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I was once young and foolish; I am now less young.
I was once young and foolish; I am now less young.

Gah! Internet issues have kept me from updating most things online. (Fuck time Warner Cable--it's absolutely the worst!) Google is supposed to have our neighborhood wired any day now, so I'll have a reliable feed and can keep up on all things online.

Going disc golfing tomorrow at Rosedale park, 1ish pm, nine holes. Look for the very large, pony-tailed man wearing a bandana. Will likely have the Lil Man and tall, young lady with me.

Oh, hey, I keep forgetting to post this:

Taco Tuesdays (for me, it's NotMonday Nachos) at Sabor y Sol on Southwest Blvd in KCK, 7 pm. We may try other restaurants here and there, though this one looks to be the primary spot. Prices are good, the waitstaff likes us, and 2 for 1 margaritas on Tuesdays.

Unlike most other poly groups I've encountered, the Funtime Adventure Club doesn't rely on people to host events and set everything up for others...well, unless they really want to. It doesn't depend on one or two people setting up events for everybody. The approach is quite simple:

If you're going to do or see something interesting, post and invite other people to join you. That's it.

Going to see a local band you've not seen before and think having company would be cool? Post about it.

Want to take in a wine tasting? Post about it.

Goint to go fly a kite? Post about it.

This group is intended to be for folks sharing activities with others who happen to be poly or not offended by polyfolk (so poly tangles can join in without awkwardness). It's about people getting together and sharing what's fun and interesting.

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