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I began making a tsuba for myself, just one. It took a long time. I fumbled around and eventually got something out that would protect my hands better than the plastic tsuba that came with my bokken. Then, other folks in my iaijutsu study class were asking me to make them one. Then the iaidoka from our international organization began to ask about them. 

I got laid off from my job. I had some leather left over from previous projects and sat down and got serious about it. I put up a website.
Two years later I have JSA practioners from all over the world placing orders and asking about Leather Tsuba. 

I insist on making each one by hand. Doing it that way is the whole point. Every tsuba that leaves my shop has that moment of my life in it. Everything I have experienced in my life has led me to that moment, and that moment is captured in that tsuba. I will never get those moments back.

Ichi go ichi e, 一期一会, this one time only, and never to return.
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