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Alyssa Vr
23 years old / In love with stories / English Language and Culture student / Blogger
23 years old / In love with stories / English Language and Culture student / Blogger

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13 Reasons Why: Book vs Netflix
Since I recently started talking about my mental problems, openly, it felt like a good idea to discuss this book and TV series as well. For the purpose of this review, I thought it might be a good idea to include my initial review on the book from November ...

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What I've been up to
Last time I posted anything on this blog, was about three months ago. Sorry guys, I guess I've been a bit preoccupied. But here I am! I won't say I'm back, because in a few weeks I'm going to be taking on an extra course (again) so uni will keep me busy, bu...

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TBR 2017
In this blog entry I will address books I'm dying to read in 2017. Of course, I have about 2 shelves in my bookcases, which are filled with books I still have not read ( not to mention the books I still have to read that I do not (yet) own). Here I will lis...

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Reflecting on 2016
I almost feel silly doing this because everyone is doing this. Nevertheless, it suits my blog to talk about my 2016. Overall, it was an interesting years. A lot of awful things happened in the world, but for me it has been a pretty good year. I made a lot o...

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Depression and Friends
A while ago I talked about my therapy and my medication. I got a lot of positive reactions from those blog entries. Loads of people telling my I'm strong and courageous for ( publicly ) speaking up about it. Or that they were there for me if need be, if I w...

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Thoughts on Tarzan and it's adaptations
By UlaFish (deviantart) I'm currently taking a course called ' Adapting to the Novel ' and I'm absolutely loving it. Especially because it's addressing a lot of novels I'm really interested in ( Peter Pan, Tarzan, Lolita, Jane Eyre , etc). I really want to ...

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Alice's Adventures: Carroll vs Disney
It has been awhile but here I am with another famous story and it's adaptations. This time it's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  & Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There  by Lewis Carroll (o r Professor Charles Lutwidge Dodgson if you want to...

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The Things They Carried: Fiction vs Fact
Tim O'Brien 's The Things They Carried consists of 22 short stories: some of which play out in Vietnam, and others in
the United States of America. The first short story I read took place in
Vietnam with the Alpha Company. The second story plays out at the ...

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Present Day
I know my blog has been somewhat silent for the passed few weeks and I can b lame my uni for it , wit h all the exams and deadlines. But honestly I just didn't feel like writing about fairy tales due to all the awful stuff that's going on in the world right...

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Taytay Book Tag
I thought it was time for another book tag and this one is all about Taylor Swift. I got this challenge from a blog called Eclecticintrospections . Anyone who knows me knows that I secretly love Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lavato and I am...
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