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Happy St Patty's Day!  A lesson in liberty from the Irish courtesy of the good Dr. Rothbard.

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Rothbard on Ireland and the Stateless Society - A St. Patty's Day Special
What connection can possibly be drawn between Murray
Rothbard, a non-believing Jew, the Ould
Sod and a saint of the Church? That was the ruse to get you to read on.  This has nothing to do with religious belief
but plenty to do with Murray, ancient Ireland ...

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Politician, charmer and gangster each  Brothers from another mother.

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President Nucky O
Fans of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire may recall how the
series opened with protagonist Nucky Thompson fervently denouncing demon
alcohol before the Ladies Temperance League. 
In the very next scene the same Nucky Thompson schemes with his cronies to
make millions...

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Ancient Rabbinical wisdom urges that patience and restraint will defeat enemies that are mortally flawed.  Armed engagement with such foes endangers, entraps and impoverishes America.

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ISIS, Rabbinical Wisdom and Jihad Jujutsu
  Gamaliel was, perhaps, Jerusalem’s most respected
Rabbi circa 35 A.D.  When asked how the
Sanhedrin should deal with the alarming and seemingly heretical Jesus movement,
he c ounseled restraint and patience advising that: “if this endeavor or this activit...

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A tale of political class pranksters and the suckers who fall for them.

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Piltdown, Polar Bears, Ponzi and Fiat Money
Up until now, the
Piltdown Man was one of the great scientific hoaxes of all time. In 1912, a collection of
carefully doctored human-like remains were unearthed near the village of Piltdown
in Sussex, England.  These findings were
put forward and readily ac...

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A prosecutor in Argentina with damaging evidence against the president has been executed.  The journalist who reported the story is in exile.  Shades of Bill, Hilary, Vince Foster and Wag the Dog over 20 years ago. 

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Don’t Cry For Christina, Argentina
According to Yahoo! News, Argentine Federal
Prosecutor Alberto
Nisman “was found dead with a bullet to the head in his
Buenos Aires home on Sunday, just before he was set to go before a
congressional hearing to accuse (President) Kirchner and Foreign Minist...
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