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Rob Zaleski
Marketing manager who's obsessed with gnomes, social media, and office supplies.
Marketing manager who's obsessed with gnomes, social media, and office supplies.

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Hello, fellow podcasters!
I was wondering if anyone has used this Kaotica thing or knows anyone who has. It seems like an ideal concept for getting rid of conference room echo when recording, but I'd definitely like a second opinion before I drop $200 on a foam ball. ha. Any insights?

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Let's get real
There are too many robots doing the work, and not enough humanity. Too much automation, not enough compassion. But we can change, I swear. And we can do it at scale. So I put together some actionable steps busy marketers can take to be more human.

#b2bmarketing #behuman #marketingstrategy #influencermarketing

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Are you one of those people?
You know. The ones that influencers complain about in their private Facebook and +Slack groups? I hope not. But if you're looking to reach out to and connect with influencers in your industry, I recommend following the Three Rs of Influencer Outreach, as I outline on the +Traackr blog!

What are the Three Rs?
Be Realistic
Do your Research
Make it Reciprocal

Check out the post for tips and more information on how to best reach out to influencers in your field!

#influencermarketing #influencers #bestpractices #b2bmarketing

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I wrote a thing about influencer outreach
And how to be human, the right way, while doing it. Check it out!

Shout outs to +Mark Schaefer, +Hana Abaza, +MarketingProfs, and +Bryan Kramer, because they are some of my favorite humans. And they provide some great info.

#influencermarketing   #influenceroutreach   #b2bmarketing  
Don't be "that person" influencers complain about in their private chats.
Follow the Three Rs of Influencer Outreach! Our marketing manager +Rob Zaleski chimes in on the +Traackr blog.
Check it out:

What are the three Rs?
Be Realistic
Do your Research
Make it Reciprocal

Follow these three things and you can't go wrong!

#influencermarketing #bestpractices #marketingstrategy

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Our #mpb2b 2016 program is live. Peep all this awesome!

It's now officially Fri YAY!
We are super pumped to announce our 2016 program for B2B Marketing Forum in Boston, October 18-21. And it is packed with the latest and greatest in marketing smarts.

Check out all this goodness!

Will you be joining us in Boston this year?

#conferences #marketing #b2bmarketing #HappyFriday

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My 3 Top Tips for Being Better at Twitter
I love Twitter, despite the hate it has been receiving as of late. In today's #SSSVEDA  (Vlog Every Day in April), I share a few of my favorite tips for being better at using the platform, and making it a bit more manageable!

#socialmedia   #marketingtips   #vlogging  

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Do you wanna drink a cocktaiiiiiiiil?
For today's #SSSVEDA vlog, I talk guilty pleasures, with a little shout out to +Deep Eddy Vodka and Cock and Bull ginger beer. Man, that's a fine and tasty cocktail.

#craftcocktails #guiltypleasures #vlogging

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About that time I ran from the police...
For my day 8 submission to #SSSVEDA  (Vlog Every Day in April), I depart from my normal tips and info-sharing to tell a little story. Based on the prompt from Amy "What is the most adventurous things you've ever done?" I decided to talk about a time I ran from the police. 
No, really.

#vlogging   #adventures   #thefuzz  

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Do you like Twitter like I do?
This is one way to grow your Twitter following the right way. 
-->Participate in Twitter chats. Watch the video to learn why this one task can be massive for building a following of real people.

This is my day 7 post for #SSSVEDA, where video bloggers are posting a video every day in April.

#videocontent   #socialmedia   #networking  

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One thing social media marketers should do
I recently had the opportunity to participate in an +eClincher post asking for habits of successful social media marketers. 
I talk about why I think my addition to the article is important to your success in my day 5 video for #SSSVEDA  (a fun video project put on by Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social. Follow the hashtag to see what people are up to)

#smm   #contentmarketing   #videomarketing  
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