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week 52: warrior
it is, perhaps, fitting that after putting this post off for several weeks that i should be writing the closing entry of volume 4 tonight. three years. three years ago last friday night i ended a 12 year long drinking binge, not with a bang (as i has secret...

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week 51: path
last week i met the newest addition to my family, Benjamin, my nephew. i mentioned in the last post, the "long road", the path the decisions i made in life and where they led me. i know it sounds cliche but i really didn't make any plans past thirty, had i ...

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week 50: sleep
the last time i wrote about this topic, it was 2011. So much has changed in my life since then, you can view that post here . Sleep has always been difficult for me, for years i did with little, later i drank until i was able to pass out. these days i try t...

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week 49: noise
just a little thing i did for the woman i love

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week 48: invention
the pen, or pencil... proof that they are, or can, be mightier than the sword.  So much so that oppression resort to fighting them with guns and bullets - and they still lose. this isn't a holy war. don't bring God into this, this is fucking murder.   earli...

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week 47: sea
come back tomorrow for the text entry for this weeks post, i have a lot of things that i plan on writing about and only twenty minutes to get to work.

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week 46: fragile
for as long as i can remember i have lived in fear. i have reacted to every new crisis, challenge, or consequence, that has presented itself in my life. i know that i am not unique in this, but the point is that instead of assessing the situation, consider ...

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week 44: mask
i know, i know. it has been a while since the my last post. there have been several things that have been taking up my time  and energy and inspiration has been somewhat - less - forthcoming than it has been in in in some time. this is not to say that i hav...

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week 43: universe
last month, i achieved two years of  sobriety . this might not sound like all that long, and it really isn't in the grand scheme, but it was roughly one-seventh of the time i spent not being sober, and i can pretty much say with  certainty  that these two y...

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so.  this was/is/has been (?) a post i have been avoiding since last february. i have started and abandoned this several times over the last few months, i haven't been able to really articulate what i feel like i am trying to say, or work out, or through, o...
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