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Spiritual Science Research Foundation
Spiritual research since 1985. Dedicated to the spiritual progress of every individual and society as a whole.
Spiritual research since 1985. Dedicated to the spiritual progress of every individual and society as a whole.

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"Holistic Healing Methods" - LIVE SESSION (Part 3 of 3)

Have you faced physical or mental health problems that did not go away through conventional means? Spiritual healing is becoming a popular alternative way to overcome such problems, but it is common to have questions about it. How do we know if we need spiritual healing? What type of holistic healing methods will be most effective for me?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in this interactive Facebook Live session.

About the Host: Dragana started her spiritual practice in 1998 while living in USA. She was in Events, Hotel and Humanitarian Organizations Management. She is responsible for SSRF spread of Spirituality events worldwide and SSRF Webinars. Dragana is also conducting SSRF Workshops worldwide.


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Drinking the first cup of tea (or coffee) in bed, as soon as we get up, is a treat many of us look forward to and in some cases cannot do without. Also, serving a partner breakfast in bed is considered very romantic. We have to remember though that every action of ours has the potential to attract spiritual positivity or negativity into our lives. Undertaking spiritual research into this small but routine activity has shed a different light on this habit.

Effect of sleep on the mouth cavity
When a person is asleep, due to the sluggishness of the body, there is an increase in the subtle Tama (Spiritually impure) component. As a result when we sleep, we are more susceptible to attacks by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.).
The mouth cavity is especially susceptible to get saturated with Tama vibrations as it is most associated with the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle (Āpatattva). This is because the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle has the property of retaining maximal negative Tama vibrations.

As there is a high predominance of distressing vibrations in the mouth cavity when one gets up in the morning, anything that is ingested at that time also imbibes the subtle Tama component.

To see the subtle drawing of what happens when we have tea in bed please visit the link:

Medical forums and dental authorities on the Internet seem to be divided on the issue whether it is better to brush before or after breakfast. However from a spiritual perspective brushing one’s teeth and rinsing one’s mouth reduces the distressing Tama vibrations that build up overnight in the mouth cavity. It is for this reason that it is recommended that we eat or drink only after brushing teeth in the morning.

#Ghosts #SattvaRajaTama #NegativeEnergies

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Self-awareness allows us to learn about our true selves through introspection. By God's Grace, it helps us to see all the facets that make us who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, our attitudes, emotions, beliefs, the effect we have on ourselves, on others, as well as many other aspects.

Practising self-awareness helps us recognise reactions when they happen. The following is an example of how reactions can affect us and how becoming self-aware can help:

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone spoke angrily to you? Do you remember how you reacted? Some may react angrily back at the person while others may appear calm outside yet internally be like a boiling kettle and remain that way for quite some time. For many, an incident like this can be very upsetting, affect their state of mind and cause reduced concentration as it's mentally replayed over and over...

When we practice self-awareness, we learn to become conscious of the various reactions that occur within us each day. By noting them as they occur, our mind becomes more and more in tune to them. We begin to see that certain reactions occur more frequently and are likely affecting us to a greater degree. With this knowledge, we can begin the process of reducing their effect on us and ultimately eliminating them completely.

God gave self-awareness so that we can understand what hinders us. It is extremely beneficial to both our spiritual and personal growth.

If you are interested in reading more about self awareness, please click on the link below: #SelfAwareness #Personality #Awareness #SpiritualGrowth #PersonalGrowth

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According to the science of Spirituality all creation is made up of five Absolute Cosmic Elements or Absolute Cosmic Principles.

They are:
1. The Absolute Earth element
2. The Absolute Water element
3. The Absolute Fire element
4. The Absolute Air element

Dear Readers, to know the Fifth Absolute Element and to know how each is important for us in our daily life, please watch this short video:

#Spirituality #FiveAbsoluteCosmicElements

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True or False:
Water is basically neutral; however it can easily absorb both positive and negative vibrations.
Dear Readers, Please share your answers in the comments section below
#Water #Positive #Vibrations #Absorb

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Why do we term spirituality as “Spiritual Science?”

We call the Spiritual Science (i.e. Spirituality) a ‘science’ because of the following:
- The study of the spiritual dimension is just as systematic and logical as that of the physical world.
- The reason for everything that happens in the spiritual or subtle-dimension is discernible just as in the physical or gross world.
- The principles concerning the spiritual dimension can be tested again and again with the requisite tools. Just as the research tools are different for physics and architecture, so also are they for Spiritual Science. Here, the main tool required is the developed subtle-perception ability or an activated sixth sense.
Dear seekers, have you benefitted from the scientific approach used by the SSRF? Please feel free to share.

For more frequently asked questions, please see:

#Spiritual #Spirituality #SpiritualScience #Research

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Why do we see departed ancestors in dreams?

Through spiritual research we have found that there are psychological and spiritual reasons for seeing dead family members in dreams. 30% of the time the reason is psychological and 70% of the time it is spiritual.
Psychological reasons can include a feeling of guilt or regret for not having spent time with a loved one before he/she died or some anxiety about that departed family member. Here the images that appear in the dream are eruptions from our sub-conscious mind.
Spiritual reasons are mainly two-fold. One is that the subtle-body of the departed family member needs help in the afterlife and is trying to contact its descendant on the Earth region of existence. The other reason is trying to seek revenge, to get even with some family member.

Dear seekers, what do you feel? What can we do to help our departed ancestors? Please feel free to share.
For more on this topic, please do see:

#Spiritual #Spirituality #DepartedAncestors #Dreams #Distress #Afterlife

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A mantra is a collection of letters which assists in the acquisition of the favourable and the vanquishing of obstacles. ‘Man’ represents mind and contemplation while ‘Tra’ pertains to the vital energy and protection.
At a later level it means having contemplation, from which knowledge about the oneness of the entire Universe is bestowed upon a person. Here at this stage, this contemplation stops and there is the dissolution of the mind and cessation of the mantra. The person at this stage then acquires liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

For more information about mantras, please read:

#Chant #Mantra #Pray #Meditate #SpiritualGrowth #Spirituality

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New moon reminder

Dear all, a kind reminder that for this month the new moon is on February 26, 2017.
Two days before and after full and new moon, distress from negative energies is more. To help maintain our focus on spiritual practice and to ward off distress, please increase prayers, chanting and spiritual healing.

For suggestions on spiritual healing remedies such as the salt water remedy or box treatment, please visit:

For more information on the moon's effect on us, see:

#Spirituality #NegativeEnergies #Distress #NewMoon #FullMoon #Chanting

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Which is the most spiritually impure drink from the list given below?

a.) Tea without milk
b.) Coffee with milk
c.) Cola and other soft drinks
d.) Butter milk

**Dear All, please share your answers in the comments below:

#Drink #Tea #Coffee #ButterMilk #SoftDrinks
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