Have you had a spiritual experience?

In spirituality experience is of 98% importance whereas theoretical knowledge holds only 2% of importance. No matter how much one reads it is difficult to convince the mind, and many doubts and questions come. However after experiencing the spiritual dimension the doubts reduce because the person has seen first hand what the theory explains.

Through various ways of involvement in spirituality, many people experience things which can be difficult to explain as they are beyond the physical dimension. In this process, people can have positive or negative spiritual experiences, depending on one's goal of involvement in spirituality and the source of the experience.

For a person who tries to progress spiritually and practice spirituality on a daily basis, the experiences received come from God Himself. This in turn increases the faith of the spiritual seeker and gives motivation to further continue on the spiritual path.

The article on the link below explains how spiritual experiences are received, what kinds of spiritual experiences there are, what spiritual experiences come as per spiritual level, and what is the importance of spiritual experiences.
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