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I loved this post enough that I logged into G+ for the first time in weeks to share it with you:

(Also, sorry for not being around lately.)

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I wrote a short book about AngularJS.

It's designed to help you ramp up on AngularJS as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's full of code samples and helpful getting-started tips, and it was reviewed by +Miško Hevery himself.

If this sounds like something you would like to read, it's available right now in eBook and paperback formats:

If you pick up a copy, I'd love to hear what you think. Comment here or email me at

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This. More. Please.

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"It makes more sense to have our experts working with the open-source communities to further improve WebKit and Chromium, rather than developing our own rendering engine further."


We've solved website rendering. Webkit is continuing to follow and create new standards, and as more and more browsermakers jump on board, this trend is sure to continue.

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Someone on my team wrote a slick post about asynchronous programming. It's an interesting read, but the real gem is the Github link to a hands-on tutorial in functional programming:

This is what we used internally to ramp our team up on FP, and it worked really well. Grab a coffee, though, it'll take a few hours to work through the examples :)

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Have you ever wondered how Netflix UIs for gaming consoles are built?

+Joubert Nel explains how he built the UI for Netflix on the Wii U:

I wish Google+ was integrated into Windows Phone like Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.

Failing that, it would be nice if there was an official Google+ app for Windows Phone.

Failing that, it would be nice if there was a decent unofficial Google+ app for Windows Phone.

Failing that, it would be nice if the mobile browser version of Google+ felt more like Google+ or Windows Phone on my Windows Phone.

When all else fails, it fails.

What's everyone's take on compiled Javascript languages like Coffeescript?

For my part, I like to avoid over-abstracting whenever possible, but I read this post the other day and it got me thinking that native Javascript is pretty verbose, and maybe I should be more open to languages that aim to help me type less:

Has anyone had a similar change of heart lately? Or are Coffeescript et al. starting to fizzle?

My solution to all of my team's technical problems:

1. Switch everything to Git.
2. Everyone is happy forever and nothing ever goes wrong again.
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