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The other Miles Jennings is Waaay cooler...

Hackers are so annoying and waste so much of everyone's time, but I have to say a real good hack is a little flattering.

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Good thing we had a good jobs report - it looked for a moment like we were heading down into the abyss (again.)

Linkedin profiles look fancier this morning. I like 'em...

"Some people rob you with a fountain pen" - I think Bob Dylan?

Does anyone know any designers who specialize in super cool infographics?

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I've always been really involved with Linkedin groups, seems like they just hit over a million groups created by users. Neat stuff and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

If you wanted to spend the summer working from somewhere in Europe, where would it be? Another thing, it almost seems cheaper to buy a cheap house than to rent in most places... but what am I missing, that sounds crazy.

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I think Hangouts offer tons of bang for the buck and I'm excited to test the concept tomorrow discussing Boomers and Careers with a small group. One of the group, +Phyllis Mufson shared a link on setting up a Hangout and I forget where but somebodyelse sent a great list of active or upcoming hangouts. Should be fun stuff. For an updated Hangouts listing

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Interesting about career lattices versus the traditional vertical career ladder...
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