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Leonard Sweet
author, theosemiotician, Renaissance thinker, Jesus follower,
author, theosemiotician, Renaissance thinker, Jesus follower,

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I thought of this British article as Dennis Rodman talked about how much the North Korean people "loved" their new leader, his new bud 

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One of my favorite people gets "written up." Kudos Rimes McElveen and Mere Christianity Forum at Furman University 

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A hymn for Groundhog Day

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When David Kowalski speaks, I listen up.

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Never thought to take my own admonition to "make words into images"..... literally 
+Leonard Sweet - Here's a fun semiotics demo reel... kind of a combination of "I is Another" with "Metaphors We Live By" with "This Means This, This Means That."

One night under a star in a little town called Bethlehem, the One who made all things is “made of a woman;” the One who had no beginning is born; the One garmented in light is wrapped in hand-down swaddling cloths; the One who “upholds all things by the word of his power” is helplessly cradled in the arms of his mother; the one who sits on a throne, high and lifted up, is lying in the hay of a manger while smelly shepherds and lowing cattle fall on their knees on the straw floor.

This is Christmas. Be Merry and spread the merriment. 

“When I was growing up my parents said, ‘Finish your dinner. People in China & India are starving.’ I tell my daughters, ‘Finish your homework. People in  India & China are starving for your job” Daniel H. Pink

Opera diva Beverly Sills was asked why she was always so bubbly: “Are you always as happy as you appear to be?"

"No," she replied, and then confessed: "I'm not a happy person. I am a cheerful person. A happy person has no cares. A cheerful person has plenty of cares but handles them"

Each season of the soul has its seductions. At Christmas, this is the one I worry about the most: "It is important that giving be truly free. It must never degenerate into charity, in the pejorative sense. Almsgiving is Mammon's perversion of giving. It affirms the superiority of the giver, who thus gains a point on the recipient, binds him, demands gratitude, humiliates him and reduces him to a lower state than he had before."  French philosopher/theologian Jacques Ellul, Money and Power (1984).

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My friend, Margaret Feinberg [], has a new book and 7-session DVD Bible study called "Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God" which releases Christmas Day. This book will turn your prayer life upside down, stir your desire to live more authentically and abundantly, and take your relationships with others to the next level. 

Margaret recently posted a great warning on her site that those who have read Wonderstruck [] have experienced the following symptoms: 

-An inability to stop smiling
-An uncontainable desire to pray
-A loss of interest in judging others
-A quiet, unshakable confidence in God
-A renewed ability to see the wonders of God all around

After reading the sneak peek of the book Margaret sent me, I can add my "Amen!" to those testimonies. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"God is not merely at your fingertips but within your grasp. Live each day like a child digging through an antique treasure chest rifling for the next discovery. Open your arms and your eyes to the God who stands in plain sight and works miracles in your midst. Look for him in your workdays and weekends, in your meeting-filled Mondays and your lazy Saturdays. Search for him in the snowy sunsets and Sabbaths, seasons of Lent and sitting at your table. Pray for—and expect—wonder. For when you search for God, you will discover him.”  
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