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Ashley M. Kirchner (Norym)
If it isn't lighting up, I didn't do it.
If it isn't lighting up, I didn't do it.

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Someone here, I forgot who, but we're connected in circles (I just have too many), but someone here has, in the past (or possibly still), worked with a drum corps marching band creating some light props. If this is you, would you please send me a message.

Hey folks, I'm needing some recommendations. I received a request today to come up with ideas for a show that gets presented both in the daytime as well as night time. The evening version is still under heavy stadium lights, but I think strategic placements of LEDs could still be visible. My big issue is the daytime show, out in the sun. How to make something that would be visible from a distance. And it will all be in RED color to boot. So, let the suggestions roll in ... what types of LEDs, what experiences you have with daylight lighting that's still visible ... stuff like that. What exactly I will make, I don't know yet. I'm just looking for what's possible in terms of lighting, before I start thinking of what can be done.

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From 6 to 7:30 AM ...
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An hour-long recording in 60 seconds. I started climbing at 6AM in complete darkness. While the moon was still up, by then it had gone past the ridge so I had no visible light from it. Ended up using a flashlight for most of the way up. By the time I got to the upper ridge, it was starting to get lighter which made it easier to get to the final spot and setup the camera.

Stuff I need to remember for next time:
a) Turn off auto-exposure. In my haste to get it recording, I forgot to turn that off, so as the sun came up, it kept adjusting and turning the foreground darker. Oops.
b) Don't touch the damn thing. I took an extra light tripod with me which unfortunately meant any slight touch on the camera became visible on the video. Gotta stop doing that.
c) Set a timer. By design the DSLR stops recording after 20 minutes (2GB file limitation of the FAT file system on the card). The first time, I caught it within seconds, but the second time I was staring at the clouds and missed it by about a minute.
d) Optionally, bring the external microphone. The camera catches a lot of wind and made it impossible to hear the birds waking up. Fuzzy mic will solve that.

Just enjoy it for a minute ...

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Who said Picture-in-Picture is only for fancy TVs?

For the first time in 22 years, I'm no longer employed. Wow ... 22 years of being a contractor at the same company, steady, stable income. What a whirlwind. Between the company changing hands, the industry itself changing, I can't say I didn't see this one coming. However, it still had me waking up with a pit in my stomach this morning. On one side I said, 22 years, wow ... all gone. On the other side I'm thinking .... ok, what am I going to do in about 3-4 months when the money dries up. It's not a matter of "will I be able to" find other contract work, nope. It's, "I have to" find other contract work. So yeah, new challenges ... Bring it!

The beginning of the end. Company was sold last year, folks aren't happy with the changes, folks are leaving. Time to disembark the boat. Shovel, hole ... I'm coming. Thanks for all the fish.

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Cold, windy morning. 
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Another beautiful Boulder sunrise.
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Well it's here. But it's going to stay in its pretty little white box for two weeks. Prepping for a week-long conference next week. Haven't touched the laser... boo. 
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