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John Layton
A gamer at heart, a writer in soul, and a lunatic in mind.
A gamer at heart, a writer in soul, and a lunatic in mind.

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Seeing some big changes to mage traits. Combined with the spell changes we did when we finished the last round of playtests a few weeks ago and I must say I'm excited to see some of this stuff in action.

For those curious as to what was changed, we did away with the boring old +/-1's and changed some of the Path spells (one of the old spells focused on PvP that I didn't realize at the time, plus others that just seemed lack luster and useless). Summoning has a new focus on it for those with the creativity to use it. It even got its own corruption move to make it a potent tool for a cost.

Overall, Mage is looking awesome and I'm looking forward to testing the new changes. The changes to Vamp's traits are also looking interesting.

On a side note. I went over my notes for Demon. While it's been stated that we were going to do Demon the Fallen, for simplicity's sake, I largely scrapped the idea (instead using DtF for inspiration as needed) and started looking at Demon the Descent. While the lore is a bit different, I managed to type up a basic description that ties in how a Tainted might become into a full fledged Demon (it's nothing different, just playing off the idea of how you're hellspawn).

Let me just say that trying to find a way to work in the varied nature of the demonic form and trying to keep it simple but relevant was difficult work. The end result is something that changes as you gain and lose Corruption (via the "Erase a Corruption Advance" advancement). Playtesting when it's complete will show whether my choice in constructing the move was a good one.

Until Mage and Slasher are officially called complete and I get a rough draft of Demon done, any new add-ons by me will likely be only in the "I'll mention the idea" phase, but I will admit that I would be curious in working on Changeling eventually having recently helped a fellow Storyteller make his own Kith. After that's done... who knows. Second Sight might be a decent book to try and make a Mortality add-on for, but please understand that the possible template are limited as Mortals in WoD are not meant to have the kind of power the other main game lines do.

Just added in my Slasher Add-on for any of the Mortality playbooks... If you wanted to play a serial killer you now can. Still debating doing a Demon the Fallen add-on for Tainted.

Though the Lucifuge Conspiracy in Hunter is simple enough for a human born hellspawn.

Alright so as I realized and +Tim Franzke later reinforced, The Obimos Spell "Transform Energy" is too powerful when you consider that all a person needs is a basic understanding of energy types in general to make it overpowered. So I'm changing it into an "Earthquake" Spell. The basic premise that I had was that no matter what, once you spend the Spell-Hold to cast it, the Earthquake happens, but the amount of control you have depends on your roll (10+ is full control; 7-9 is controlled but you are damage by the effects, even if that means you walk through the area and a brick lands on your head; and a miss turns the move over to the MC's will).

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to handle this spell? I originally planned on allowing the choice between options (like many other moves) but when I started writing it, it felt like I was over thinking things.

Hey +Tommy Rayburn, I was walking home thinking about the conversion of our d20 game into US and our Add-on and realized that we haven't covering Embracing. Is this going to be an RP Element, a Move, or are we just going with can't Embrace?
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