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My web host says my theme is infected with malware.
If I replace the entire outreach-pro theme what files do I need to be careful of so I don't mess up my website? As far as I know I've only edited functions.php and style.css

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Any help to resolve this problem is much appreciated...

All links at from my new site at currently point to the old site at

I contacted my host to restore a backup of the new site but it made no difference. According to the wp-config file it's using the correct database.

The funny thing is when I login to my dashboard the post content still exists but when I preview the post link it redirects to the old site.

Is there a way to resolve this problem without rebuilding the whole site?

Thanks so much.

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Have you avoided creating a video for your business because you didn’t have the right equipment or didn’t know what to say?  The YouTube Director App allows you to create a polished video ad right from your iphone..for free. After you’ve finished creating the video you can promote it using Adwords For Video.

Here are the 7 steps to create your video using
the YouTube Director For Business App

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Do you have subscribers that leave inappropriate comments?
Unfortunately you can’t delete subscribers from your YouTube Channel but there is an easy process to block them. Once blocked, they can longer comment on your videos or send you messages.

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Since I recently reached 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel I thought I’d give you 7 FREE ways on how I achieved that goal. Keep in mind it didn’t happen overnight.

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So you want to create a video but don’t know where to start. These days you don’t even need to be on camera or purchase expensive software to create your videos. You can simply shoot a video with your camera then edit it with the free software that’s included with your computer.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 free video creation tools:

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If you have a relatively new YouTube Channel you won’t see the navigation links under your channel banner. 

If you don’t customize the layout of your YouTube Channel, all visitors will see is your channel feed.

Freelance Theme Hacked!
What theme can I replace it with that doesn't involve a lot of customization? Ideally I want it to look the same.
Here's the URL

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Do you waste time making videos that don’t generate any traffic?

If you target the wrong keywords then no one will find your videos on YouTube or Google. YouTube Keyword Research is the foundation for creating successful videos.
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