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My visit to Kanpur
I am not a story teller - at least not a great one. But I like penning down incidents that happen around me. There is always something more than what catches the eye, and story tellers are very skilled to catch it and turn it into an interesting series of e...

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It's Time to Deboard
"Wine comes in at
the mouth    And love comes in at the
eye;    That’s all we shall know
for truth    Before we grow old and
die.    I lift the glass to my
mouth, I look at you, and I
sigh" The inclusion of this
poem in the excellent speech by Mr. Roopank C...

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Utsaha: Revealing the kid in you
   “ Lal Kado…Lal Kado…Ek aur lal kado milto, to ye set poora
hoi jabo ” –   the little girl said, as she
kept rummaging through the bangles spread before her to complete to the pattern
laid out for the game. Watching her all
the while, I was enjoying her p...

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A drop of rain!
" Two years back" Early morning, buds chirping, a squirrel near my window with its irritating yet sweet voice calling its mate, a black and orange cat on the boundary wall, and a spider stuck to the window and glaring at the sky... they are the first ones I...

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Finding Fanny!
As rhyming as the title sounds, the movie reverberates the same theme through out: finding a long lost love! With a musical backdrop throughout, I could almost relate to The Sound of Music ( which I still believe, is one of the best movies I have a chance t...

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Time to Act: Run for the homeless
The pavements lit, a body was
nudged- The police stick poked a man asleep In the dark night, he was beaten-
he cried Hark- Nah! What do you care of the
deprived! You turned a blind eye to their misery - And mummified bodies littered the
streets, You hogged ...

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People and Friends
We are human beings, in need of companionship, and care. And when we are lucky enough to get it : it breaks our heart when that is gone. I know I should move on. I know, what is done cannot be undone. I know, death is a part of the brief stay at this place,...

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