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Spiritual Science Research Foundation
Spiritual research since 1985. Dedicated to the spiritual progress of every individual and society as a whole.
Spiritual research since 1985. Dedicated to the spiritual progress of every individual and society as a whole.

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Only by continually Chanting the Name of God, man can cross over the hurdles of current Life. – Guru Siyag
Dear readers, In recent months we have been witnessing a rise in terrorist attacks. The situation is going to get worse before it gets better. Then there will be natural disasters in high proportion to add to the current volatile situations in the world.
We never know which incident can set off a chain of events culminating in many nations going to war. Once again, history is about to repeat itself, the instability in the environment around the world is on the rise with many regions on edge. There are many countries with nuclear weapons and so the stakes are much higher.
Dear readers, starting our spiritual practice with chanting the Name of God will help us calmly deal with severe situations which are beyond our control. We will start receiving Divine grace to guide us further in our spiritual journey. Chanting the Name of God is the spiritual practice most appropriate for the current times and it also assures fast spiritual progress.
Please visit below links to learn more about the severity of the imminent adverse times and benefits of chanting:

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What happens to the Coconut used to remove Black Magic or Evil Eye?
If the person is affected by black magic or evil eye, one of the below things can be observed.
1.) The coconut becomes heavy, breaks into pieces and the water from it springs upwards even up to 1–2 meters.
2.) The coconut turns out to be rotten.
3.) The coconut does not break even when struck forcefully because the black energy inside it does not wish to be destroyed.
4.) If the distressing energy is very powerful, then the coconut gets flung and cannot be found.
Dear readers, please visit this link to learn step by step demonstration on how to perform this ritual along with pictures:

#BlackMagic #Coconut #EvilEye #Ritual #BlackEnergy

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Question - Do past lives have an influence on our Personality?
Dear readers, please do share what you feel !
#PastLives #Personality #Incarnation #Life #Rebirth

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Which is the best direction to sleep in ?
a. Head on the East and feet facing West
b. Head on the West and feet facing East
c. Head on the North and feet facing South
Dear readers, please share the correct option in the comments below*.
#Sleep #West #East #South #North

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This article on the spiritual journey of His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee includes excerpts of his life which will inspire and motivate any seeker who is making efforts for God-realisation.
Throughout his life, from childhood until now, the one thing that stayed dear to his heart and remained central to his life was the presence of God. With earnest desire and perseverance for spiritual practice, He was stoic in all of life’s situations. He continued his own spiritual practice till he met his Guru H.H. Dr Athavale on 24 December 1999 after which his spiritual practice took a big leap. This article narrates incidents right from his childhood to later becoming a fashion model, then meeting Yoya his future wife, becoming a father (Anastasia is his 10 year old daughter), his beginning with spiritual practice, then going on to completely sacrificing his life for God’s mission and later attaining Sainthood.
Another unique point about him is that He has come to Earth from a higher region of Heaven (Uccharswargalok). He was born at a spiritual level of 50%. His spiritual level dropped to 40% afterwards. (This is true for everyone who takes birth from higher positive subtle regions. It is because one has to undergo destiny. But later because of their spiritual practice from previous births, they are able to progress spiritually very fast and go ahead.) Hence, His Holiness Cyriaque has many Divine qualities. By nature, he has a warm and loving personality which makes others feel close to him. Over the years he has become a pillar of support to seekers around the world who are striving for spiritual growth. At the time of compiling this article (November 2014), His Holiness Cyriaque’s spiritual level is 73%.
There is a saying in Spirituality that real spiritual progress happens through sacrificing one’s mind, body, intellect, wealth and ultimately everything at the Guru’s Holy Feet. H.H. Cyriaque’s life is an example of sacrifice and obedience towards the Guru’s directives.
#Saint #Holiness #Faith #Heaven #Obedience #God

Spiritual research on the effect of drinking fruit juice
Everyone is aware of the health benefits of fruit juice. In this video we share the spiritual benefits of fruit juice and other drinks such as milk, butter-milk, water and coconut water. #Spirituality #Health #Research #Juice #Milk #CoconutWater

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Spiritual Perspective: Contacting Dead Relatives Through Ouija Board
Trying to contact departed relatives only increases their attachment for us and vice versa. The departed ancestors can perceive the pain and mourning of their surviving relatives and are drawn back to the Earth region. This creates obstacles in the afterlife journey of our ancestor’s subtle-body. There is only a 10% chance of getting in touch with one’s departed ancestors by using an Ouija board. However the flip side is that there is also a 90% chance of a ghost coming through masquerading as an ancestor. What is more damaging is that the ghost can use the Ouija board itself to possess the person trying to contact a dead relative.
The best service we can offer to our departed relatives is to make every effort to let them go so that they can continue with their onward journey in the afterlife. By chanting the spiritual protection chant of Shrī Gurudev Datta will not only alleviate one’s pain due to loss of a relative but it will also assist the departed loved ones in their afterlife.
Dear readers, please visit this link to read more on this topic and for the free download of Datta chant:

#OuijaBoard #Ghost #Ancestor #Afterlife #Mourning

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How can we contribute to God's mission?
All of us have some kind of resources or assets we all can offer like our body, wealth, intellect, and sixth sense. These have been given to us by God. A basic principle in spiritual practice is that we use these same talents to serve Him as part of our spiritual practice and grow spiritually.
Dear readers please share any of the resources or talents given by God to you to serve this common aim of awakening society to better serve the spread of Spirituality. Please check the following link to learn How to contribute to God's mission. #Spirituality #Intuition #Wisdom #Contribution

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Case Study: Ancestor causing trouble due to disobeying Family traditions
Until February 28, 2003, Mahesh, a seeker in India had been experiencing many difficulties in life such as obstacles in studies, constant arguments with family etc. It was noticed that Mahesh’s temperament would suddenly change from his normal self and he would get uncontrollably noisy and loud and would not be himself, as though he was possessed and controlled by another entity. Then by the SSRF seekers with highly activated sixth sense it was very quickly discovered that the cause of Mahesh's problems was the ghost of his ancestor.
The ghost of the ancestor stated that he possessed Mahesh when he was 4 years old and created obstacles in his education due to family traditions being ignored by Mahesh’s family. The ghost also admitted troubling Mahesh’s mother. The ghost of his ancestor left him as it could not tolerate positive energy of the ashram and Mahesh’s spiritual practice. It must be noted that to overcome the negative energy trouble there is no need to go to any sorcerer but with the power of chanting the Name of God and other complementary spiritual practice, one can fight troublesome ghosts just like Mahesh did.
Dear readers, please visit this link to read the complete case study of Mahesh:
#Ghost #Ancestor #Possessed #Chanting #Sorcerer

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Law of Karma explained by a simple example
Joe has cheated Bill of all his fortune. Joe thus has created an adverse give-and-take account with Bill. If Joe dies without repaying this debt then he will have to be reborn to repay it and thus complete that account. Now to complete this karmic account, he will either have to be reborn immediately when Bill is still around or wait till such time that Bill is reborn.
The give-and-take account does not depend on how much money is to be returned but it depends on how much unhappiness or anguish Bill suffered. In this example if Joe by cheating Bill of a certain amount of money has been responsible for 1000 units of unhappiness to Bill then Joe may be reborn as mother and Bill as her child. The child (Bill in earlier birth) is born very loving and obedient and enjoys lot of love from the mother. He then dies in a fatal accident or brief illness at the age of say 10 years. By that time the mother has become quite attached to the child and his untimely death thus causes 1000 units of unhappiness to his now mother (Joe in previous birth).
Dear readers, here important thing to note that by doing intense spiritual practice one can overcome destiny and nullify give-and-take account.
Please visit these two links to read more about destiny and give-and-take account: #Reincarnation #Destiny #Unhappiness #Spiritual #Reborn
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