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I wrote a short book about AngularJS.

It's designed to help you ramp up on AngularJS as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's full of code samples and helpful getting-started tips, and it was reviewed by +Miško Hevery himself.

If this sounds like something you would like to read, it's available right now in eBook and paperback formats:

If you pick up a copy, I'd love to hear what you think. Comment here or email me at
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Bought! Will read it the next days and leave feedback here!
Thanks! Can't wait to hear what you think :)
Thank *you* for writing the book! There are currently I think three books in the making, and it's been about time that finally something is gonne be released!
tanja p
just purchased it on amazon. will let you know what i think of it once i finish it :)
Great! I hope you find it helpful!
The sample book was all boilerplate :(
Read the half Book. So far so Good. You get what you expect. :)
Got mine (eBook) , getting through the reading in the next few days for sure.
Congratulations. Looking forward to reading it, but waiting for delivery!
+Richard Vowles It's 66 pages long. The idea is that it's long enough to cover all the important concepts in-depth, but short enough to read in an afternoon.
+Matthew Hall Picking a sample chapter was difficult. I ended up choosing that one because it gives a good representation of the format of each chapter (outlining how to do something in a few different ways, with lots of sample code). It's one of the more boring sections content-wise, which is unfortunate, but many of the more interesting sections were too long for the publisher's liking.
Bought the ebook too. I read the book in a couple of hours and it's a great book for a newbie to cover in a short time. I tried the sample code in the book but there are quite a few typo errors in the code and some inconsistencies in the naming. For example, you refer to the NoteController.js, NotesController.js and NotesControllers.js in your commentary and code which takes a bit of time to debug when you are copying and pasting from your ebook. All in all a good read and a good stepping stone into AngularJS.
Ah! That's annoying. Halfway through the writing, a new version of AngularJS came out and I ended up rewriting most of the samples. Some of the old ones must've mixed in with the new. I'll see if I can get an update to the publisher. Thanks for pointing this out :)
The code for the GuideBook demo that I downloaded from the PacktPub support site looks okay so with a bit of code replacement and proof-reading you should be fine :-)
Thanks Colin, that's a relief to hear :)

(I'll still hassle Packt about getting it fixed, of course.)
I bought the book as well. I liked it and read through it in a couple hours. I do wished you had covered some unit testing but a great starter. 
Glad you liked the book, Chris!

I wanted to cover unit testing more, and I know Miško would have wanted that, too. Ultimately the book was supposed to be about Angular, and there just wasn't enough room to explain Testacular and Jasmine (let alone an overview of Jasmine alternatives).

Unit testing is a tough subject because many readers will know a lot about it, and many won't know anything at all. On top of that, it's easily a broad enough topic to fill another starter-sized book :)
Just bought your book.  I've read the beginning and i'm impressed.  Angular's structure is suddenly obvious to me.  Thanks a lot !!
That's great! Thanks for the feedback, François!
Yes, I have liked what the book covers as far as it goes, but I wouldn't recommend it to my team unfortunately. Testing must go hand in hand with writing, i/we don't want to see code written that has no tests - the Groovy in Action book shows this really well where almost all concepts are exposed using tests. I understand this would have expanded the book but for us its really critical.
+Dan Menard so far enjoying the book, I like how you start with the routes, and "skip" the little details in favor of the big picture.
btw, I wonder why the guide-book example doesn't work with $locationProvider.html5Mode(true); I would expect it to work + be considered a best practice to use it, no?
Just went through the whole book and it's worth every penny, thanks for writing this. I also submitted some minor errata through Packt's system.
+Richard Vowles I understand, and thanks for highlighting Groovy in Action. I've actually been meaning to brush up on my Groovy, and I'm also a fan of unit testing.
+Amitai Burstein Thanks for the kind words! I think you're right about html5Mode as a best practice. By habit, I tend to think everything I'm writing has to run in older versions of IE, but in the book I clearly recommended a modern browser. I'll keep that in mind when we make corrections.
Hey +Dan Menard ordered your book as a print version, but the supplier has refunding my order saying that Packt can't fulfil it. Is it only available as an eBook? Thanks!
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