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Fortnight for departed ancestors and the Shraddha ritual
Every year in the autumn (of the northern hemisphere) there is a fortnight when our departed ancestors come closer to the Earth or the physical plane. In 2016 this special time for departed ancestors falls in between 17 Sep 2016 and 30 Sep 2016.
Due to a lack of spiritual energy and presence of worldly desires, most ancestors get stuck in their afterlife. During this period they come towards the Earth plane in an attemp...t to connect with their descendants. This period presents a unique opportunity for us descendants to help our ancestors in the afterlife.
Few signs which indicate that our ancestors need help:
-Departed ancestors or snakes comes in our dreams.
-The same crow repeatedly visits our home.
-Family members are incessantly facing problems which don’t resolve despite best efforts.
What can we do to help our ancestors?
1.Chant the Name of Shrī Gurudev Datta
2.Conduct the Shraddha ritual: Just as a mother protects an unborn child in her womb till its birth, so also the rites of Shraddha provide a protective sheath to the departed ancestors after it is completed.
3. Increase one’s spiritual practice
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Which salt is most effectively used for “Salt water remedy” to eliminate the “Black covering” around a person?

1. Table salt
2. Epsom salt
3. Rock salt
4. Black salt

Dear readers, please answer your questions in the comments section below

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Rock salt
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Negative impact of horror movies

Recently at the Toronto International Film Festival during the screening of a horror film called "Raw", multiple people started feeling sick and even lost consciousness due to some visually gruesome scenes depicting cannibalism, lacerations and other types of gore.
In the recent times, the horror genre of entertainment has gained a lot of popularity. Since the 1930's, watching horror movies has induced a strong negative response among viewers,... such as fainting, having seizures, or even death due to heart attacks.

Spiritual research shows that watching a horror film can have a deep negative impact at a psychological and spiritual level.
According to a spiritual principle, the word, touch, form, taste, smell and its associated energy coexist. Hence, while watching horror films depicting scenes of possession, murder and other horrible acts, the form and energy of these acts gets activated, and they get imbibed in the subconscious mind of the viewer which cannot have any positive impact on a person's mental health.
Watching horror movies also strengthens the impression of fear in our minds which can make us susceptible to depression, shyness, having an inferiority complex and even develop more serious disorders like paranoia.
Moreover, horror films emit large amounts of Tama (spiritually impure) vibrations which spiritually pollute the environment and create a covering of negative energy around the viewer's mind and body. This can lead to various side-effects such as increased headaches, palpitations, nightmares, feeling haunted by ghosts, etc. Negative energies use this opportunity to spread black energy around the people to increase their control over them.
In order to minimise the negative impact of watching horror movies, we can take certain measures such as praying to God for protection, chanting God's Name, applying spiritual healing techniques, etc.
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Spiritual Benefits of Speaking Softly

The following are a few spiritual benefits of speaking softly:

•The ego is lower when talking softly due to thinking of others and respecting them.
•Vibrations of emotion are generated in the mid-brow chakra in small proportion and some waves and particles of energy are emitted from the person talking in normal movement.
•The dominant energy is Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). Waves of Divine consciousness are emitted from the mouth into the environment.
•A protective covering of Divine consciousness is also formed around the person. Divine consciousness is generated and activated in the mid-brow chakra as well

To learn more about the spiritual research into the difference between speaking softly and speaking loudly, please visit:

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A technique unable to master. 
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“Lord my gratitude to You for giving me another day to do spiritual practice. Please let me serve You as per Your wish and grace me with the capacity to improve my spiritual practice.”

Seekers of God, whose main focus in life is spiritual growth, also pray regularly to God not only in difficult situations but even in day-to-day situations. The prayers, however, are not about worldly expectations but about their spiritual growth and are said as a part of their spiritual practice.

Prayer impacts our spiritual practice at three levels, action, thought and attitude:

• Action: All actions that are preceded by prayer for spiritual benefit are performed with spiritual emotion; hence fewer errors are committed. Thus by praying, various actions in one’s spiritual practice (e.g. chanting, company of the Absolute Truth (satsang), service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā), etc.) occur as per the way God or Guru (The Guiding principle of God) would like them to happen.

• Thought: So long as the mind is active, thoughts will continue. They pose an obstacle to the dissolution of the mind. Useless thoughts also cause wastage of energy. Prayer is an extremely useful tool to prevent this waste. Prayer reduces worry and enhances contemplation.

• Attitude: A prayer done with spiritual emotion initiates the process of contemplation within a seeker, and this assists him in becoming introverted.

Dear readers, Please try this prayer and share your experience in comments section below

For a collection of spiritual research articles about prayer, please follow the link below:

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What to do with the belongings of our deceased loved ones?

Our body emits spiritual vibrations and the objects we use are also affected by our vibrations. The vibrations of a person remain in his possessions even after death. Since death of a person increases the Tama component (spiritually impure) in the environment, the distressing Tama frequencies (negative vibrations) also get attached to the dead person’s possessions.

Few actions we can take regarding the possessions of a deceased loved one can be:

-It is recommended to burn the clothes worn by the person at time of death as they are most affected by the Tama frequencies.
-Sprinkling Holy water in the deceased person’s room reduces the Tama component in the environment.
-It is recommended to chant the protective “Shri Gurudev Datta” chant. The chant can also be played continuously at low volume in the dead person’s room. The chant protects us from any distress and provides momentum to the subtle body of the deceased person in the afterlife.

For further details, please visit :

To know more about protective chant of Shri Gurudev Datta, please click here

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Absolute Cosmic Principles to establish communication by Ancestors

Ancestors communicate with their descendants using one of the Absolute Cosmic Principles. Depending on the spiritual strength of the ancestor they are able to access higher and higher Absolute Cosmic Principles:

Earth Element: Generally a bad odour in the environment without any physical cause for it. For example, urine smell in the house. It could also be a perfume associated with the departed ancestor.

Water Element: Leaving some kind of taste in the mouth.

Fire Element: Taking the form of the ancestor in the dream state, ability to see the departed ancestor or a vision of the departed ancestor.

Air Element: Feeling as if someone is touching one without anyone being there, moving things around the house.

Ether Element: Hearing voices, sounds.

Dear Readers, these subtle signs are generally overlooked as most of us lack proper understanding about the spiritual dimension. Understanding these signs of communication by our ancestors and providing appropriate solutions will help them in their afterlife. One of the most potent ways to help our deceased ancestors is chanting the Name of Lord Datta as “Shri Gurudev Datta” as much as possible especially during the fortnight 17th Sep 2016 to 30th Sep 2016.

For more details please visit the link :

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Our hygiene practices constitute an important part of our daily routine. One such routine is washing our hair. Today, a variety of hair cleaning products are available in the market. Most of us like to use the commercially available hair cleansers to save time, look neat, to remove dirt and pollutants and to have shinier and softer hair. Sometimes we also use products made for a specific purpose such as the ones making our hair curly, straight or dandruff-free. But despite being meritorious at a superficial level, do these commercial shampoos benefit us at a subtle level as well?

Dear readers, if you would like to know how a commercial shampoo can affect us spiritually, please visit:

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What does “Shri Gurudev Datta” represent?

The spiritual protective chant of Shrī Gurudev Datta represents the Name of Lord Datta, an aspect of God. One of His functions in the Universe is alleviating distress caused due to the subtle bodies of ancestors.

God carries out His mission in the Universe through the three major principles of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. Lord Datta’s ability is derived through a combination of these three major principles of God i.e. Creation 10%, Sustenance 80% and Destruction 10%. His manifest divine energy is 10% while 90% of His divine energy is unmanifest.

Dear readers, you can chant while keeping a picture of Deity Datta in front of you if possible to evoke maximum God Principle.

Please visit the following page if you would like to purchase Deity Datta’s picture

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Symptoms of Evil Eye/ Black Magic are very similar to ancestral problems.

The symptoms of being afflicted by the evil eye are very similar to another spiritual problem known as ancestral problems. Distress experienced due to being affected or possessed by negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils, etc.) is also a type of evil eye.

In most cases people are affected by departed ancestors wanting to trouble their descendants. However the desire of departed ancestors to trouble their descendants is invariably fuelled by energy from higher level ghosts. So even in the case of a demon affecting a person, they may do it through a departed ancestor. In some cases the departed ancestors themselves could be among any of the categories of ghost.

Only a spiritually evolved person (above the 70% spiritual level) would be able to know the exact spiritual root cause of the problem we are facing. Hence, it is important to have awareness of various spiritual problems and undertake spiritual remedies for both ancestral problems and for evil eye. Are you experiencing the symptoms mentioned in this link:

To learn more about ancestral problems, please follow this link:

To know how to protect against ancestral problems, please visit:

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Dear all, a kind reminder that for this month the new moon is on September 30, 2016.

Two days before and after full and new moon, distress from negative energies is more. To help maintain our focus on spiritual practice and to ward off distress, please increase prayers, chanting and spiritual healing.

For suggestions on spiritual healing remedies such as the salt water remedy or box treatment, please visit:

For more information on the moon's effect on us, see:

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I'm always with prayer for me and my family. I pray for the people n this World that needs help with life and love. Be Blessed with a Purpose of life and love for all Gods Children. 
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Types of manifestations of ghosts

A person may be completely possessed by a ghost and yet he, and the people around him could be completely unaware about it. This is because ghosts want to keep their presence undisclosed so that they can control and manipulate the consciousness of the person anytime they want.

Even if ghosts do manifest, they do so on their own accord. They may also be forced to manifest due to spiritual healing sessions, or due to an external sattvik (spiritually pure) influence, etc.

At the time of manifestation, the possessing ghost’s consciousness comes to the fore and the behaviour of the person is altered. The possessed person may be unaware of what is happening and could lose control over his motor organs.

Some types of manifestations of ghosts include:

Violent manifestations: The ghost makes the person act in a violent manner, irrespective of the situation or the person’s personality.
Uncharacteristic behaviour: The behaviour of the person may be apparently normal, but it is uncharacteristic for that person or for that particular situation.

Talking in a strange tongue or gibberish: During manifestation, a possessed person may speak in a alien tongue or some specific type of gibberish every time the entity manifests.

Unusual display of talent: A ghost may manifest and display various sorts of talents in music, dance, etc, that the possessed person may not be capable of. Ghosts may do this to fulfill their own desire for fame and attention.

Miscellaneous: Displaying contorted movements as if in extreme pain or writhing on the floor.

Full manifestation of a ghost is temporary and does not indicate the level of possession. It only means that the possessing entity is surfacing due to some reasons.

For the complete article, please visit

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