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Congratulations go out to our newest edition to our website family,!! They have officially launched their brand-spanking new website to the world. Techsploration is an organization that introduces young women to careers in Sciences, Trades and Technology. This is a community driven organization is helping to wipe any memory of gender stereotypes out of the brains of Atlantic Canadians. Way to go Techsploration!
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Mindful Scientific is an Atlantic Canadian Company that is leading the way in brain scan research. Their Halifax Consciousness Scanner (HCS) can diagnose and manage traumatic brain injuries. Please join us in congratulating them on their successes, which now also include the launch of their brand spanking new website!!
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Welcome! Stay tuned as we will be updating shortly!
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Have them in circles
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Nice article on our fellow Sheepdogs for their mileage tracking app Miley!
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