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Rarely seen by anyone, a different aspect of China 

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Funny creativity. 
These funny Illustrations Are Proof That Inspiration Is All Around Us!!!!
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Great design Pioneer Electronics! One component failure in my Plasma Display 4270HD requires replacement of the entire main board ($700) + Service call + labor + HST=over $1000. Time to look for another display :(

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I love the idea and the building is beautifully designed however there are lots of technical issues.

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Outstanding visualization of root causes of contemporary ailments!

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You can tell which politician has touched people!
"Remembering Jack Layton at Nathan Phillips Square" - amazing photo.

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Wow indeed!
My most recent timelapse video, "Rapture."

I am working on a new video that will hopefully be ready in Novemember :)

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Finally, the book "Mobile Technology Consumption: Opportunities and Challenges", to which I have contributed the chapter on "Impact of Mobility on Social and Political Movements" has a release date: October 2011!
It does take awfully long to get a book published, but at least I have now the bibliographic data to reference it ;)
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