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There is an ancient Japanese legend called The Silk Drum about Lady Yumiyo who did not want to be married, but her father, an aging Lord, kept encouraging her. Finally she agreed to marry the suitor who could hear her drum- but it was a unique drum- silk wrapped across bamboo. The Lord was distraught as many suitors left disappointed. “How foolish you are. Your drum of silk will make no sound — and I will surely die without having seen my grandchildren,” he said.

Finally a calm suitor arrived and lingered. “She is only for the man who can hear her silk drum. Do not tell me that you have heard its sound in your far-off kingdom, across the mountains and the seas,” said the father. The young man answered, “You are correct, my Lord, no sound of the drum has reached me."

"Then be on your way. Like all the other before you. Why do you linger longer?"

"Because, my Lord, I hear its silence.” Lady Yumiyo smiled and put away her silken drum, since she had no further use for it.

God speaks in the thunder of a mountain, but also in the silence of a silk drum. Have you inserted silence in the intervals of your music, your dance, your work, your play?
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