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Making a Maker
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Spreading the Maker Movement by publicly learning everything about it
Spreading the Maker Movement by publicly learning everything about it

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Finally got my Sketch =D Thanks to miss Agnes!

My first 3D Print is on its way, its not perfect, but its something at least =D

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Did the Workshop on the Vynil Cutter at my local Fabrication Laboratory yesterday! Looking forward to actually using the damn Thing =)

Vynil Plotter Workshop at the Happylab Vienna today! Unfortunately, I don't have anything to cut yet =(

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Yeah, exactly, new to the whole "Maker" thing?
New to This Whole “Maker” Thing? Great!

As much as the headlines like to focus on 3D printing, robots, and new manufacturing companies, there’s actually a more important trend happening in the maker movement: accessibility. Even (and especially) if you don’t consider yourself a maker or tinkerer.9781449356439-P-2

The tools and services are evolving at a breakneck pace, becoming both cheaper and easier to use. It’s an arms race to see who can create the most accessible, affordable ways to help you build whatever you can imagine! The big winner in this fierce competition is you, the new maker.

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This is amazing, I have been looking for something like it for a while, never thought I'd find it on Google + !

Uh, Google+ is asking me if I have anything to share. Sure! I have a Google+ Page now! What a surprise!
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