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Swiss Cleaning Services
Swiss Cleaning Services


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Los Angeles Cleaning Company - Please check out our website.

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Swiss Cleaning Services
7119 W Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Also please visit +Swiss Cleaning Services 

#cleaning #janitorial #maids #carpetcleaning  
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Please Help ! We setup our G+ page - +Swiss Cleaning Services and we don't have a badge next to our website.

We followed all instructions to verify the website with the G+ page and viceversa, and also G snippet tool show the rel-author is our G+ page.

But no BADGE ! Please help us !

If anyone seeing this message is from Los Angeles, California and runs a home-based business please reply within a comment ! #losangeles  

Thank you
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Restroom Germ Myths And Realities Revealed

There are many beliefs when it comes to germs and bacteria in restrooms, but how many of them are true? Kaivac sets the record straight by identifying which of the following are myths and which are true.

• Toilet seats are a health risk. - False. Most common viruses and bacteria die quickly, so by the time they are present on a toilet seat, they probably have already died. Further, skin-to-skin transmission of germs is usually a concern only if there is an open wound or sore.

• The safest stall in a restroom is the one farthest from the door. - False. Studies indicate the stall closest to the restroom door consistently has the lowest bacteria levels (and the most toilet paper).

• The most contaminated germ “hot spot” in a ladies restroom is the floor. - False. At the top of the list is the sanitary napkin bin; this is followed by the floor, the sinks and the underside of the toilet seat.

• Poor hand hygiene is most often due to lack of soap in public restrooms. - True. When soap is available, people generally use it.

• Just because a restroom smells clean does not mean it is clean. - True. Odors do not necessarily indicate how clean or unclean a restroom is.

• Toilet seat covers help prevent the spread of germs. - False. Studies indicate seat covers offer more psychological comfort than real protection.

• A women’s restroom has more bacteria than a men’s restroom. - True. This is often because women tend to spend more time in the restroom and often have young children with them, as well.

• The door handle on a restroom is invariably a germ hot spot. - False. Some studies indicate door handles are one of the cleanest surfaces in the restroom.

• It does not matter if you stand or sit when you flush. - False. When you're finished, stand before you flush. When toilets are flushed, a fine mist of water sprays up; this "plume" may contain contagious bacteria that can spread intestinal bugs and hepatitis, for example.

Various sources were used for this information including articles written by:
Dr. Anthony Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Charles Gerba, University of Arizona
Swiss Cleaning Services
7119 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA
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Very #funny video about the Asiana ( San Francisco triple 7 crash ) pilot names.
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Thank you for inviting me here !

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Great post by +Swiss Cleaning Services about kitchen #cleaning
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Clean your kitchen like a pro
A sparkling sink becomes your kitchen's benchmark for hygiene and tidiness, inspiring you to load the dishwasher immediately and keep counters, refrigerator doors, and the stove top spick-and-span, too.

Every Day

Wipe down the sink after doing the dishes or loading the dishwasher (30 seconds). #cleaning is very important
Wipe down the stove top (one minute).
Wipe down the counters (one minute).
Sweep, Swiffer, or vacuum the floor (two minutes).

Every Week

Mop the floor (five minutes).
Wipe the cabinets, backsplashes, and appliances (10 minutes).
Wash the dish rack (four minutes).
Wipe the switch plates and phone (one minute).
Wipe the inside of the garbage can (one minute).

Every Season

Empty and scrub down the inside of the refrigerator (30 minutes).
Empty and clean the insides of the utensil drawers (15 minutes).
Scrub down the cupboard exteriors (30 minutes).
Clean the stove-hood filter (10 minutes).
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