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Deep Color Veszelyite Crystals from Montana
Veszelyite  Formula: (Cu,Zn)2ZnPO4(OH)3·2H2O System: Monoclinic Colour: Green, blue, greenish ... Hardness: 3½ - 4 From: Black Pine Mine , Black Pine Ridge, John Long Mts, , Granite Co., Montana, USA Photo credit: Gianfranco Ciccolini

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Scientists Believe They Finally Found The 8th Wonder Of The World
The lost pink and white terraces, the eight natural wonder of the world Scientists believe they have finally discovered the "Eighth Wonder Of The World" in New Zealand, buried by a massive volcanic eruption. Now, 131 years since the natural wonder of the wo...

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Superb crystals of Gartrellite on Carminite From Namibia
Gartrellite Formula: Pb(Cu,Fe 3+ ,Zn) 2 (AsO 4 ,SO 4 ) 2 · 2(H 2 O,OH) System: Triclinic Colour: Greenish yellow Lustre: Earthy Hardness: 4½ Strengite Formula: FePO4 · 2H 2O System: Orthorhombic Colour: Purple, violet, pink, ... Hardness: 3½ - 4 From: Tsume...

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Mysterious, Gross Yellow Fluff Balls Wash Up on French Shores
Image courtesy Sea-Mer Association Hundreds of yellow, fluffy blobs of mystery material have washed up on the shores of northern France in the past week. The balls of goo have been found along many miles of the English Channel coastline, according to the Se...

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Did Life Begin on Land Rather Than in the Sea?
Stromatolites. For three years, Tara Djokic, a Ph.D. student at the University of New South Wales Sydney, scoured the forbidding landscape of the Pilbara region of Western Australia looking for clues to how ancient microbes could have produced the abundant ...

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Splendid Olivenite Crystals from Greece
Olivenite is one of the most common minerals in the earth, and is a
major rock forming mineral. Despite this, good specimens and large
crystals are uncommon and sought after. Only few localities yield large
examples of this mineral, although small and mi...

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World's Second Largest Rough Diamond Too Big to Sell
Lesedi la Rona is the largest diamond discovered in more than a century, and the second-biggest ever found. A Canadian diamond-mining company may be forced to cut its prize diamond after failing to find a buyer at Sotheby’s last summer, but the firm’s execu...

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Fabulous Azurite with Malachite From France
Azurite often occurs with green Malachite, which may form green stains or specks on Azurite crystals or aggregates. The two minerals sometimes occur admixed or banded together, forming what is called “Azure-malachite” in the gem and mineral trades. From Che...

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Underwater Photos That Show the Growing Gap Between Two Tectonic Plates
Growing gap: Alex Mustard, dived 80ft into the crevice between the North American and Eurasian plates near Iceland to capture these spectacular photos Swimming through an area of extreme natural beauty, this diver surveys the underwater canyons on his eithe...

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Nickel Is Crucial for Earth's Magnetic Field
Earth creates its own magnetic field, suggests new research. Scientists are changing our idea of the Earth's magnetic field: iron alone cannot explain the concept of the geodynamo It only takes a simple compass to demonstrate that Earth has a magnetic field...
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