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Lucinda Moebius
Author, teacher, Book Coach
Author, teacher, Book Coach

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Book Spotlight: Feeder There really are things out there going bump in the night. Maria Christine lives life at the fringes of society as one of the Were, a race if beings from which legends have ...

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Promo Tip
Promo Tip: Bring copies of your book everywhere you go. Let people see it. Have a pitch ready when people ask about it. We have a little lending library in our neighborhood. I place my books there on the regular. (I'm still not good at selfies)

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Stephane Barr
I write great characters in difficult spots you can fall in
love with. And cats and dragons, often in pivotal roles. If you were to ask me my "interesting" writing
quirk, I'd probably ask you which one you meant? The cats in every book? The
dragons? The sna...

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Writing Prompt: Earth is dying. Humanity has created an Ark to send into space. How do we decide who and what gets to go? This is a premise used frequently in fiction How would you give it a unique twist?

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Book Spotlight: Keys to the Shadowlands The Shadowlands lie behind a hidden locked door within the Superior Crow Judge’s Chambers. Kidnapped souls are imprisoned there. These souls will be tormented by all their transgressi...

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Matt Hogan
Matt Hogan is
a practicing internist who had to slog through medical school and residency
before finding the time to pursue his other interests, including sleeping,
eating foods that don't come in a can, and writing fiction. As a child in
Philadelphia, Matt...

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Book Spotlight: Redemption of The Changed Evie never really thought about how fragile life truly was, nor how quickly it could be taken from her. One fateful day changes all that as her entire world is destroyed. A man deemed Th...

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Errin Stevens
Why are you THE Next Favorite Author? You’ll walk
away from Updrift feeling like you’ve eaten something delicious; and you’ll
crave Breakwater! When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I remember pretty much always wanting to write… I think I

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Writing Prompt
First Line:  We Must leave our scars on the battlefield, where they belong. Now, write the story!
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