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Erling Roald Knoph
Have we meet in previous lives?
Have we meet in previous lives?

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Who says cats is not smart animals?

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Sometimes nature can fascinate us, other times it can surprise us, but then there are both and which never fail to amaze us most.
What do you think this time?

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Yes I love the sound of the truck when they drive by, but hate the exhaust and pollution of them.
I am one of those who indirectly or directly have a need for them.
Even if I live far from the normal world and want to buy local most part of everything I use for eat coming far way from me and need for them too.
Now look forward to more of them, here in the country I live in.
I think be more and more of them, so soon there will be no more sound of them and the best its not exhaust from them.

But i agree the text of this video too.

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Amnesty Poland organized a special experiment in Berlin. It made refugees and European citizens look at each other for four minutes. The reactions were striking. 

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So amazing!!
Will be allowed to sit back and enjoy a beer?

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The Pentagon's secret future vision is really terrible.
The web site The Intercept show a video made by the army in the US military, and used in the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations University, to draw up future challenges.
"This is the future of the world, and it is inevitable, you hear in the film."

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OMG! yesterday I was watching one of the biggest auroras this winter and I do not get to put my body hairs on end, or have chills as to accomplished this report from +World Wildlife Fund

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This winter seems like being widely Aurora that it is best to stay out all night.
Thanks to +Friends of NASA for sharing this photo from #Anne Birgitte Fyhn
Aurora over Kvaløya Island, Norway
Anne: "Several outbursts that were rapidly changing. Beautiful weather and clear sky. I had to make a panorama out of five pictures to cover it all."

Credit: Anne Birgitte Fyhn
Location: Kvaløya Island, Tromsø, Norway
Image Date: November 6, 2016

#Astronomy #Space #Science #Earth #Aurora #Borealis
#NorthernLights #Norway #Norge #Tromso #Arctic #Ocean
#Astrophotography #Art #Cosmos #Universe #STEM #Education

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No comment, got goosebumps...

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Many follower him.
Many envy him and want to be like him.
Now there is a large factory created by nature near of Tromsø to resemble most in him.
Do you know who I am talking about?
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