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What I LOVE About My Job!
Often times when I tweet, I use the hashtag #ILoveMyJob.
And the fact of the matter is that I really do love my job. In the last 3
weeks, my thirteen-year-old asked if I liked my job. I responded that I LOVE my
job and I look forward to going to work every ...

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The Equation for Becoming Teacher of the Year
     Recently in one of my courses we had the privilege of
receiving a visit from the 2017 South Dakota, Teacher of the Year, Beth
Kaltsulas. To our liking, Beth just so happened to be a fellow math educator at
the middle school level. While visiting our ca...

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Why We Need to Rethink Our Approach to K-12 Education
     My 13 year-old son has been sick this week.   He has a soccer tournament this weekend and
wanted to play tonight so last night he decided he would go to school for part
of the day.   This is what he said to my
husband, “Playing soccer is easier than go...

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Personalized Learning: An Observer's Perspective
Last Friday I had a great opportunity to visit two
schools in the Eastern Carver County School District in Chaska, MN.   We went to visit the district because they
are using personalized learning throughout the district, with various schools
and teachers at...

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Right-Brained, Math Major
As a future educator in
mathematics, the thing I fear the most is my students losing their ability and
freedom to express themselves in my classroom. Comparatively speaking, math is
one of the core subjects that seemingly limits students in this area. I

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What will be happening in Spring 2017 in Math 371
     Once again we started the Math 371 course by having
students make a list of technology items that they wanted to learn.   I also included a few of my own and we came
up with this list: Promethean Board & SMARTBoard TI-Nspire iPad—how to use these in ma...

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Why do you want to be a math teacher?
fall I teach the mathematics (education) course, Geometry for Teachers. For
students in our secondary certification program, this is usually the first
mathematics education course that they take.   On the first day of class every fall semester, I assig...

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Twitter has made me a Better Teacher
Yesterday I
was able to attend the #TIE16 conference in Sioux Falls with nine pre-service
math teachers.   The highlight of the day
for me was to hear George Couros talk with us about having an innovator’s
mindset, and then having him sign my copy of his bo...

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What is the Purpose of Homework?
This week has involved multiple conversations about
homework, in two of the classes I teach, in my office talking with our pre-service teachers,
and in my house, where my 7 th grader brought up the topic.   Apologies if this post is all over the place

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The Time is Now!
This week is a big week for teachers in South
Dakota.   After the delay tactic last week
by House Republicans, HB
1182 will be voted on (hopefully) by SD representatives.   Yesterday both the Rapid
City Journal and the Sioux
Falls Argus Leader had editorial...
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