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Spiritual research since 1985. Dedicated to the spiritual progress of every individual and society as a whole.
The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) is a non-profit organisation. Its seekers have undertaken extensive and exhaustive research in the spiritual realm since 1985, and have recently begun to publish this spiritual research on its website. In doing so, the SSRF intends to demystify the spiritual realm and provide research that will help every individual to effectively alleviate difficulties in life and progress spiritually.


I have begun spiritual therapy to eliminate addiction. What sorts of prayers are useful?

Here are some prayers to help beat addiction at its root cause:

- God, please grace me with the intellectual conviction to begin spiritual practice.
- God, please grace me with the strength to begin and persevere with my spiritual practice.
- God, please grace me with constant remembrance of chanting and prayers.
- God, please grace me with the strength to stay away from …..
- God, please destroy the addictive desires in the subtle body of distressing ancestor or ghost.
- God, please destroy the black energy centres in my body created by the ghost/ancestor to bring about addictive behaviour in me.
- God, please create a protective sheath of your divine energy around me and protect me from the black energy attack by the ghost/ancestor.

Dear seekers, what do you feel? Has spirituality helped ease addictions? Please feel free to share.

For more on spiritual therapy for addiction, please see:

#Spiritual #Spirituality #Addiction #Healing #Prayer #Treatment #BlackEnergy #Distress
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May d grace of thy lord b wit me
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The all-powerful Lord submits to the one who chants

'Just like a bumble bee, which eats into the wood and gets caught up within a lotus, similarly the all powerful God gets entangled in the Name.'

Have you experienced God's presence more in your life since chanting started?

#Chant #Chanting #Pray #Prayer #Spiritual #Spirituality — with Robyn Long.
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Yes, it's true ... 
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Spiritual research confirms that graffiti designs attract and emit negative vibrations. The murky designs act as antennas through which the negative vibrations are emitted into the environment. To understand it more simply, anything which is closest to nature or natural imbibes and emits spiritually pure vibrations or is replete with Divine Principle. Whereas, the designs which are mere figments of imagination, are drawn asymmetrically and in a contorted manner are devoid of Divine principle or spiritual purity.

Such writings or paintings emit Raja – Tama vibrations and impact the onlookers negatively. It can create uneasiness, confusion, and anxiety in the person. When such designs remain on the walls of the premises for prolonged periods of time, they gradually become storehouses of negative energy which affect the household or people inhabiting the premises.
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+ahmed alzain عزيزي أحمد، ونحن نقدر للتعليق. 
كل بند وكذلك كل نشاط الذي نقوم به يجذب وتنبعث الاهتزازات التي يمكن أن تكون إيجابية أو سلبية تبعا للمكونات الأساسية الثلاثة خفية وتتكون من. ومن المعروف أن هذه المكونات الثلاثة خفية كما Sattva (إيجابية)، رجا (الطاقة) والتاما (سلبي).

وهو مشابه مع الفن أيضا. وبصرف النظر عن الجمالية، فقد الميزات الروحية أيضا. يرجى قراءة المقالة كاملة على الكتابة على الجدران ويمكنك أن تأخذ تجربة خفية الواردة في هذه المادة من لوحة لمشهد وتصميم الكتابة على الجدران إذا كنت ترغب.
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According to the basic principles of spirituality, one should perform spiritual practice relevant to the current times

In all things in life, there is a time for them to happen. If the right thing happens at the wrong time, then the desired result is not achieved. For example, if seeds are sown in the dry months instead of the rainy season, then the seeds do not take root no matter how fertile the land is. Similarly, certain spiritual practices are conducive according to the time or era.

In the current period, which is the ‘Era of strife,’ the recommended spiritual practice is to repeat or chant the Name of God.

To learn more, do read here:

#SpiritualPractice #Principles #Spirituality #Era #Chanting #Spiritual
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+محمد احمد 

نحن ممتنون لرؤية تعليقاتكم. يرجى البقاء على اتصال، ونحن نتمنى أن تستمتعوا مقالاتنا
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Please read here:
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Dear +IESMAIL MUHAMED Can you please write in English as we have difficulties in translating your comment? 
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The difference between a lion killing an animal or a human being and a human being killing an animal.

Consequence of an action depends upon the intention behind doing that action. Whenever a lion is hungry, he hunts and eats his pray. He can even kill a human being. Since this act is as per the law of the nature, there is no question of merit or demerit.

However, human beings kill animals for their enjoyment of hunting and eating flesh. Similarly, a person kills another person out of hatred, greed, jealousy or to take revenge etc.; and hence he attracts the demerits of the sin.

–Pujya Dr. Vasant Balaji Athavale (1981)

For more on merits and sins, please visit:

#Karma #GoodKarma #Sin #Merit #Destiny #Spirituality #Spiritual
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اذا قتل الاسد انسان او حيوان فليس عليه ذنب لان هذه طبيعته
بعكس الانسان اذا اخطأ فقد ارتكب خطأ يعاقب عليه
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease cured by spiritual practice.

David is an entrepreneur with a finance background who lives in Sydney, Australia. In this case study (which has been documented in July 2013), David narrates in his own words how spiritual practice and spiritual healing methods suggested by SSRF on its website helped him to overcome a serious case of inflammatory bowel disease.

David discovered SSRF in 2012 and has been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF for over a year. However it is only in the last 12 months that he intensified his spiritual practice. He narrates his experience in his own words at the following link.

#Spiritual #Spirituality #IBS #Cure #Bowel #Boweldisease  
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Want know more about this
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Attempts to awaken spiritual emotion while performing worldly tasks

Worldly actions, the attitude towards the results obtained from them and the experiences obtained while performing these actions are useful from the viewpoint of awakening Bhav (spiritual emotion).

In the beginning, there is a qualitative difference between actions performed as spiritual practice and those performed in worldly life. At first it is easier to awaken bhav through actions performed with respect to spiritual practice such as chanting, doing satseva, etc.

Will even a seeker who is full time into spiritual practice be able to perform these tasks continuously throughout the day? Certainly not; because, in his day-to-day life he has to perform personal tasks such as bathing, taking treatment for an illness, doing household chores, etc. These restrict his actions pertaining to spiritual practice. Similarly, if attempts to awaken bhav only during actions related to spiritual practice are made, it will pose a restriction to awakening of bhav.

Hence one should perform every task as spiritual practice or with the bhav that, 'I am the servitor of the Guru'; then the entire process of awakening bhav will be enhanced.

- Spiritual practice for awakening spiritual emotion:

#SpiritualEmotion #SpiritualPractice #Spirituality #Seeking #Spiritual
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Obstacles in spiritual practice

Our spiritual journey can sometimes be fraught with obstacles. These obstacles can be at a psychological level or spiritual level that create impediments in our spiritual growth. For example, ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) can cause family problems which could throw us off balance and cause us to leave our spiritual practice to attend to them. On the other hand, a personality defect of anger erupting over a small incident can undo any peace of mind that's gained after attending a spiritual discourse.

The following link examines both, the obstacles in spiritual practice and the remedies to overcome them.

#Obstacle #SpiritualPractice #Divine #Light #Obstacle #Overcome #Spiritual #Spirituality
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+fabrice mutabazi C' est vrai cher Fabrice :) Nous sommes reconnaissants pour votre commentaire.
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If I am a happy person, why would I need spiritual practice?

To this individual, we would say that these articles and spiritual practice are for you for the following three reasons:

- Life is in a constant state of flux. You cannot guarantee that all aspects of your life will remain constant and unchanging - such as your job situation, your financial situation, your family, etc.

- You need to learn how to develop a technique that allows you to build greater reservoirs of inner strength to face bad times, as one never knows when in life one will turn the corner and be presented with a not-so-nice life situation.

- There is a saying, “Don’t wait to dig a well when you are thirsty, rather dig it well in advance so that when you are thirsty, you have water to drink.”

Dear seekers, what do you feel? How does spiritual practice increase our inner strength? Please feel free to share.

For more on happiness, please see:

#Spiritual #Spirituality #Happiness #Practice #Water #InnerStrength #Fortitude
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Oh, OK dear +Marduk An it is true we did not understand that.  Are you chanting Lord Krishna's Name? 
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya chant Lord Krishna chant and is the most conducive chant until 2018 for seekers (chanting needs to be done in accordance with time). It is Universal and beneficial for all :) If you wish you can hear and even download at this link:
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