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Making a difference in education
Making a difference in education

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+Robert Norris, have you heard about the games emulation on the Internet Archive? (second half of this article,

History repeats itself:
"The European Parliament in November urged antitrust authorities to break up the (location)-based company and called on the European Commission to consider proposals to unbundle search engines from other services."

Are they talking about Microsoft in 2009 or Google in 2015?


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There's a fault with these traffic lights. You can't see the red signal at all.

OTOH, two birds have found a nice, warm home out of the wind and rain...

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Hey all - if you're interested in Google, particularly the potential of Google Apps to support more collaborative approaches to education, then it's time to follow +Simplify Solutions and read our blog! :-)
The Simplify Blog is live! We'll be sharing all of our posts via Google+, and collating them all in a monthly newsletter. The Simplify team are looking forward to sharing tips, tricks, news and ideas for helping educational institutions change the way staff and students work and learn together. 

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Seriously Google, have you looked at!searchin/gmail-labs-suggest-a-labs-feature/compose ?

I'm sure you have some great reasons for your new compose, but it fails a number of usability tests for me. So how about a lab to revert to the old one? At least a non-popout one with all headers active.

Has anyone worked out how to do breakout rooms in Google Hangouts? I see there are a bunch of plugins/extras and I wonder if anyone has written one to easily break people into separate "rooms" (= new hangouts). I expect you could do it manually, ie. "Click here to join the breakout room and then click back the the main session when you've finished" but I was hoping for something a little more managed...

I hadn't heard of CIM before, but I've certainly seen it in action: "Processes, however inappropriate and ineffective, are implemented with rigor and tend to obstruct work. Adherence to process is the measure of success in a Level 1 organization." -

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Is Zabbix the new Nagios?

Am looking at monitoring as we'll have an outsourced service provider for our service. Would like notification if server goes down (ping check or login check will be enough).
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