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Swimming Down Syndrome
      Let's face it: the Special Olympics has been a boon to the fitness regimen for many disabled folks who would never otherwise get out of the house.  Amanda is no exception.  Over the years, getting her to exercise has taken a considerable amount of coa...

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Are You a Retard?
Amanda saying, "Hmm..." Today I would like to address the label, "Retarded."  I have heard this misused twice in the past three days.  In both cases it was applied to my sister Amanda, who has Down's syndrome.  In the first instance, the word was used by a ...

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If You Call, I Will Panther
When I was in high school, my art class took a field trip to a gallery in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, to view a show featuring some Canadian wildlife artists.  I wandered around the room looking at various paintings of foxes and wolves and loons.  They were a...

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Border Collie on Slate
My friend Barb's border collie is featured in today's slate painting. This beautiful dog has appeared on
billboards promoting pet expos all over the country from Michigan to New
York. She is easily one of the fastest dogs I have ever seen. I was

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Feline Art
  I was a little tempted to change this cat into a Somali or Abyssinian, as that is my "breed bias", but this time I decided to leave it black.  I think it works with the coldness of the marble sill, the snowy day and the blue glass.  This painting is about...

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Equine Art
Last night I watched " Cave of Forgotten Dreams " on Netflix, Werner Herzog's documentary about the Paleolithic-era paintings in the Chauvet cave of Southern France.  Deemed the oldest works of art on record, the paintings were primarily of horses.  Their s...

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Paintings on Slate
For my gallery show, I ordered a few slabs of slate from . It
was my first time ordering from them. I was happy with the product,
except that one of the holes wasn't drilled all the way through. But
that's easy enough to fix.   They come ...

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A Gallery Show at Fernwood Botanical Garden
Several of my paintings, including "Dots", this watercolor of an Appaloosa filly, will be hanging in Fernwood Gallery for their Contemporary Show beginning on Valentine's Day.  Fernwood Gallery is located in the sprawling and inviting Fernwood Botanical Gar...

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The Sleeping Lion -- Waking Up to Change
Back in 1990 I decided to write a science fiction story called, "The Sleeping Lion" based on an idea that I had.  The story is about a young woman named Kelly who lives with an abusive boyfriend.  She escapes for an evening hike in the mountains to find a m...

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I Am the Eagle, I Live in High Country, mid Rocky Cathedrals that Reach to the Sky...
"Spirit Bird" 9x12" acrylic  Yep, I am flying on Cloud Nine these days as my artistic career has reached an all-time high (wait -- that's a different song).  Beginning June 22, 2014, Fernwood Gallery in Niles Michigan will be featuring my art in a one-woman...
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