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Britney Spears' dress seemed in danger of exposing more than just her side boob as she arrived at a hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday
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Open Letter to Ceasars Entertainment and other Las Vegas Casinos:

Hi Kurt,
It is with a complete sense of bewilderment I read a report in which the Caesars Group is willing to invest $100 million into Britney Spears as a headliner, albeit from a questionable news source, at best, TMZ.
However, I feel it is important to relay to you and Ceasars management why this would be a horrible idea on many levels, both from the standpoint of her being a difficult personality with a myriad of serious problems, coupled with a demanding and borderline extortion like, management, as well as her severe personal problems.
There's the matter of her music - which is okay, for what it is. Pretty good pop music. But in no way is her catalog or a series of personal appearances worth anything close to that figure, the music is not going to be the type of draw you hope for at those production prices.
Britney Spears, much like a number of current pop stars, such as Rihanna, is a producers artist. She has no real talent of her own (although to be fair, Rihanna can sing),other than singing with the aid of producers and songwriters and this is exaggerated even more with her personal issues and the fact she requires handlers just to function.
The job of being a judge on X Factor is about as simple a high profile job as anyone in the music business could possibly imagine, and she wasn't able to pull that off for more than a short while. The idea she could be a headliner, even if all she is required to do is lip sync and dance, if she can, is really pushing the envelope.
Not too terribly long ago a review of one of her Las Vegas singing appearances written in the Las Vegas Review Journal by a staff writer stated she looked like a 165 pound linebacker, and indeed, she did have a weight problem for a while. It should be pretty apparent to even the casual observer that she is likely on diet pills and other medication, certain to be psychiatric in nature. She is also advancing in years for a pop star who is on medication and is unlikely to ever achieve the type of success as a headliner in Las Vegas that would come close to justify spending even seven figures, let alone eight, on such a lavish production. Backup singers and choreography can only cover so much, when your star is a well known fuck up.
This puts you dangerously into AEG - Michael Jackson territory. Anyone with any sense of who Michael Jackson was in 2009 knew there was no way he was ever going to be able to complete five shows in London, let alone 50, and I wrote those exact words publicly when I heard of the arrangement, weeks before his death.
As it so happened, hiring Michael Jackson was nothing more than an elaborate attempt at insurance fraud by AEG. You've seen what has happened, so far, in court, to bear this out. Considering what is publicly known of the condition of Britney Spears, no insurance company worth their salt - after all, they are in business for profit, same as you, would take on such a high risk entertainment client after the AEG - Michael Jackson debacle. So the idea that the company could profit this way is also very much in question.
If you hire Britney Spears, you really aren't getting the type of sophisticated entertainment that is going to draw high rollers into your properties. Elton John, she's not. Celine Dion, with a varied catalog of hits, some pop and some very Barbra Streisand like, she's not. And she never will be, no matter how hard you work with her.
But considering her life is essentially micromanaged by her father and others, you won't be working with her much at all. You will, however, be paying her management team through the nose in contracts they will make sure are favorable to them, and find a number of walls built between you, who are paying for the services of Britney Spears, and actual access to your star. Even when you are able to access her directly, her personal issues will ensure that your efforts will largely be met with failure and it will be nearly impossible to communicate with her.
There are sure things in life - as in sure to be a loser - there is no such thing as sure to be a winner, as any gambler worth his salt will readily admit - and hiring Britney Spears is a move that is likely to ensure that the people who do hire her will likely see their heads roll, sooner rather than later.
Also, hiring Britney Spears is akin to hiring an adult version of Honey Boo Boo - their backgrounds are similar in many ways - to be your casinos headliner. The novelty will wear off after a short while and she is not at all the type of act that will appeal to your high rollers - the only crowd that can support such a price tag, in the long term. Her issues pointed out above should be proof enough of that, unless there really are that many stupid rich people around. I doubt that, I think most have at least a modicum of class, and the majority substantially more.
It just doesn't make sense financially. I do recall, that at one point, Jessica Simpson was being considered for such a role several years ago. Better heads prevailed and did not pay the exorbitant price tag that was asked by her rather shady management, who also happened to be her father. And that was for a much smaller price than that what is being talked about in regards to Britney Spears. I'm sure I'm not alone among the people who also thought Jessica Simpson was a horrible idea at that price.
On the other hand, I have the ear of  one of the smartest and most talented young sexy female singers I've heard in my life - and that includes a life time of collecting hit records from around the world and working with artists. Like Prince, she grew up in a family of jazz musicians. Like Prince, she both writes and produces.
She's going to be a star, in all likelihood. She appears in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film, the Great Gatsby. She's smart - she handles her own publishing, and is very adventurous. Not long ago when I talked to her, she had taken up skydiving.
Her jazz and blues vocals and tracks are as strong as those of Amy Winehouse, her pop vocals and production rival Madonna or any other first rate pop star that actually has a hand in their own music. You can easily build a show around her for years to come. She is also the type of artist that will get the men high rollers hard - they won't be able to stop talking about her - and the women wet. They, too, will admire her true artistry.
She's spent time in Japan, as well, so would likely fit in very well in Macau and other spots around the world. She also doesn’t have the serious problems one associates with Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson.
You might think me a crack pot - which is true, in some respects, but not when it comes to this. if you can't tell from my writing I'm someone who really knows his music and what they're talking about, I don't know what else I could possibly say to convince you.
If you're interested in talking to me further about her, or about other talented artists I have access to, call or write me. In the meantime, I urge you not to hire Britney Spears at those prices. But, then again, if you do, it's not my job that will be on the chopping block.
Rodney Peterson
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