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Manufacturing Companies Using Microsoft Dynamics AX Worldwide
Microsoft Dynamics AX is the product of choice by well known manufacturing companies around the world. Here is a list of selected Microsoft Dynamics AX customers in each of
8 major Manufacturing industry sub-verticals.  Aerospace, Automotive,
Building Mat...

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Keeping Leading Zeros while exporting to excel
While exporting the data to excel in NAV 2009, i faced a different problem. I have a value for "Vendor Bank Acc. No." = 00027928. But while exporting to excel the leading zero's will automatically deleted and displayed as 27928.(Its default excel functional...

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Visual Studio Error
This morning I faced a problem while opening layout of the report from development environment, it shows the below error: --------------------------- Microsoft Visual Studio --------------------------- No exports were found that match the constraint:     Co...

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Tutorial: Understanding Inventory Period Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
periods are used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage the posting of
adjustment entries in the inventory. Unless the inventory periods are
closed on a monthly basis, the adjusting entries will be posted in the
original transaction period. Creat...

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Upgrade: What’s New?
recently launched the latest version of Microsoft Dynamic NAV, NAV 2015
at the Microsoft WPC (World Partner Conference). Microsoft's catch
phrase for its new Navision update was "More Mobile and More Cloud”,
giving an impression that the updat...

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Checklist for successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation
Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) is a popular ERP (enterprise
resource planning) solution from Microsoft. The phenomenal popularity of
NAV as an ERP solution is evident by the fact that it is the only ERP
software to have breached the...

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Basic SQL - Creating Extended Stored Procedure / xp_ndo.dll
Microsoft Dynamics NAV requires two extended stored procedures from
xp_ndo.dll to exist on SQL Server if Windows logins are used. If these
extended stored procedures do not exist, you will get this error when
trying to log on using Windows Authentication...

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Sathish Chinnappan commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi saurav,

After a long time.. how are you??

I'm not using the check print report instead i designed a new report for check printing .The above article gives me a idea to how to do it..


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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 - Available to Download.
Hi all, Just got a Link about NAV 2015. So now its
officially available to download at Microsoft Partner Source. Please follow the Below Link to Download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Download
NAV 2015 Currently Download is available for Below Listed Coun...
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