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Official Google+ page for Pixel Insert/Pixert
Official Google+ page for Pixel Insert/Pixert

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What's the difference between Google+ Pages and Facebook Pages?
"Pages for Google Plus also boast some advantages when it comes to search-engine optimization, which isn’t much of a surprise, considering the parent company.

Product Management Director Dennis Troper said in a blog post that Google will add up all +1 button clicks — from brands’ pages for Google Plus, websites, and search results — and the single total will be used to determine relevancy in Google search results.

Troper also announced the rollout of Google Plus Direct Connect, an experimental feature that will allow Google users who add a + after the name of the company they’re searching for to be sent directly to the business’ page for Google Plus, as long as Google Plus Direct Connect has been activated."

We guess if you want to boost Search Engine, use Google+ Pages. However, if you want to gain Users Interaction, use Facebook Pages

It seems that Google changed the the link without prior notice

all sudden getting 404 error page for this Google+ page
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