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Expert Tips To Get A Trendy Outdoor Room

A stylishly designed outdoor room can help enhance the value and appeal of your home. In the process, you achieve an oasis for your family and friends to make the most of the great outdoor atmosphere. Here are some useful tips to guide you with the creation of a fantastic outdoor room.

• Enclose the pergola or gazebo with vibrant colored outdoor curtains. They will help create a frame for the outdoor room by making a gentle perimeter. On sunny days, they will bring you a precious shade

• Think of making a doorway, trellis or arch leading to the outdoor room. This set up can give your guests the unique feel of walking into a new space. Some colorful climbing plants will add more interest to your design
• Install a fence with some creative materials including shrubs, weathered barn wood, bamboo or latticework. Such walls can provide a fitting background to support some art works that are weather resistant

• An attractively designed awning can enhance the looks of your outdoor room besides protecting the space from elements. With this addition, you need not stop using the outdoor room even during extreme weather conditions.

• Some stylish accents and traditional indoor furnishings can add an elegant look to your outdoor room. Some of these elements include carpets, some innovative design touches and throw pillows that are approved for outdoor use.
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Outdoor Living Involves Not Just Having a Swimming Pool

Tips To Make Your Backyard Look Bigger
Small spaces need not feel like limiting. With a bit of creativity, you can transform your outdoor living space into Versailles. Here are a few tips to gain a vast looking backyard

Create space within space
Use short walls to divide space or install a wood pergola. By walls, we mean arbors, vine-covered wooden fences and short trellis. If you can separate the lunge from the patio table, it is all done

Create a natural screen
To achieve some privacy, you can plant tall and wide bush such as the purple smoke bush along the edges of your space. They grow for about six feet a year. Keep trimming them to prevent over growing.

Get in a water feature
Install an inexpensive wall fountain or birdbath to create a dramatic focal point. Do this with a darker surface in order to reflect the sky and trees

Achieve vertical space
For maximizing the outdoor space, installing a vertical planter is a great idea. You can do this by making use of the fence, rails, walls or extra space. In fact, you can also prop a ladder against the wall and hang some plants on its rungs to create a stunning effect economically.

Enlarge the space with a mirror
Place a tall mirror behind a portico of a greenway porch to create a feeling of an expanded space.
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It was a totally gratifying experience working with Lyon Financial on our pool loan. I am actually writing this review while sitting on my brand new pool deck. The folks over at Lyon were truly professional but also human. They were in constant contact every step of the way and It felt like I was talking with friends because of their concerns that everything worked out well during and after the process. Great people and great company to work with.

Thank you Lyon, you guys are great!
Alan S.
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Lesser Known Benefits of Swimming

The health and fitness benefits of swimming are among the popular topics discussed. Here are some lesser known benefits of swimming that will surprise you.

Swimming makes you smarter

Researches done in Australia with kids taking swimming lessons revealed that those kids swimming regularly could perform better in the areas of fine motor skills, self-confidence, math skills and language development than those kids who did not take up swimming.

Swimmers can live long

All forms of exercises can enhance health and longevity. However, swimming is found the best choice for lengthening the lifespan. A research at the University of South Carolina involving 40,547 men observed over 32 years concluded that those men who swam regularly reported a 50 percent lower death rate than those who did other types of exercises and those who did not exercise.

Swimming in salt water is a beauty therapy for skin

When swimmers move to the ocean waters for open water workouts, they observe a vast improvement in their skin tone. Regular salt water swimming is found to help achieve a smoother skin by aiding the skin with moisture retention and detoxification to enhance new cell growth. A refreshing ocean swim can let your skin feel soft and healthy.
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