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Join us in a 5 Day Spiritual Workshop in Ramnathi Ashram, Goa, India

University of Spirituality is introducing 5-day spiritual workshops on spiritual practice, personality development, and finding lasting and superlative happiness i.e., Bliss.

These workshops will be conducted at the unique Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram, in Goa, India. The spiritual workshop will include sessions on the theoretical and practical aspects of the Science of Spirituality.

Seekers will learn the following aspects during the course:
1. Introduce seekers to various types of spiritual paths
2. Understand principles and spiritual practice for rapid spiritual progress
3. Experience an ashram way of life first-hand
4. Provide seekers with all the necessary tools to further their spiritual journey once they are back to their place of residence. This includes formal and informal spiritual meetings via the Internet to assist seekers in their day to day spiritual practice.

For more details and registration, please visit:

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Immense gratitude unto His tender Lotusfeet! <3 <3 <3
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Even a thief can become a holy man

* Spiritual story *

One dark night, long ago, a thief stole into a private garden. He was pleased to see that the house was dark. Thinking that everyone was asleep, he decided to catch some of the fish in the pond.

But the sound of the net dropping into the water woke up the owner of the house. He ordered his servants to go out and see what was going on.

The thief was frightened. "They are coming this way!" he said to himself in a panic. "They will soon be here to beat me up. What shall I do?"

Just then he got an idea! He quickly hid his net under a bush, smeared some ash on his arms and forehead and sat down, pretending to be a holy man deep in meditation.

The chasing servants came upon him and were fooled into thinking that he was a holy man. So, they decided to leave without disturbing him. The servants told their master that they had found a holy man meditating in the garden. They took their master over to where the thief was pretending to meditate. As they approached the thief, the master told everyone to be quiet so as to not disturb the great saint.
"I have fooled them well, even the master of the house!" thought the thief, as he pretended to meditate.

The master of the house and his servants finally left the garden, so the ‘holy man’ could continue his meditation in peace.

The next day, news spread in the neighbourhood that a great saint was staying in the garden. People gathered there and honoured him with offerings of fruit, flowers and sweets.

Now the thief began to wonder within himself. “How strange,” he thought, “I am only a fake holy man, not a genuine one, and still people show me so much respect and devotion! If I were to become a real seeker of Truth, what a difference it would make in my life! Probably, I would realise God Himself at some point.”

Thus, the thief gave up his old thieving ways and commenced upon spiritual practice so as to become a truly holy man someday. He spent the rest of his life in prayer and meditation.

Moral: Regular spiritual practice such as daily prayer and meditation alone can give immense happiness, contentment and devotion. No other means can give us these rewards.

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So true and thank you for this post.
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Scientists and Researchers who visited the Spiritual Research Centre

Dr. Ulrich Berk: On 15 Apr 2014, Dr. Ulrich Berk visited the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. Dr. Berk, from Müblingen, Germany, holds a PhD in Philosophy, is a former University professor, is the President of the German Association for Homa therapy and is an expert in Agnihotra. He has been performing the Agnihotra ritual for the past 35 years and is an ardent advocate of the ritual. He has been conducting research on the Agnihotra ritual and how it positively affects our environment. In fact he is the co-ordinator of all research on Agnihotra worldwide.

Mr. Mayank Barjatya is a bio-architect with a professional and research background in architecture, human energetics, vastushastra and the environment. Along with this, he also has a deep interest in metaphysical studies. Mayank has 20 years of experience in the field and he often travels internationally for various projects. Mayank was intrigued on hearing about the various unexplained phenomena such as spontaneous blood stains, spontaneous combustion and Divine particles at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram.

On 13 Jun 2014, Mayank paid the Spiritual Research Centre a two-day visit in order to conduct some preliminary research on the premises along with the spiritual research team using an Esmog Spion instrument (which measures electro-stress) and a Lecher Antenna. He conducted various experiments and further has expressed interest in taking time out from his busy schedule to conduct a few more research projects to understand the effect of the highly energised environment of the Spiritual Research Centre on a person and vice versa.

Dr. Pradeep B. Deshpande (President and CEO, Six Sigma & Advanced Controls, Inc. US) : Dr. Pradeep B. Deshpande is the President & CEO and Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville. He founded Six Sigma & Advanced Controls, Inc. US. He has done extensive research for over 35 years in the field. Dr. Pradeep was drawn to the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram when samples of Divine particles found at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa were sent to him in the USA and he performed scientific research on them.

To learn more about their visits to the SSRF Centre please click below link.

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I would love to visit this place
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What should one do to acquire a Guru and His grace?

A youth strives to win a girl's heart by constantly contemplating on what he should do to please her. Similarly, one should make all efforts to acquire the Guru's grace so that the Guru call one His own. One should constantly strive day and night to do whatever one can to please Him. In Kaliyug (Current era of strife), acquisition of a Guru or His grace is not as difficult as it was in the previous three eras. A salient point to be noted here is that one cannot acquire a Guru without bestowal of His grace. A Guru is already aware of who His future disciple will be. One should make efforts as per the path of Gurukrupayoga (Guru's Grace).

Learn more about the path of Guru's Grace at:

‪#‎Spiritual‬ ‪#‎Guru‬ ‪#‎Grace‬ ‪#‎Guruprapti‬ ‪#‎Gurumantra‬ #Spiritual ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎Kaliyug‬ ‪#‎God‬ ‪#‎Devotion‬ ‪#‎Disciple‬
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Love for God

We forget those whom we do not love. We forget God because we have no love for him.

One solution to remember God continuously is by Chanting.

‪#‎Chant‬ ‪#‎Chanting‬ ‪#‎Pray‬ ‪#‎Prayer‬ ‪#‎Spiritual‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬
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God is Love!
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Which wolf do you feed?

* Please share *

An old man told his grandson, "My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all."

"One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth."
The boy thought about it, and asked "Grandfather, which wolf wins?"
The old man quietly replied, "The one you feed."
- Author unknown

Have you experienced the battle between these two forces in your life? How do you sustain the good "wolf"?

To learn about defects in the personality and the importance in overcoming them, please visit:

‪#‎Personality‬ ‪#‎PersonalityImprovement‬ ‪#‎Ego‬ ‪#‎SpiritualStory‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Spiritual‬
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If you believe and trust in Jesus Christ you know which wolf you are. God bless everyone. Peace be with you.
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52 dead in China floods, including 2 kids on overloaded bus

The death toll in China's latest round of flooding has risen to at least 52, including two schoolchildren aboard a bus carrying more than twice its authorized passenger load that plunged into a pond, authorities said.

At least six other people are missing in floods that have ravaged mountain districts of six provinces and autonomous regions in central and southeastern China. More than a quarter-million people have been moved to temporary shelters, and major damage has been inflicted on buildings and crops.

Seasonal rains cause major flooding around China almost every year. The worst in recent history was in 1998, when 4,150 people died, most of them along the Yangtze River.

See full story at:

It is very heartbreaking to hear such news, especially wherein a large portion of us are affected or harmed. As much as we empathise, we can also clearly see that in the past few decades there have been in an increase in natural disasters and accidents occuring. Spiritual research reveals that it is not a coincidince.

Due to the increase in collective demerits being committed by the people in society, nature unleashes its forces in such tremendous ways. Negative energies (ghosts, devils, demons etc.) have also increased their efforts to gain control over humanity and the cosmic elements to cause this destruction. The only remedy for both factors is living a spiritually positive lifestyle.

Learn how we can all change our fate and the fate of the world at:

‪#‎Spiritual‬ ‪#‎Flood‬ ‪#‎Flooding‬ ‪#‎Drowning‬ ‪#‎China‬ ‪#‎Naturaldisaster‬ ‪#‎Shelter‬ ‪#‎Rain‬ ‪#‎YangtzeRiver‬ ‪#‎God‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Prayer‬ ‪#‎Schoolchildren‬ ‪#‎Bus‬ ‪#‎Sinkingbus‬
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Pray for our brothers around the world 
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Did you know there are Six types of Power in the Universe?

* Please Share *

Types of power in order of increasing strength:

1.) Physical: This is the lowest in the hierarchy of power in the universe as it is also the most gross.
This includes power in things such as:
- Medicines to cure an illness – e.g. antibiotics to kill germs
- A physical weapon used to kill
- Financial power
- Political power

2.) Physical and Mantra: When we combine subtle force with physical force then the result is far more effective. In ancient times, when arrows were shot from a bow, a mantra was also uttered. Due to the mantra, the name of the enemy would get recorded and the arrow would find its target even if the target was a ghost hiding in the subtle regions of hell. This was due to the subtle energy, which accompanied the arrow. This is the same principle applied to the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines; the medicines are prepared while uttering a mantra.

3.) Mantra (only): By using more powerful mantras, enemies can be vanquished by just mantras alone. Mantras are also used to achieve other worldly objectives such as marriage, wealth etc.

4.) Contact: At an even higher level we have contact. This means that if a highly spiritually evolved person (above the spiritual level of 70%) touches something, that item will be able to have the power to increase one’s sattvikta (spiritual purity) and vanquish ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.).
“Contact” also occurs when a spiritually evolved person:
- Remembers you.
- Checks any matter that has been done by you.
- Is informed about your situation or a problem that you are undergoing.
- Speaks on the phone to you.

5.) Resolve: As a Saint progresses spiritually beyond the spiritual level of 80%, His mind and intellect are completely dissolved, and He has merged with the Universal Mind and Intellect which is God. He goes towards a thoughtless state.

At this point a mere thought like ‘may it occur’ in the mind of an evolved person is sufficient for the occurrence of the event. Nothing else is required. This resolve is used only according to God’s wish.

6.) Presence: At the highest level, the evolved person (above the spiritual level of 90%) does not even need to make a resolve. The mere presence, proximity or company of a spiritually evolved person is enough for an event to happen, such as a disciple’s spiritual progress or removal of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.).

This can be understood with the example of the Sun which awakens everyone and makes flowers bloom etc. when it rises. All this happens just with its existence. The Sun does not ask anyone to wake up or flowers to bloom. Saints of a spiritual level above 90% perform Their mission in this way.


‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Power‬ ‪#‎Mantra‬ ‪#‎sattvikta‬ ‪#‎Ayurveda‬ ‪#‎Medicine‬ ‪#‎Existence‬ ‪#‎Spiritual‬ ‪#‎Evolved‬ ‪#‎Saint‬ ‪#‎Resolve‬ ‪#‎God‬ ‪#‎SSRF‬
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Divine sounds for spiritual healing

Today, the influence of negative energies is on the rise all over the world. Negative energies create obstacles on the path of individuals who perform spiritual practice. H.H. Dr. Athavale contemplates on how to overcome these obstacles. While He was engrossed in this thought, on 23 June 2011, at 3.18 p.m. for no evident reason, a sound was heard in His room at SSRF's spiritual research centre in Ramnathi, Goa, India. Seekers from the audio-video department of the ashram recorded that sound.

H.H. Dr. Athavale explained that this sound has the ability to perform spiritual healing on people suffering from distress due to negative energies. Seekers who heard it were not only relieved of their spiritual distress, but they had different spiritual experiences as well.

Please listen to the different divine sounds on the link below and try which helps you to reduce your distress.

‪#‎Spiritual‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Spiritualhealing‬ ‪#‎Divinesounds‬ ‪#‎Distress‬
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Dear +Ayousha Mo'nes we are glad to see you found this article interesting! Have you maybe tried spiritual healing with Divine sounds?
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Why do we like certain colours?

We like certain colours because of various reasons. Our choice could depend on many factors such as our mood, age, to match our skin tone, etc.

Through spiritual research, we have found that depending on the colour we choose (be it clothes or our surroundings), we will be affected accordingly at a spiritual level. In this article, we will share some of our spiritual research on many ways of how colours affect us, so that we are better equipped to make decisions that will enhance our lives:

‪#‎SpiritualPractice‬ ‪#‎Spiritual‬ ‪#‎Colours‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Colour‬
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very nice article
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What happens after death?

When a person dies the physical body ceases to exist. However, the rest of his existence or consciousness continues. The existence of the person minus the physical body is known as the subtle body (linga-deha) and it comprises of the mental, causal (intellect) and supracausal (subtle ego) bodies. This subtle body then goes to one of the 13 subtle planes of existence other than the Earth plane.

For more on what happens after death, please visit:

‪#‎Death‬ ‪#‎Afterlife‬ ‪#‎Reincarnation‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Ego‬ ‪#‎Mind‬ ‪#‎Intellect‬ ‪#‎Spiritual‬
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Man was made to live forever.  We have a choice of where we go after we die.because God has given us free will.  If we want to go to heaven we have to be holy and free from sin.  On our own we can never be free from sin because we cannot cleanse ourselves.  That is why God sent his Son Jesus, who has no sin. to pay with his holy blood the price of our sin.  It would be as if someone knew you were guilty of a crime but out of love for you came forth and offered to bear the consequences of that sin and let you go free.  Jesus paid a debt He did not owe  and you owe a debt you cannot pay.  If you admit that you are guilty and receive the gift of Jesus paying the debt you owe, He will give you a new heart to do good and not evil.  He will send the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and  to dwell in you.  You will no longer want to sin but want to please God out of gratitude for his forgiveness to you.  God pours out his love upon you and then you can go and love others with that new found love from God.  Apart from being born again we will never have the power to love anyone.  It is because first loved us that we even begin to love Him.  When we submit to God and surrender our lives over to him that we gain eternal life in God's kingdom. 
Now if you don't like that  you will choose to go the Hell.  You will not like it there although you may know many people there it will do you no good.
You will forever be separated from God where hope is found.  There is no hope in Hell.  You friends will only be concerned with themselves and you will only be concerned with yourself.  You will be in great need with no help ever.  Imagine a group of people sitting around a table each having a bowl of soup.  In each hand there is a spoon by which they can eat the soup.  however the spoon is so long that they cannot bring it to their own mouth.  How frustrating that would be.  But because they are so self consumed it is impossible for anyone of them to see what they need to do.  If only their selfishness were not blinding them they could easily feed one another.   But they don't nor can they, their selfconcern is so great they cannot help one another, ever.  They are trapped by their selfishness.
So if you are a self centered, selfish person you had better stop whining and ask Jesus to forgive you for your selfishness, because it is through ONLY His sacrifice that you will let you enter heaven.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  He paid the ransom God required for the forgiveness of your sins by the shedding of his holy blood,  We are all sinners and unless we surrender our lives to follow Jesus we will never see heaven.  And the only other place we can go is hell  To check this out please get a bible and begin reading the Gospel of John in the New Testament.  Ask God to give you understanding.  He knows if you mean it and want to know HIm he will meet you there.  But if you are wanting to prove Him wrong  he will never give you that understanding that only comes to those who really want to know Him personally.  He will not tolerate insinceretity just as most people.  He honestly loves you and wants you to receive his love and forgiveness.  So if you are not born again and you want to be just cry out to God and you will begin a journey you will never regret.
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Disposing belongings of the deceased

The following are some of the things one can do after a relative has died to help the dead person break his attachment to his belongings and to protect oneself from the distressing effect of the subtle basic tama (spiritually impure) frequencies emanating from the belongings.

1.) It is best to burn the clothes worn by the person at the time of his death and at the time of his cremation/burial as they are affected the most by the distressing subtle basic tama frequencies. The ashes can be immersed in the sea.

2.) Sprinkle holy water (i.e. water plus holy ash) all over the dead person’s room. This will help to reduce the tama component that is generated in the atmosphere at the time of death.

3.) The whole family can chant the spiritual chant of ‘Sree Gurudev Datta’. The chant can also be played continuously at low volume in the dead person’s room. By continuously playing the chant of ‘Sree Gurudeva Datta’ for about a year, the premises are purified and the subtle body of the departed relative also gains momentum in its onward journey in the afterlife.

4.) For items where the dead person was very attached to, it is best to give them to a deserving spiritual organisation. As it is given to deserving spiritual organisations, the resolve of God becomes functional. The vibrations of the dead person in his belongings are destroyed and the subtle body gains momentum in its journey after death. This is because merits are accrued due to this donation to the deserving. By ‘deserving’, we mean those organisations that help people realise their true spiritual purpose in life.

5.) For items that the dead person was not much attached to, family members may use them after a period of six months by which time the vibrations of the dead person would have been removed due to the purification by the spiritual chant.

6.) Pictures of the departed ancestors should be taken down in the house. Having the pictures of dead relatives in the house fuels their attachment for their previous Earthly life and their previous family. This in turn impedes their progress in their onward spiritual journey. In some cases it makes the departed ancestor Earthbound in their home.

7.) If a will has been drawn out by the dead person it should be honoured so that
his wishes do not remain unfulfilled.

Dear all, do you have any questions on disposing of belongings to the deceased?
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