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Dawn Westfall
Genealogist, scrapbooker, miniaturist
Genealogist, scrapbooker, miniaturist


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Home of a Thousand Voices: Members of the Metcalfe Family in Ellicottville, New York
I have mentioned before that I
frequently find myself doing research on local people who lived here
in the past. I ran across the phrase “home of a thousand voices”
in a fictional work recently ( The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi). I thought it a fi...

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Wishful Wednesday: To Stand Where My Ancestors Stood
shall not cease from exploration And
the end of all our exploring  Will
be to arrive where we started  And
know the place for the first time.                                -From T. S. Eliott's Little Gidding Every so often I get the opportunity to

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Matrilineal Monday: A Female Ancestor's Voice From Years Ago
On 21 May 1788, Moses Fontaine took a deposition from Mary Watts for a chancery suit brought by Reuben Abney against Dr. Walter Bennett saying "that she had been for twenty years a practitioner of the obstetrick art and is a neighbor to Doctor Walter Bennet...

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Amanuensis Monday: Spotlight on Samuel Watts, Sr. of Halifax County, Virginia
 On the 18 th day of July 1810, Samuel Watts Sr. of Halifax
County, Virginia “for consideration of the natural love and
goodwill which he hath for his daughter Polly Shaw at present the
wife of Joseph Shaw as also all the children she may have” conveyed sla...

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Friday Faces from the Past: Moorefield
I am perusing through old photographs from my paternal grandparents side these days. In essence, I have been visiting Kentucky although really only in my mind. Things like this come and go in spurts. I have not looked at the research I have done on these li...

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Talented Tuesday: “A Woman that Understood Something [of] the Nature of Phisick and a Tolerable Good Nurse”
I continue to look through these chancery court records available for
Halifax County, Virginia, I am finding wonderful tidbits of
information that help provide a clearer picture of the lives of those
who lived there so long ago, especially for women who ...

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Amanuensis Monday: Watts Chancery Records in Halifax County, Virginia
I mention in my Watts book that the
search for the parents of my ancestor Lindsey Watts led to research
on all the Watts families that lived in Halifax County and became the
basis for that publication. Since around 1989 when I started
researching, I have no...

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Sibling Saturday: Neighbor Children?
I am going through some photographs that originally belonged to my paternal grandparents. These two that I post I have been unable to identify. They are both RPPCs (Real Photo Post Cards) and have an Azo stamp box on the reverse with 4 triangles facing up. ...

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Sentimental Sunday: Brown Neighbors not Brown Kin
RPPC verso, Postmarked Great Valley, Oct. 14, 1907 to Miss Anna Brown, 151 St. James Pl, Buffalo NY. On October 9, 1907, a woman from Great Valley, New York penned a few lines to Miss Anna Brown, who was then residing at 151 St. James Place in Buffalo, New ...
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