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The box remedy is a spiritual healing therapy related to the spiritual healing effect of the:

A) Absolute Earth Principle
B) Absolute Water Principle
C) Absolute Fire Principle
D) Absolute Air Principle
E) Absolute Ether Principle

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Increasing the level of spiritual practice regularly

One of the spiritual principles for fast spiritual development is increasing the level of spiritual practice regularly.

Let us look at an example to better illustrate this principle:
When we start a fitness regime, we gradually increase our levels of fitness by steadily increasing our exercise regime.

The same is true in spiritual practice.

If we do the same spiritual practice year in and year out it would lead to stagnation. To avoid stagnation in spiritual growth we need to adopt increasing levels of spiritual practice.

For example: One process that improves our spiritual practise that we have explained on our website is the PDR (Personality Defect Removal) process. Here, we identify our negative actions or reactions that occurred during the day, such as being angry at someone or judgmental. Thus, to see if we are making increased efforts in our spiritual practise, we can see if we are capturing or writing these "mistakes," such as 2 mistakes in a day and then making efforts to increase it to 4 - 5 mistakes per day.

Dear all, what ways have your tried increasing your spiritual practice? Would you like to share what were your results or any obstacles or difficulties that you are facing?

To read more on spiritual principle, please visit our articles on:

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It is very important to get good sleep in order to deal with the stress in our daily lives.

Many of us might have the habit of taking a quick nap in the evening after completing the day’s work. Though we may physically feel well rested by the nap, at a spiritual level, we run a high risk of being affected by negative energies.

Sleeping is a Tamasik activity, i.e. the amount of Tama component (spiritually impure) in our body increases when we sleep. Simultaneously, our spiritual practice is at its lowest during sleep. Hence, at this point, we are most vulnerable to attacks from ghosts and negative energies.

Moreover, sleeping at twilight has additional disadvantages. The Raja-Tama component in the atmosphere is higher during twilight, as compared to other parts of the day. Negative energies use this to their advantage to gain easy entry into the atmosphere. Due to the resulting spiritual pollution, spiritually impure Raja-Tama frequencies are quickly transferred to a person.

Possible forms of distress due to the above can include nightmares, trembling of the body, waking up with a startle, etc.

For further details, please visit

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All of us have a physical body and a subtle body (which primarily comprises of the mind, the intellect and the Soul).

The daily functioning of the physical body is carried out through various systems such as the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, etc. However, we also have a subtle spiritual energy system which provides energy to our physical as well as our subtle body.

Similar to the heart being the principle centre of the circulatory system and the brain of the nervous system, the subtle energy system has various subtle energy centres in our body, also known as chakras. The subtle energy required for the functioning of the body, organs and intellect flows through these chakras.

The subtle energy system and chakras, unlike the organs and other physical body parts are not visible to the gross eye. They can be perceived only by persons with an active sixth sense.

For a detailed explanation, along with a diagrammatic representation, please visit

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Positive changes in a seeker – Anorexia overcome with spiritual treatment

At the age of 13, I used to compare myself with other girls and felt bad about myself. Thoughts about being ugly and too fat arose in my mind. So I started dieting and after 1–2 months my friends and family mentioned how my figure looks better and appreciated my weight loss. I lost about 2–3 kilograms in weight, but I did not stop dieting, even though I was at a normal weight. I wanted to be more beautiful and be appreciated by people.

As I was underweight due to anorexia, my friends and family told me that I look sick and not healthy anymore and advised me to stop dieting and losing weight. I used to get angry and thought that they were only envious of me, as I was able to lose that much weight by working so hard and forcing myself to eat less and they would simply fail in doing the same.

My health suffered quite a lot and I was feeling so weak, so much so that I could sometimes barely walk. I started to get skin rashes, dry skin and blue lips. My mom was concerned about my health and contacted my father. He used to take me to different doctors due to these health issues. When he saw me after a long time, he was very shocked and wanted to help me to get out of this state.

For the full article on Ms. Lara Müller's transformation, please see:

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True or false

Chanting the Lord Datta’s name protects us from problems caused by our departed ancestors.

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Ty for your assistance and great article's 
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Demonic possession is much more complex that just images of ghosts or characters in movies. It occurs when a negative entity possesses or controls the mind and intellect of a person, thus controlling his behaviour and actions. They do so by merging with the person’s consciousness, by taking advantage of his personality defects, such as anger or jealousy to create conflict and instability among people.

According to our research, 30% of the world’s population is possessed and 50% is affected by ghosts. Demonic possession may not always be dramatic, but can also be very subtle and yet strong.

Possession occurs at a spiritual level, which is beyond the 5 senses, mind and intellect. Hence it can only be understood with an advanced sixth sense, or by highly spiritually evolved persons. Due to low average spiritual level of the population, such possession usually goes undetected.

In the link below, we have listed some of the typically observed physical, mental and other symptoms when ghosts affect us.

For symptoms of ghosts affecting us, please visit

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Number 1 sign...... the nonsensical and willfully stupid belief in demonic entities, in the first place.....
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New: 30 minute audio of ""Sree Gurudev Datta"" Chant - A Prescription Chant for everyone

On popular demand we have provided a 30 minute audio clip for download of the powerful "Sree Gurudev Datta" Chant.
This chant has been especially recorded in a way to imbibe maximum of the Datta Principle in the audio for the protection from distress caused due to departed ancestors.

To download or listen to this audio, please visit our webpage on:

Dear all, have you tried the "Sree Gurudev Datta" Chant? Please do share with us any experiences

#DattaChant #AncestralProblems #SreeGurudevDatta
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A by-product of spiritual growth is awakening of the “Kundalini”. Kundalini is the dormant spiritual energy, which is coiled at the base of our spine. It begins to rise in our body as we do spiritual practice and as it rises, it activates the seven chakras in our body, gradually reaching the top of the head, thus transforming the seeker spiritually.

Kundalini is used only for spiritual growth and does not take part in daily body functioning. Kundalini can be awakened naturally by following generic spiritual paths, such as Path of Action (Karmayoga), Path of Devotion (Bhaktiyoga), etc.
Though Kundalini rises through spiritual practice, regardless of chosen spiritual path, the frame of reference may change in terms of how that particular Path to God perceives it.

For example, for a person following the Path of Devotion, when the Kundalini passes the heart chakra, the person will have reached a state of manifest spiritual emotion. And if the person follows the Path of Knowledge, when the Kundalini passes the heart chakra, he begins to experience Divine consciousness.

For the complete article, please visit

For further details on Kundalini, please visit

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The choices we make regarding food and drinks may be based on several factors such as, our tastes, health, social reasons, etc. However, what we eat or drink has an impact on us not only at a physical level, but at a spiritual level too.

Spiritual research, indicates that each kind of food or beverage has a certain level of spiritual purity. Consuming spiritually pure items allows us to imbibe positive energy which can help us in our spiritual practice and daily living. Consuming spiritually negative items on the other hand, imparts black energy which can lead to strong negative effects such as increased anger, aggression and health problems.

The following link directs to an article where we have compared the spiritual effect of various types of popular beverages on people (including alcohol, tea, soft-drinks, fruit juice, etc.). The beverages are compared on the basis of their spiritual purity and the possibility of being affected by negative energies by consuming such drinks. We also have a video which presents our research done on effects of drinking alcohol.

Spiritual research on beverages and Video:

For more details on spiritual effect of foods and drinks, please visit

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Dear +sonam soni can you please write in English as we are not able to understand your comment.
Warm regards,
SSRF G+ team
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Everyone has some desirable and undesirable characteristics. Our desirable characteristics or qualities, contribute to our happiness and our undesirable characteristics or personality defects are the main source of unhappiness in our lives.

Personality defects have a serious impact on our behaviour and also affect us at a spiritual level. Some of the spiritual repercussions of personality defects are:
Lack of concentration: If our mind is already full of personality defects and ego, we won’t be able to focus on chanting God’s Name. It becomes difficult to create a centre of the chant (a devotion centre) in the subconscious mind as it is already full of personality defects and ego. In fact due to one’s personality defects, a person finds it difficult to concentrate on any type of spiritual practice.

Unable to merge with God: This is the ultimate goal of spiritual practice. But in order to merge with God, who is flawless, all virtuous and has no defects whatsoever, we need to get rid of our defects too. Otherwise we will stagnate in our spiritual journey.

Control of negative energies: Personality defects are the vulnerabilities of our mind. Thus, it is very easy for negative energies to take advantage of our personality defects and even control our actions and behaviour.
Reduced capacity for spiritual practice: The spiritual energy we generate through our spiritual practice is used up in combating our wrong actions which occur due to our personality defects. Hence, the speed of our spiritual growth is considerably reduced, i.e. our capacity and efficiency of spiritual practice is depleted.
Hence, for those following any path of spiritual practice, we recommend the Personality Defect Removal process as an effective tool to eradicate our personality defects.

For the complete article, please visit,

For the Personality Defect Removal process, please visit

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Dear +Rema In Love with God , we are glad that you agree with the post :) Are you may be working on your personality defects?
SSRF G+ team
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Self-analysis tool: The PDR Chart (Part 2)

This new article is a continuation of our previous article, [i.e. The Self-analysis tool ­­­–– The PDR Chart (Part 1)], which focused on filling up the PDR chart and understanding the intensity and impact of our mistakes. Here, we continue to focus on filling up the PDR chart and also on analysing the root cause behind an incorrect action or reaction.

Certain aspects of this new article are:
–A quick and easy method of self-analysis
Committing a mistake presents an opportunity to analyse which personality defect caused such a mistake to happen. We analyse by asking questions to ourselves so as to arrive at the root personality defect responsible for the incorrect action or reaction.

–Distinguish between manifestation of personality defects and ego
Ego is deeply ingrained in our minds and personality defects are just superficial manifestations of ego. The chart provides options between a list of various manifestations of ego and of personality defects. If the mistake occurs due to a strong personality trait, we choose ego, else for random cases, we choose the appropriate personality defect.

–Filling out the chart
There may be many personality defects manifesting in a single mistake. Hence, it is important to choose the primary and secondary defects or ego manifestations.
The article provides meticulous examples to explain the analysis of incorrect action or reaction and possible root personality defects and ego manifestations which caused the mistake to happen. It also provides pictorial representations which help to fill up the PDR chart.

For the complete article, please visit:

For details on the PDR process, please visit:

#Personalitydefects #Ego #PDRchart #Attitude #Mind #Selfanalysis
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