Good report, but The Bisexual Index site is an excellent resource in general, from what I have seen.

Glad they also looked at some intersectional concerns, including race/ethnicity, gender, and disability. Very, very, very relevant, yes. I identify as multi (not bi) these days, but am also glad they are being less binary all around with their own working definitions.

Biphobia as an addon to homophobia: it definitely is a thing. Good descriptions of some of the forms this can take, in the report.

I hadn't gone looking for UK-specific figures specifically, but was interested to see these (if not bi-specific; but, the lack of such separate study is part of the point):

A large 2006 survey found that 65% of young LGB people had experienced direct bullying in UK schools (75% in religious schools), and 98% had heard LGB-specific insults (notably ‘that’s so gay’ used pejoratively). Rates of harassment were: verbal abuse (92%), physical abuse (41%), cyberbullying (41%), death threats (17%) and sexual assault (12%). 58% of people never reported the bullying. For those who did, 65% reported that nothing was done about it 82. There is a general lack of visibility of LGB issues in schools 83, including curricula which assumes heterosexuality and fails to include LGB experiences 84, and 2 in 5 teachers who feel uncomfortable discussing LGB issues 85. This exclusion and discrimination negatively impacts on young people’s self-esteem; their ability to be ‘out’ or to ‘be themselves’; their progress in studies 86; and their general well-being (see the ‘Health’ section of this report). In a recent white paper, the Department for Education reported that prejudice-based bullying in general was on the rise and called for it to be addressed 87.

(Bolding added; I had already gotten the impression that this might be the case in the UK, as well as in the US. Good to see some confirmation.)
On February 15th, 2012 BiUK - in collaboration with the Open University - launched "The Bisexuality Report"

Bisexual people are included in the acronym LGBT but often our issues and circumstances are not separately understood in practice. This is despite clear evidence that we experience discrimination in education, in society, and in the workplace and that we are more at risk of mental health problems than lesbian, gay, or heterosexual people.

Bisexual people are subject to a specific form of discrimination - "biphobia" - because we do not fit the simplistic "you're either gay or straight" model of sexuality.

This in-depth report summarises national and international evidence and draws out useful recommendations for future bisexual inclusion in many different settings.
Written by BiUK, with Bi Community News and The Bisexual Index, "The Bisexuality Report" and its recommendations have been endorsed by Stonewall, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, and the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists.
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