og karaffel)  - både super praktisk, god for indholdet - og ikke mindst ekstremt stilrent og smukt at se på!!!
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Tina Jonasen

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Very interesting info 

Tina Jonasen

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GREAT classes - even for us who thinks we know it all ;-)
Please join us for a live Hangout on Air with search experts today. Submit your questions here:

Instructions for joining a Hangout:
Hangout on Air with Search Experts
Fri, July 13, 2012, 4:00 PM

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Very cool!

Tina Jonasen

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Great news to follow!

Tina Jonasen

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Darren Rowse: How I'm Using Google+ to Create Content and Collaborative Opportunities

Each day as I sit down to G+ I see the most amazing conversations happening. Each day I see ideas, images, and information being shared by remarkable people. G+ is being used by innovative people who are pushing the boundaries...

#collaboration #blogging
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The Certified Accountant who after an "International Maverick Life" has become "The Professional Networking NLP Leadership Change Agent & Maven apprentice"

Networking / Match Making is what I do - both as The BlackStar Country of Denmark, and through my very Big International Network - so please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything that you think I can help you with; business or personal, people to connect you to etc. - I am here:

Winning by Sharing !!!

I have "been there, done that & and got all the T-shirts" so……
Take advantage of my time spent
- instead of wasting your own valuable life making the same mistakes - ask, and you will at least always get an honest answer - or referral to someone who might know better than me - and remember;
I you do what you have always done - You'll get what you've always gotten !!

"People don't Care how much you Know - until they Know how much you Care"
John C. Maxwell

"I CARE you Know - I am here to Care & Share what I Know !!!

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