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Awww now I feel special, Google made a "book" for Glass Explorers about the first stages of Glass, now they're progressing towards a full consumer launch later in the year.
Can't wait to see where it goes next!
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Clickbait written by assholes.

Here's what the email said:
Hi there,
It’s been an exciting ride. Since we first met, interest in wearables has exploded and today it’s one of the most exciting areas in technology. We asked you to be pioneers, and you took Glass further than we ever expected. We’ve learned a ton, we’ve "graduated" from Google[x] labs, and now we’re hard at work and you’ll see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.
Since we’re focusing all our efforts on the future, we’ll be closing the Explorer Program on January 19. We realize you might have questions about what this means for you. New feature development on the Explorer Edition will stop while we work on the next version of Glass, but you can still call or email us anytime with questions, thoughts or feedback.
In the meantime, we’ve created Glass Vol 001 to honor you, our Explorers. It’s a collection of photos and stories from the early days of Glass.

The Explorer Program was started to get Glass into the hands of early pioneers who would forge the way. You’ve taken Glass to the edges of the world, from the streets of New York to the tundras of Antarctica. You’ve captured miracles every day, from your wedding vows and your child’s first steps to new ways to save lives. You’ve humbled us by taking what we started and doing more than we ever could have dreamed. Let’s celebrate your bold and brave steps into an uncharted world.
Thank you for being part of the story. We’ll see you in the next chapter.
The Glass Team

Doesn't sound like it's going anywhere to me yeah? :D
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Getting haircut, half way through and it looks like I'm going for the Natalie Dormer style from Hunger Games...
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Probably to stick the hair back on the bald patch at the back ...
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There's nothing quite like working at 1AM... Except maybe sleeping... Yeah that'd be nice :-/
Oh well, my work here is done!
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So this is an interesting little read.
Was talking today basically about how some people have it tough, financially, but also about how culturally certain ethnicities in NZ are over-represented in prison statistics as well as child abuse.

We were talking about how some people get home from a long day at work and they're just tired. Fact of the matter is most people get home from work and they're tired and don't really feel like cooking, that's why it's called "Work", not because it's easy, but because it requires effort.

Yeah there's that phrase "Find a job you love and you'll never have to do a days work", but regardless of if you manage to find that job or not, it's not going to mean that what you do is suddenly no longer tiring.

Fact of the matter is that life is hard, it's not easy, but that's actually alright.

You see I hear a lot of people talk about privilege this and that, but I don't actually care. We're all alive, that's all the privilege that matters!

We live in a country where the government provides for us when we can't, and we're so lucky for that. That doesn't mean you get to pick and choose your lifestyle, it doesn't mean you get to stay living in the expensive part of town, it doesn't mean you get KFC 5x a week, and it doesn't mean that you get to have 200+ channels on your TV. It means you have enough for the bare essentials and if you have to move house to another part of the country to make ends meet, then as somebody who is living as a result of what you're being given that shouldn't be something you complain about. 

That iPhone? If you have to sell it in order to make ends meet, to put food in your mouth or to help with moving costs so you're not spending more than you receive each week, then why not?

But a lot of it in this article is nicely summed up by expectation vs reality. The reality is that if you're reading this now, as I write it, you're insanely well off compared to so many millions in the world.

Your expectation of having a rockstar lifestyle vs the reality that you have to slog it laying bricks for 10 hours a day to then get home and make yourself a meal for less than $3...

Certainly some food for thought
A really thoughtful article which gets to the root of the problem.
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Interesting article but what amused me is how so many comments prove the authors point.
I know of business owners that will no longer employ young people because they show no dedication to work.  Monday comes along and they may or may not turn up to work because they thought they were going to be a CEO straight out of uni so don't like starting out on the bottom rung of the ladder.
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So this has been quite interesting
Flick Electric ( ) have 30-minute timing windows on how much power I've been using!

It's been interesting to see the power usage decrease as different flatmates have started living with me, with different habits etc, along with seeing the "idle consumption" at my place.
It's also real nice that Flick are ~20% cheaper than Powershop (Who were pretty damn cheap to start with anyway)

For example, overnight we'll leave the two heat pumps going, the spa pool is also running 24/7, my desktop, a fileserver, a few other bits n pieces like Media Players (Chromecasts), not to mention the hot water cylinder and the HRV system, and if I look at consumption between 3AM -> 4AM when everybody is most certainly sleeping, it idles at a cost of around 19c for the whole hour.

Not too bad when I think about that all! To keep the house warm overnight, if I'm leaving two heat pumps on for ~10 hours worth of "night" (say 9PM -> 7AM), the entire base cost is somewhere around $2.

Not bad indeed for keeping the home warm, dry, and comfortable!
Split that between 3 flatmates and you're only looking at $20 a month per-person :D
The independent electricity retailer giving you real control of your power bill.
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Yeah it's the Smart Meter but I don't recall seeing the historic data broken down so granually when I was with them, it was only daily.
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After a bloody long week, my immune system tanked on Friday evening and I got real sick real quick. Over it mostly now, just congested which is still insanely frustrating, but on the up side at least I don't have to be in the cold on the bike today.

Riding is so much fun, just you and the road, wind in your helmet... But it definitely sucks showing up at work with wet patches all over.

Put in a new headdeck in the car over the weekend, no more ganstaFM for me, its good to be able to stream to it through Bluetooth from my phone! :D

Anyways offramp queues suck. It's terrible in Albany coz (just like the Tat offramp) there's two lanes but traffic is usually only in the far lane, yet some clowns insist on sitting there at the offramp waiting to merge until both lanes are completely empty for no good reason at all.

tl;dr I'm jamming Clavin Harris at the offramp while praising the stricter car license requirements from a while back! :p
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Get better soon mate, summer is on the way. Warm weather, BBQ and beach time
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I'm not convinced the choice in numberplate was thoroughly thought out...
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My pacific brethren look like they might actually wear XXL 
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Took my geek status up a notch today when I learned how to sync music to my watch, stream it from the watch to the car stereo, and control playback from the watch without any need at all for a cellphone!
Hell yeah! :D
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Found my lost sunglasses, got myself a Hemp drink, it's not pouring with rain... And I don't feel like my head has been run over by a bus (thanks allergies)! Yeah I'd say it's a pretty good start to the day! :D
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So... Yay for Spring? :-/
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Blue skies and 22 degrees up here today :p
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This white guy with the big grin is called "Little Joe".
Not even kidding, picked him up from Supercheap and he makes the place smell nice! :D
" I will call him... Mini Me!"
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I am sure you had a momentary lapse in political correctness and were meant to say "male Caucasian with the big grin".
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35 minutes at the offramp, still not even at work, can't help but feel like a lemming... And I'm reminded of this game! :D
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Yep, played the first couple levels and then got bored.
But it looks and plays almost exactly like the original.
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Rod has been helping me with my financial advice / insurances for the better part of a decade now. He's always been an absolute pleasure to deal with, explaining the ins and outs of what I'm getting in real easy to understand terms. Always have a good laugh, but he's incredibly professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his services!
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Divine food and fantastic service! Touring through as an english-only speaker, the service was great, the menu had a fantastic spread, and pretty good value too. The good though, quite possibly some of the best we've had on our travels thus far!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Fast, friendly ordering over the phone, well priced meal, large servings, tasted fantastic!
Public - 2 years ago
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6 reviews
The staff there are brilliant, fast and incredibly friendly service. We've been there a number of times over the last 6 months and every single time they exceed our expectations and provide delicious food with a smile! Can't recommend them enough!
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Always great food, fast and friendly service. Great stuff :-)
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