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"Bridge to the Forest"
I had the distinct pleasure of spending last weekend in Vancouver BC.  Great city with some hidden rain forest gems a very short drive from the city.  This is one of them.  I just couldn't resist the swinging bridge and its leading lines.  For all my friends at #landscapephotography curated by +Margaret Tompkins , +Jim Warthman and +Kevin Rowe ; +Landscape Photography Show   #landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Bill Wood; +HQSP Landscape ; +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER ; Best regards and hope you are having a great weekend!
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Thanks Sumit.  Hope you are doing well.  Best regards my friend.
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Great circle - some very talented people!
Within this circle you'll find a pot of Gold, there's someone for everyone to follow.

Everyone of these amazing people have helped me along my way by sharing a circle with me it....Thank You.

It's because of their support that will be inspiring a million kids this April.

Thank you in advance for deciding to +Take2seconds and click the share button to help me connect these extraordinary people with others. 

If I missed adding you to this circle and you've shared a circle of mine before please leave a comment and I'll include you in the next.

If you're not in this one and would like to be added to the next, all you have to do is share the circle to the public stream to help me support theses amazing people and I'll do the same for you.

Every share helps me find new people to follower me, which in turn will engage sponsors calculators so that they can invest more in the projects we do to save lives.  (。◕‿◕。)

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"A Winter Coat" depicts Yosemite Valley's Bridalveil Fall with a coat of snow and ice.  This is for all my friends at: +Mountain Monday by +Michael Russell ; +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins , +Carra Riley , +Bill Wood , +Johan Peijnenburg , +Jim Warthman , +David Heath Williams , +Dave Welling ; +HQSP Landscape ; +HQSP Promotion ; +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS by +Robert SKREINER and +Gemma Costa ; +Best Top Photographer Group ;  #stunningmoment  +Stunning Moment by +Alycia Miller , +Britta Rogge and +Christopher Prins   #plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek  Hope you enjoy the image and have a great week!
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Thanks +Anatoliy Urbanskiy  Best Regards my friend.
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For your winter viewing pleasure, I'm re-sharing some Tenaya Ice from a few seasons ago.  Abstract, but definitely cool.  +HQSP Landscape , +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins , +Carra Riley , +Bill Wood , +David Heath Williams , +Johan Peijnenburg , +Jim Warthman , +Dave Welling ; +NatureMonday , +Best Top Photographer Group +HQSP Promotion ; #plusphotoextract by +Jarek Klimek .  Hope you enjoy the image and have a great week.
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+Sumit Sen Thanks a lot Sumit.  Best Regards my friend!
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An ancient bristlecone pine from the White Mountains, right along the California/Nevada border.  For #mountainmonday by +Michael Russell , #landscapephotography by +Margaret Tompkins , +Carra Riley , +Bill Wood , +David Heath Williams , +Johan Peijnenburg , +Dave Welling ; #hqsplandscape ; #showyourbestwork#treetuesday by +Shannon S. Myers and +Christina Lawrie   Hope you enjoy the image and have a great week!
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+Ralph Mendoza Hey Ralph, glad you enjoyed the image.  An amazingly old tree at that!  Best Regards.
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This is my submission to the +Plus One Collection which is once again being organized by +Ivan Makarov .  This is a fantastic opportunity to raise some money for charity and at the same time see some of the amazing photography happening here on G+.  Check it out at
Hope you enjoy this winter image from beautify Whistler, BC.
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Thanks so much Sumit.  Best Regards.
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I love the gorgeous colors!  Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with the #LandscapePhotography theme!!  Please see the about tab of +Landscape Photography .  We have new curators and a new URL for +Landscape Photography Show !!  Your list of curators is very outdated.
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"Another Volcano Morning"  This is an image created on the slopes of the Cinder Cone in Lassen National Park a few summers ago.  The peak off in the distance is Mt. Lassen, the southern most volcano in the Cascade Range.  The "shadow" in foreground is cast by the "cinder cone" itself in the early morning light.  It's a bit of a slippery slope to ascend the cinder cone, but the view from the top is well worth the effort.  So this image is for:  +Mountain Monday curated by +Michael Russell ; +Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins , +Carra Riley , +David Heath Williams , +Bill Wood ; +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg , +Dave Welling ; +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER and +Gemma Costa ; +HQSP Landscape ; +NatureMonday ; #plusphotoextract by +Jarek Klimek Hope you enjoy the image and have a great week!+Best Top Photographer Group 
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+David Collin Thanks so much for commenting David.  I agree, Lassen is a great Park.  Lots of great locations for photography.  Best Regards.
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Michael R. Reynolds

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Great circle of photographers. 
Great Photographers With < 25,000 Followers

The photographers here are all in my personal circles.  The choices are mine and mine alone.  No one asked, begged, or pleaded to belong.  No bribes were offered or accepted.  These are the people that I follow because I appreciate their great quality photography and their interaction.  Most I have met as I help curate several of the photography themes.  There are NO requirements to share this circle.  I would appreciate the people in this circle plus the post, leave a comment, and share the circle as public.  

Each profile has been verified by me.  Most have < 25,000 followers (when they were put into the circle).  They each have high quality original photography content.  You won’t find many animated gifs!  I have included myself in the circle and also the landscape page.  Some are fairly new to G+ so please make them feel welcome!!

Landscape Photography:  I invite everyone to check out the +Landscape Photography  #LandsacapePhotography theme.  If you want to impress me, that’s the place to do it!!  Post a great landscape that will get my attention.  See the About tab for all the details.

I wasn’t included, what do I do?  If you meet the criteria, weren’t included, but think you should be, then leave me a comment.  Maybe I don’t know about you.  There are millions of people on G+ and I don’t know everyone.  However, I’ll be happy to have a look at your work if you will call it to my attention.  Start posting landscapes that get my attention (see above)!!

There’s a really great photographer XXX that you didn’t include.  Please feel free to recommend qualified people but please only one.  I discover new people every day and would be happy to look at their work.  Please make sure that the recommended person meets the criteria.  If they don’t then that tells me a lot about you!

A while back, I had a wonderful discussion about circles with +Robin Griggs Wood and +Charles Lupica .  If you don't know them, then let me introduce you to two of the finest people here on G+!    Charles is a master of monochrome!!  Robin is a master of everything and a mentor to all of us!!  Did you know that she speaks seagull!!   I hope that both Robin and Charles will look you all over and give you a share!  There aren't many quality vetted circles shared on G+.  I'm proud to say that this is one of them!!

#Circleshare   #Sharedcircles  
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We finally are getting some rain in the San Francisco Bay Area, which means snow up in the Sierra.  to celebrate, I'm posting this snowy image from Whistler BC.  This is for:  +Mountain Monday by +Michael Russell ; +HQSP Landscape , +HQSP Promotion ; +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS  by +Robert SKREINER and +Gemma Costa ; +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins , +Carra Riley , +David Heath Williams , +Bill Wood , +Dave Welling , +Johan Peijnenburg ; +landscape photography show; +NatureMonday by +Rolf Hicker ; #plusphotoextract by +Jarek Klimek  +Best Top Photographer Group  Hope you enjoy the image and have a great week!
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+Sumit Sen Thanks for commenting Sumit.  Hope you are doing well.  Best Regards.
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I've always been drawn to the mountains and wilderness areas.  As a teenager I started climbing in Yosemite Valley and also began hiking and skiing in the Sierra.  My photography is born out respect for these places and a hope that we can preserve what little of it we have left.  As a kid I also loved to do photography and would happily borrow my parents' Voigtlander camera to capture images of the places we visited.  I quickly graduated to my own 35mm camera and spent hours working in the darkroom.  Many years later, I started working with a 4x5 view camera.  My film days are long gone, but I''ve never lost my passion for creating images of nature.  In the end, its all about the interplay of light on the amazing natural elements all around us.  To see more of my work, please be sure to visit my web site at  Hope you enjoy my posted images.    
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