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RC1 of the LUXSTACK #bitcoin Android app is out!
Standalone SPV wallet with buying and selling in the app.  

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With a payment system as smooth as that, everyone in the country should be accepting bitcoin! 

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Pre-opening photos of Apple's Japan flagship store next to +LUXSTACK's #Tokyo headquarters on Omotesando.
Apple Store Omotesando (Tokyo)
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Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group is in Wired!!!

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Awesome! Just lost my Bitcoin virginity, feeling like a nerd stud now. Screenshot attached as promised.

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Hey +Barack Obama,

How about stopping bullying a country that is no threat (Iran). Flying drones off their coast, stopping all money transfers in and out of the country; destroying their economy.

Yes, you might not like their government, but that's no reason for sanctions alone.

There is no evidence of nuclear weapons, they follow the NPT (unlike the US), and they even stopped enriching uranium (for the power stations they are allowed to build).

But that's not the reason for the sanctions, really, if we're honest.

If countries start trading in currencies other than the dollar for oil, the dollar's value will tank. 

- Iraq (previously a friend of the US) tried it with euros, was invaded by the US, and oil was moved back to dollars.

- Libya (previously a friend of the US) tried it with gold, was invaded by the US, and oil was moved back to dollars.

- Iran (previously a friend of the US) is trying it with non-dollar currencies since March... 

It looks like Israel will attack Iran, Iran will counter-attack Israel, and this will be the excuse for the US to enter the conflict. (on Israel's side)

Israel and the US are already training together! How obvious are you trying to be!?

Stop trying to scare people with talk of nuclear weapons in order to start a war and save the dollar. It's gone. Just stop it.

Great video explaining Iran situation:
Ducumentary on IRAN Iran Is Not the Problem; Stop War on IRAN

Iran trading oil in other currencies:

Threatening drone behaviour:  

Note: I'm not transferring money to Iran, but I think the blockade/drones is straight up bullying, and I don't see a reason for it. Feel free to reply.
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