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Brooke McCoy
I have not failed, just found 10,000 ways that don't work
I have not failed, just found 10,000 ways that don't work

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funny stuff my kids won't see till its too late
Luke got home from scout camp and wow it felt like a long time.  between darby and him this summer, this is really testing my motherhood having them gone so much!  how can I last a mission if a week feels forever. anyway...shhhhh.... lukes funny stuff..... ...

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What our family loves right now
in no particular order  homemade goo grandma sycamore bread that grandma b brought us we are going to be so sad when we run out! good jam swimming legos late nite movies good food church disneyland the beach all our extended family missionaries rusty packag...

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Ashley's baptism
Ashley got baptized and we had been praying for her as a family for a month?  We were able to have her take two lessons from the missionaries at our house and that is the most amazing thing, never pass up that opportunity.  Luke and Darby both were really i...

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Summer is busy!!!
Summer has been awesome.  Love having everyone home and wow we are not all home together very much.  Darby had girls camp last week and loved it and Luke leaving today for Phoenix for a cousins fun week!  Then Luke has scout camp in July and we have had foo...

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Did I mention Darby turned 12
It was a big deal here I promise. But somehow I neglected to write it on the blog?  Until I was going to post about Ivy.  I guess my new trend is lateness? Thats cool I can own it. Darby has been thrilled to turn 12 and enter young womens!  What neat yw lea...

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youth conference
I am totally overwhelmed with gratitude with the dedication, wonderful inspired ideas, endless service hours from the volunteers that put together youth conference.  Because as the parent of a child who went, it was PRICELESS and the greatest gift!   Thank ...

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Everyone spills at our house
seriously, we are having record amounts of spilling.  Took the girls to get a slurpee which we never do but was thinking close cheap cold treat.  i think they each spilled twice at the store.  we definitely need to go back to up their slurpee skills. jason ...

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bad news
Have heard lots of bad news lately, seems likes its coming wave after way. Our neighbor Jim died very unexpectedly.  He was such a sweet man, really looked out for our family, was always around and probably heard way too much of our business and still talke...

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That time I met the General Relief Society President and also embarrassed myself
Nobody wants to get a call from a stake president.  Eeek!  When is stake conference?!!!  But this ended up being a wonderful thing!  I got picked to be in a focus group the nite before the General Relief Society Presidency was going to be addressing our are...

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Luke's first dance
Sooo in case I'm wanting to remember when Luke's first stake dance was, typing it here :) It was May 13th and Jason went with him because he was chaperoning. I had more mixed feelings than I thought I baby is growing up too fast! I made him pract...
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