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Tech, New Media and Education.
Tech, New Media and Education.


So this year's trip is Japan with a sprinkle of Beijing. We have 12 days in Japan flying in and out of Tokyo with no plans. One full day layovers in Beijing each way. Where should we go, what should we do and who should we meet? We are opened-minded and adventurous. We've been to 40 countries or so but never Japan of China! Any travel tips appreciated.  #travel #china #japan #tokyo #beijing  

Hey guys, you recently added me to on my work Gmail accounts. Just an FYI, this is my primary Google+ account. If there has been a better way to merge accounts, I'd love to hear it. Thanks! 
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Turkey so far. #turkjo
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I would use Google+ so much more if my accounts were in order or could merge. My two other accounts are dependent upon Drive for work. I can't justify signing in here first and it kills the seamless process. 

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It's a Cisco ad, but still a pretty cool video of the Internet of Things:

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Google Glass, shut up and take my money! 

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Looking for any recommendations during our upcoming trip to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.  We'll be among those three countries for a few weeks in April. 

Suggestions so far via +Melissa Fudor's Facebook friends:

"For Lebanon, definitely the Jeita Grotto, Our Lady of Harissa, Temples of Baalback, and downtown Beirut (the souks, Solidere, Hamra Street, and Gammayzeh - the downtown core can be done within a day). Hope you guys enjoy it!"

"Completely agree with everything Simon said. I also recommend Moussa Castle, Byblos/Jbeil next to the marina ( was more historical but now has a lively night life -restaurants, clubs, etc). Raouché, Beit el Din (meaning the Prince's Palace). It's way too cold to go the beach around this time of the year, but if you were going in the summer, I would highly recommend it! You're going to love it!! Say hello to my country for me and enjoy!!"

#turkey   #istanbul   #jordan   #amman   #lebanon   #beirut   #petra   #travel  

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Video blog: 1,000 Nights Out On @foursquare– Why I’m Still An Advocate
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