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Discussion & Criticism  - 
Just watched Attack on (of?) Titan. generally about the series all I have to say is that don't watch it. Because if you do you'll find out that the story doesn't end when the anime ends, not even the Manga is done, so that will seriously drive you crazy. You will kill to see more, but there is no more at least for now.

So that's all I'm gonna say for a review, the long part will be about the 3D manoeuvring gear thing that appears in the series and the top ten most serious problems that will prevent such a device from actually functioning as depicted in the anime.

10. Starting off with a relatively small concern, but big in terms of immersion, why would they invent such a device in the first place? It is said that there has been peace for at least 100 years within the walls. Why would you design a device that is mostly useful, within the walls? It's like a paradox of itself. If the only activity has been surveys outside of the walls, shouldn't you make something that is more suited to that kind of combat situation instead?

9. I won't say much about this one since it should be pretty obvious. There is no way you could store so much energy in the form of pressurized gas. Pressurized containers by the way are also incredibly heavy, not something you wanna fly around with, in case you have never handled a scuba diving gear or gas welder before.

8. Wire management. Just how do they manage so many wires? I will probably strangle my self before get eaten by any titans. The biggest problem here is that you also cannot keep your wires in a high tension state nor can you wind them back too quickly after disengaging. If you don't know what I'm talking about go get a tape measure, pull it all out and let it go free while holding the body in your hands. Now try that with a heavy sharp steel tip with steel blade hooks and grooved steel cable. It's nasty just thinking about it.

7.Cost and availability. How do they manage to produce so many of these complex machines and high strength steel blades in a pre-industrialized society with extremely limited access to natural resources? Also consider how most of these soldiers use these equipments: they jump into battle and immediately die! That's a clever use of resources! I'm surprised there aren't at least different grades of 3D manoeuvring gear, like how there are always different grades of mechs.

6. Angle and acceleration. If you've studied vectors and trigonometry in math or physics you should realize how difficult it will be to get air born with such a device by shooting your grappling hook forward instead of straight up. Because the upward component of the angle of acceleration must be larger than Earth's gravity for this to work. And if you shoot almost horizontally like they do sometimes, the force quickly get extremely large (infinite at completely horizontal of course), assuming you don't want to loose altitude in the process. You could easily generate multiple Gs of acceleration, how do you hold on to your full steel swords? and heavy pressurized containers? Are leather straps enough for such extreme conditions?

5. Once you get up to those kinds of speed and acceleration, the next obvious problem is how to slow down. Never mind swinging at hundreds of km/H, even a simple swing from a small angle into a hard surface is very hazardous if you don't push against it prepared, with your feet. Considering that these people don't even wear any helmets or joint protection, any kind of collision will immediately disable if not kill you. Most astounding is probably how Mikasa is able to survive collisions and falls at extremely high speeds against stone surfaces without a scratch, but a small, real scratch from a debris leaves a permanent mark on her face.

4. Forget about no scope sniping, the characters in this anime are the real masters of hip firing. They can magically aim their grappling hooks with extreme precision even though they seem to be firmly attached to their hip. Also note that the hook flies much slower than bullets or laser guns, also with much more drag and oscillation from the cable attached to it. It'll be like playing Counter-Strike no cross-hair no scope no mouse one bullet only while you fly across the map at high speed.

3. Since these people probably don't have man-made spider silk material, carbon nanotubes or even nylon for that matter. How do they do the cables? Are they steel cables as I have assumed up to this point? because that's what they seem to be from appearance. There doesn't seem to be enough space for it. They would have weighed a solid 20 kilos or so probably, even if they could fit them in.

2. Hook shooting, simply put, there is no way you could shoot those grappling hooks with such force with mechanical energy, a gunpowder device is required. Remember they are shooting steel hooks attached with steel cable. The whole thing would've weighed tens of kilograms fully extended. Compared to tens of grams for even big bullets. This, of course also means that the grappling hooks themselves would be more destructive than any other hand held weapon they have in the series. You might as well start shooting titans with them loaded with steel darts.

1. The final nail in the coffin, biggest problem of all if such a device were to be constructed in real life, is its reliability, which is just piss poor. It doesn't matter what miracle technologies you employ, even if it works exactly like shown in the anime, the hooks shoot just fine, with automatic aim, incredible winch and integrated computers to control for safety and such. One simple problem will still make it useless: How do you make sure that your hook will actually catch on? Because often they swing with a single hook, and if that were to fail, you would either collide into a break wall or fall to your death. There is of course no way to reliably engage or disengage the hooks simply because of the wide range of surfaces and situations they will encounter, without being able to change the heads. What if you hit steel plating on wooden structure? What if you hit corroded weak cement on a building ? What if you didn't hit anything? What if you hit soft fat tissue on a titan that won't hold your weight? All of these could happen at any moment, with every swing, and each of them could very likely be fatal. Everyone's head of the story of the early M16 versus AK-47 story? On the battlefield what you often want is not fancy tech, but solid reliable performance. And the 3D manoeuvring gear is just unreliable by nature even if you could solve all the previous problems somehow.
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Oh god, it's the "But it's fantasy!" police. God forbid we find individual elements of fantastic stories to be silly.
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Strategy  - 
While I download STFIV arcade edition from a 75% off special on Steam....
I played Company of Heroes 2 and I didn't like it for one but influential reason, there is no real time ballistics.
I kind of remember when COH first came out it blew us away with the impressive graphics, especially the tracer rounds flashing by and the dirt kicked up by explosions and stuff. Today, they're not that impressive anymore, the maps seem unrealistically small and the textures are not as sharp as they were compared to other games of their respective time. On top of all that, the outdated targeting system I was talking about, just took me completely out of the game.
What I am talking about is the system that determines when units effectively hit each other. A realistic ballistic model is a model that rely on hitboxes and simulated projectiles, like one that you would see in an FPS game. Many RTS games today also uses it, Total War series for example, Supreme Commander is another one to mention. The point is, projectiles are simulated in real time as they fly through the air, and whether or not they hit is a matter of aiming.
In COH, all projectiles are just graphical effects and have no influence on hitting or missing. What happens is that an internal system first determines via randomizers, whether or not you will hit, and then plays the relevant animation. On top of that, I don't think it takes distance into account very much. As a result, you will often see anomalies like infantry unable to kill each other even though they are shooting directly into each other's faces, tank shells going right into a soldier's feet but fails to kill him. And if you're lucky, you can see shells perform multiple turns through the air just to hit their target.
I an NOT saying that games must be realistic, no they can be all crazy and fantastical. But they need to be consistent and make sense. When I see a game set in a real historical setting, I expect it to work like real life. And if it doesn't, not only is it distracting, it hinders my ability to learn the game. For example if I order a flame thrower infantry to shoot fire at an enemy squad, I expect them to be annihilated in an instant, unable to fight back. But if you try it in COH2, it doesn't work that way, they can still shoot back for quite a long time.
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Pictures  - 
Eve return mission in 3 launches, 2000 tone total mass.
The lander vehicle is fitted with an SSTO attachment and launched into orbit by itself without staging. Two more fuel ships then follow to dock with it in space, one to refuel and the other for transfer and return from Eve.
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Wow -- that's impressive. 
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I wasn't happy with the quality of my gold block. So I made a new one!
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Well thats one thing to do in KSP. Send gold in space for no reason. GOOD JOB!
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Still can't get the configuration right for air breathing. What happens is once you close the intakes (yes you have to close it manually) the engine won't run on oxidizer tanks and will loose thrust. I think a plugin is needed for these types of engines to function properly.
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I almost never do all stock challenges, because I like having the choice of over 600 parts in my moded game. But I thought I'd do one just to see how I perform.

Challenge link:

Original challenge is to orbit Mun and safely return. On Yutube there's a video of someone doing a Duna and Ike landing before returning safely. So I thought I'd do something else, like landing on Eeloo and returning safely.
Turned out to be not so safe as my tank exploded on my no parachute return, but the probe survived so I think that counts as "safe" in Kerbal standards.
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Shared publicly  - 
There outcome of a game is completely determined by these four factors: experience luck material advantages advantages in game settings And if we take a closer look at each of these factors: Experience, this factor in itsel...
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Hi Chen, send me your skype/gmail to I would like to chat/discuss my research with you
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Discussion  - 
Yes, it does fly, quite well actually, with FAR. Just not that fast.
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I like it. It reminds me of constructing things from toilet rolls and pingpong balls.
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Probably the most OP but realistic engine. There is already a mod for it but I think my model and texture is much better haha. This here isn't a rendering it is just the plain model with texture and it will look something like this in-game.
The SABRE engine is a concept hybrid turbojet/ramjet/rocket engine with 3,600 ISP in air breathing operation and 460 ISP in rocket operation, designed for SSTO.
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+chen gong 
Oh i found your model at the sketchfab
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