The first 1.5 beta is finally here for android 2.3+.  I've tested on 10-15 devices varying between 2.3 and 4.3 (i don't have 4.4 yet) and the stability is pretty good.  Playback speed control can currently only be accessed via the preferences (prefs -> audio -> playback -> tempo), but I will add gesture actions and a UI for it at some point.

Updates should come fairly regularly now.  Assuming there are no major issues, I'll begin work on some tablet layouts

1.5.b1.0 (11/15/2013):
-Rewrote UI to use fragments and loaders. The UI should now be smoother and more responsive
-New launcher icon, status icon, and default album art image
-Added swiping between views (right bezel swipe only in now playing to allow for gestures)
-Added playback speed control with auto pitch correction
-Added ARMv7 optimized build
-Old style navigation removed from classic skins along with the icons in the navigation bar
-Switched crash reporting from ACRA to Crashlytics
-Manual error reports are now sent through email
-Removed 4x4 transparent widget since the regular 4x4 widget can be made transparent
-Auto resume disabled by default for docked connections
-Fixed auto pause not working until the preferences were viewed at least one time
-Going to a previous track when using 'Play Next File' as the On Queue Completion setting will no longer wipe the current queue
-What's new section is now a webview for better formatting
-Default album art is now used if no art was found when viewing an album
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Am signed up as a do I get the beta?
Assuming you clicked the link and joined the beta, updates will come through google play like normal updates.  If you have multiple google accounts on your phone be sure to have the one you signed up for the beta with listed as the active account in google play. I just have to wait on the excited(this is the only player I use on my device and I readily recommend it to any and everyone I know)
yeah.  it is most likely available now.. you might have to clear your search history in google play for the "update" button to show up
Installed the update and Its awesome keep up the good work.
Working pretty well so far. Great to finally have 1.5 on my device. :)
One issue that I have noticed is that the keyboard displays in the Now Playing view when I launch the app - only happens if the previous time I last used GMMP I was in the Search view.
Would like to see the swiping between views to wrap around the screen - in other words, when I get to the far-right view, another swipe to the left will take me to the first one. I will not be able to use ever the left bezel for swiping as it is reserved for Swapps and the left-launcher menu of GMD Gestures.
+Michael Glaun interesting. Ill try to reproduce the keyboard thing. Whst phone do you have. I might be able to do a wrap around although its not something the viewpager supports... It would jump back all the way to the left which might be awkward.

You actually can swipe anywhere in every view cept now playing. It worked much better that way. You can ssipe left from the middle of the screen right?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Int.).
Yes, swiping left and right anywhere on the screen works in all views (except obviously for Now Playing view) - very very cool. The view swipe thing is definitely a nice touch and very car-friendly.
The keyboard thing is very minor IMO - probably one in a million chance of someone reproducing it. Only happened to me 'coz I was playing with the view swipe gesture and landed up in the last view, which for me is the Search view. It might have even existed pre-v1.5.
Just installed beta. (thanks btw) it doesn't pick up installed skins. Tried rebooting and reinstalling both player and skin. No dice. Will keep looking and keep ya posted. Jb 4.1.2 rooted Samsung stratosphere 2 stock rom. Will also be testing on pac rom on this and a RAZR maxx stock rom and pac rom. Also a Samsung fascinate stock and pac. Will post again later. Cheers! And thanks again for the chance to test for ya. I can do logcats too if u need too ;-) 
+Michael Glaun. The keyboard thing... If u have an s3 try turning off "auto haptic" in system settings
The what's new that popped up should have said that skins will not work.  They have to be updated and im not going to update them until the end of the beta since they take a lot of effort to update and there are still going to be UI changes
I had just updated to. 17 I think. The latest and in the changelog for that was the link to help on this and I then updated with the changelog still up. Think that's y I didn't get one for the beta. I figured it didn't have one until rtm lol
Ah you know what i think if you did that the whats new doesnt pop. I store a number to indicate when to show the whats new and i think both versions are using the same number
Running wayyyyyyyyy slick on the stock fascinate gb2.3.6 like wow. Way faster. Very nicely done. And I don't even have access to project butter (4.2+)..... Yet
Yeah any changes to the database will auto update the lists. 
+Cyris Garland
RE: the keyboard thing. Auto Haptic is off on my device (always has been) so can't be that. Thanks though.
The current stable version is great and the beta version is even better! Best music app on Android.
Running great so far on RAZR M with CyanogenMod 10.2
Running very smooth, using xperia T jb 4.1.2 rooted. UI is lightning fast. No playback issues.Stability is excellent. Well done. Look forward to future updates
Where is the playback speed control hiding?
Still going great on multiple devices so far. RAZR maxx stock rooted, on pacman rom, and aokp. Samsung fascinate sch-i500, stock and rooted and CM10.2. Heavily modded, rooted but stock Samsung Stratosphere 2 sch-i415. And a few more besides. Rock solid. Gb ics jb so far all is good. After Xmas it's on to cm11 and kitty katty bad-assery! 
great to hear.  kitkat support should be pretty good.  I have a nexus 5 and 7 and it runs great on them.  The few minor issues with 4.4 should get addressed in one of the next few updates (selecting album art with the gallery doesnt work and the seekbar for the lockscreen music controls isnt implemented in gmmp yet)
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