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Dark Matter and Dark Energy Don’t Exist. New Theory Says the Universe Works Without Them
Before the
Hubble Space Telescope (HST), it was thought that the universe was slowing in
its expansion and might someday fold back in on itself . In 1998, the HST
revealed that rather than slowing, the rate of universal expansion is actually
picking up. We ...
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NASA Sent A Signal 13 Billion Miles Into Space - And Got A Response THIS WEEK
from the Voyager team dug up decades-old data to send a message to the intrepid
spacecraft 13 BILLION MILES AWAY asking it to repurpose thrusters that have not
been fired since November 1980. Astonishingly, even travelling at the speed of
light, t...
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NASA's Team Fires Up Thrusters of VOYAGER 1 After 37 Years
If you tried
to start a car that’s been sitting in a garage for decades, you might not
expect the engine to respond. But a set of thrusters aboard the Voyager 1
spacecraft successfully fired up Wednesday after 37 years without use. Voyager
1, NASA’s farthes...
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Take A Moment To Marvel At This Jaw-Dropping Image Of Jupiter's Storms
Feast your
eyes, people. Feast them like you’ve never feasted them before. Because this is
surely one of the most glorious images of Jupiter, nay the universe, ever
taken. Yep, that image above is no cosmic painting. It is an actual image
snapped by NASA’s ...
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Andromeda Galaxy Has Been Photobombed by Two Incredibly Massive Black Holes
A photo of
our galactic neighbor Andromeda has revealed a surprise subject - an X-ray
source initially thought to be inside Andromeda, but which turned out to be
1,000 times farther away. Using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory and
from ground-base...
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Black Holes Once Cleared The Way For Light in Our Universe, Say Astronomers
Holes Once Cleared The Way For Light in Our Universe. In the
beginning, there was darkness. And then, after hundreds of millions of years,
light from primitive suns spilled freely across the Universe. What caused the
lifting of this veil, however, has...
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Physicists Just Found a Loophole in Graphene That Could Unlock Clean, Limitless Energy
By all
measures, graphene shouldn’t exist. The fact it does comes down to a neat
loophole in physics that sees an impossible 2D sheet of atoms act like a solid
3D material. New research has delved into graphene’s rippling, discovering a
physical phenomenon ...
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NASA Plans to Send a Robot to Hunt for Life on Saturn’s Moon
suspect that life might exist under the icy crust of Saturn's small moon
Enceladus. Now, NASA has confirmed support for the development of a new,
uber-sensitive device that could allow them to find out once and for all. NASA wants
to utilize the...
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This Crazy Twist on Black Holes Says There Was No Big Bang
A physicist
from the University of Campinas in Brazil isn't a big fan of the idea that time
started with a so-called Big Bang. Instead, Juliano César Silva Neves imagines
a collapse followed by an expansion, one that could even still carry the scars
of a pr...
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The Most Breathtaking Pictures of Earth from Space
If ever you
want a surefire way to calm your nerves on those days when life's problems seem
all-encompassing, wait until nighttime rolls around and head outside for a nice
peek up at the stars. When's the last time you were disappointed by looking at
the sk...
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