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How to move TFS repository to git
At the company I work for we decided to split one gigantic TFS repository into several smaller ones. We use on prem TFS server which supports multiple git repositories within one project, thus allowing us to track all work items in one place. Unfortunately ...

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Gulp and bower in ASP.NET MVC
There are many tools, libraries and extensions for Visual Studio to do front end web development. There are NuGet packages that can help combine and minify JS and CSS ( Microsoft Ajax Minifier ), sass and less transformers ( BundleTransformer.SassAndScss , ...

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Combine AngularJS templates in ASP.NET MVC app
Lots of people write pretty heavy JavaScript applications these days, which normally involves client side templates rendering. When we have a lot of templates it potentially might slow down initial application load. AngularJS application lazy loads external...

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SharePoint 2013 and Ember.js
Ember.js is great and I'm really enjoying writing apps using it. Well, it's possible to use any modern framework with SharePoint, ...
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