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Awww now I feel special, Google made a "book" for Glass Explorers about the first stages of Glass, now they're progressing towards a full consumer launch later in the year.
Can't wait to see where it goes next!
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I'm a large enterprise, give me one
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Gotta make the most of the sun shining after a rather wet few days.
Bring on summer!!
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Really, really nice breakfast here! Great way to start the weekend!
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Anybody able to lend a hand with spreadsheets?

I have two sheets of data
Let's say in the first column in both I have an unsorted "customer", and then in the second column I have a piece of information about that customer. say in one spreadsheet it's their height, and the other it's their gender.
How would I get a list so that I have column 1 being the customer, column 2 being their height and column 3 being their gender, all on one single page?

I get the feeling I need to do HLOOKUP / VLOOKUP but for some reason I can't wrap my brain around it today and all I'm seeing is the Matrix Code :(
I'm doing this in Google Docs if it matters.
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h/vlookups usually work best with sorted data. If you can sort by the "customer" column, that should help.
Also, can Google Sheets do lookups across "files"?
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This is absolutely HILARIOUS and needs to be watched the whole way through, it gets better and better!!
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Coolest thing to happen at work in a while :D so adorable!
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Hey people I'm looking to sell my Macbook Air 11", 2015 model (I think it was?). If you know anybody who'd be interested in a good price, just let me know.
It's been hardly used, and to be honest I can't justify keeping a a Macbook Air when I have another laptop, a Chromebook, a work laptop, my main desktop and two spare desktop PC's... So this is the first to go :)
It's running Windows 10, good / tidy condition, comes with the charger and that's about it
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Airbnb has signed a deal with Auckland Council to provide accommodation in the event of a natural disaster. - New Zealand Herald
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The countdown to November 8 is on
Here's tonights US Presidential debate, plan to watch this all when I get home tonight:
(Use the link which takes you to ~27 minutes in, not the picture below)
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Cooked me some steak last night, this was helpful, probably one of the nicest steaks I've ever done myself!
I'm not generally a negative person, and my normal reaction to seeing misinformation spread through the internet is to simply try and dilute it by spreading some verity and beauty—I've produced more than my share of articles about how to grill steaks (baked up and backed up by real science and research, no less!) in the name of truth and pageviews, and if you want to take a look at those, you can scroll on down to the bottom of this article for s...
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Very good read - for someone who knows and loves their steak as much as I do too!
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Hell yeah, I pay a dollar every week through rates, to keep democracy alive!
You're welcome everyone.... :D
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And yet Watercare have a fixed charge to be connected, which I assumed was for infrastructure... Sounds very scam-like (shouldn't be surprised really, what with it being the council and all).
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Like iMessage / Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp only cooler looking!
If you've got it, add me (by my phone number) and try it out!
If you're on Android and don't wanna wait, you can get it here:
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Yeah I dunno why they decided on something new, but it's nice, and the Assistant so far is absolutely freakin' insanely cool!!
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