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William Pike

I just dirty flashed 2/03 over 1/29, of anything the H+ LTE bug is worse. Anyone have a reliable fix?

How is everyone's battery life? and how do you manage your battery? My phone always seems to be draining, especially on the latest build.

I just started getting error messages saying 'Google Play services has stopped' today around 10. Reflashed the rom and gapps...
Anyone else have this problem? How can I find what's causing it?

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I'm getting two errors lately... On Curtis's latest hammerhead TE build:
1.) My battery is all over the place... sometimes I reboot, and it's 20% lower than before reboot, and it recharges... (sometimes it doesn't)
2.) I get an error that package manager stopped when I install a file...

(I just recently installed the new alpha xposed, but the errors were happening before xposed)
Anyone else having these errors? Anyone have a fix for them? 

I just updated to aldys 2/18 build and can't use security patterns

From logcat:

02-22 16:24:11.801 E/AndroidRuntime(10761): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{}: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #42: Error inflating class

I don't know if this is a bug or not, so I'm just posting it in discussions:
My camera seems to "Crap out" i.e. I get messages like "can't connect to camera" randomly throughout the day that is fixed by a reboot. 
On a different rom, I "solved" this problem by flashing hybrid kernel.

Anyone else have this problem? How can I diagnose it? How can I fix it?

I know this is something relatively trivial, but is there any way to install the omnirom app-ring  sidebar launcher? (not in the build, but as an "aftermarket apk")

Where can I get the keyboard that has symbols on every letter? It's usually called "AOSP Keyboard" -- I thought it was stock.

Anyone know if there will be a new dark material theme in the future from Thyrus?

Two bugs: 
Skype and GrooveIP don't work, audio is garbled... maybe voip is busted?

Sometimes the camera gets broken and I get "can't connect to camera" and have to reset.
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