Brendan Regan, art and photography instructor for GCC's new Photography Certificate program, provided these 5 great tips:

1.  Buy a tripod!   One of the biggest problems is out of focus photographs due to hand movement at slower shutter speeds.  A tripod corrects this and opens up a whole new world for photographers through long exposures.   

2.  Get to know your 50mm lens.  Most cameras come with a zoom lens but a 50mm lens is considered normal, or similar to how our eyes see the world.  Learning to compose at this point of view will be a big advantage in your growth as a photographer.  Make sure you check your manual to determine what to set your lens at to get a true 50mm due to sensor size.  

3.  Light!  Photography means “drawing with light” so make sure you have good lighting.  Many times what separates a mediocre photograph from one that has potential is how the photographer considered light.

4.  Carry your camera in an old bag when traveling.  While there are a lot of cool bags out there for camera equipment but they can stick out like a sore thumb when traveling.  Using a worn, old bag doesn’t draw attention to expensive camera equipment you are carrying.

5.  Put the camera on “Manual”.  Why let the camera make decisions for you?  Take complete control by moving off other exposure modes. Take a class, have some fun, and really get to know what’s in that 150-page manual.
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