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If you said, "Hey how did you know?", better go and change your passwords right now! But don't feel alone.  You are part of a large majority of people that use simple to guess and easy to crack passwords. 

With so much of our lives posted online through social networks,  we often use these easy to guess passwords to protect our vital information.
Why do we do this?  Because they are easy to remember.  But if they are easy to remember, they are easy to crack.  Passwords are consistently identified as the weakest link in modern online security, allowing hackers easy access to online accounts, computers and even entire networks.  More importantly, we are the weakest link to network security in our home and at our places of employment.

But done feel alone.  Here are the top ten (WORST) passwords used according the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) for 2012: (see photo)

So enough about what we are doing wrong.  What can we do to fix the problem?  Well for starters, most experts in the Information Security industry will tell you that passwords are DEAD.  Or plainly, they are a joke.  But guess what, passwords are here to stay.  Until a better system of securing our information comes along, we have to adjust to make sure we are doing everything in our power to secure our personal information.

So for starters:

- Use long complex passwords, preferably 9 to 16 characters in length.  Think, "Longer is Stronger".

- Think PassPHRASE instead of Password.

- If the network you use offers two-form factor authentication, then use it! That usually means a text message is sent to your mobile device to verify you are logging in. This would require a malicious hacker needing to have your phone and password to access your account.

- Use password managers such as LastPass and Keeper, etc.  I know, what if you lose the password to that account right?  That is always a possibility, but unlikely as those services take security seriously and have several redundancies to ensure safe keeping of your passwords.  But again, anything is possible.

- Don't reuse passwords across multiple social networks and bank accounts. Use a different password for each account.

- Remember to use a different password recovery email account then the one you used to register the account.  If you forget your password, or if your account is compromised, there is a good chance the malicious hacker has access to your email account as well.  Using a different reset email will ensure that this email account is not circulated with other social media accounts.

- Use a different recovery email account for banking and social media.

- Finally, write your passwords down and keep them in a safe place.  Can't go wrong with the good old notebook.

Best practice to remember is that if your password is easy for you to remember, it will be easy for a malicious hacker to crack.

Tony Moore

Tony Moore

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Part two - In a series of investigative reporting by FOX11 News on Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departments crackdown on illegal Facebook parties that often solicit narcotics and Nitrous Oxide (Noz).

Tony Moore

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HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON?: Aug. Shooting Suspect: Valu Plus grocery prkg lot, 15055 Mulberry Dr, Whittier (Co.) Aug. 20 - LASD Norwalk Photo

On Monday, August 20, 2012, at approximately 3:13 AM, the 27-year old victim arrived at work and parked his vehicle in the parking lot of the “Valu Plus” grocery store at 15055 Mulberry Drive, Unincorporated Whittier. 

As he walked up to the entrance, an unknown male adult approached and brutally shot him multiple times at point blank range without any provocation. The unidentified suspect then fled the location on foot. 

This incident was captured on video surveillance. 

The suspect is believed to have entered a nearby convenience store shortly before the shooting, where he calmly purchased a fruit punch drink. This was also captured on video surveillance. 

Detectives with the Norwalk Sheriff's Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, are seeking the assistance of the public in providing any information leading to the identification and arrest of the suspect. 

Anyone with information involving this crime is urged to contact Norwalk Station Detective Shortridge at (562) 863-8711, Extension 5446. Information can also be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477); by texting the letters TIPLA plus the crime tip to CRIMES (274637); or by visiting the Crime Stoppers website at

Media inquiries can be directed to Norwalk Sheriff’s Station Detective Bureau, Sergeant Andy Ruiz. 

Norwalk Sheriff's Station 
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 
(562) 863-8711 

Tony Moore

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 Suspects Captured: Wanted for Attempt Murder Shooting of LASD Deputy in South El Monte 09/02/12, Carjackings, Escape

Suspects Sought in the Attempted Murder Shooting of LASD Deputy, Carjacking, Escapee Captured; Darnell and Tania Washington 

At approximately 11 a.m. on Wednesday, October 11, 2012, suspects Darnell and Tania Washington were detained in King County located near Seattle, Washington. The suspects are wanted for the attempted murder of a Temple Sheriff’s Deputy that occurred on Sunday, September 2, 2012. 

The suspects were found driving a stolen vehicle by King County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies went in pursuit of the vehicle which terminated in a traffic collision. The suspects were detained and positively identified as the two wanted in the Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County area. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau investigators are currently responding to Seattle, Washington. 

Tony Moore

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Bear visits Montrose homes, loiters at nail salon, walks track at CV High, Stops Traffic on Foothill 210 fwy - LASD La Crescenta.

Bear visits Montrose homes, loiters at nail salon, walks track at CV High, Stops Traffic on Foothill 210 fwy La Crescenta

A Black Bear taking a Sunday stroll got a lot of attention Sunday morning in the Crescenta Valley area.

Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies received a call at 7:22 A.M. Sunday morning reporting that a bear estimated at 300 pounds was seen in the area of Henrietta Avenue and La Crescenta Avenue, La Crescenta. A resident said the bear had climbed a yard fence and knocked it over.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies soon arrived and saw the bear. Deputies alerted California Department Fish and Game wardens and continued to follow the bear as it walked throughout La Crescenta and Montrose for several hours.

The bear walked through residential areas, sat in front of a nail salon on Foothill Blvd, walked the track at Crescenta Valley High School, and walked up the La Crescenta onramp onto the 210 Freeway, causing its temporary closure.

The bear was ultimately tranquilized by game wardens and taken back to his new home in the forest.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's helicopter flew overhead to help keep a view of the bear's location and to alert deputies on the ground of its path so that community members could be warned.

After the bear was seen by neighbors at 7:22am, deputies followed the bear as it walked southbound on Glenwood from Henrietta onto Foothill Blvd. The bear then waited for a while in front of a closed nail salon on the 2900 block of Foothill Blvd.

The "Alert LA County" emergency telephone notification system was used by deputies at 8:40AM to call and alert over 4,000 area residents of the bear in their neighborhood. Residents were warned that for their safety they should stay inside their homes and keep their pets inside.

You can sign up for Alert LA County emergency telephone notifications, including to your cell phones here:

The bear walked southbound across Foothill Blvd. and went to Crescenta Valley High School on Community Ave.

The bear walked around the running track for a while then walked past some of the high school buildings.

The bear then went further south, and before about 9:00AM, walked up the La Crescenta onramp and onto the 210 Foothill freeway.

Once on the freeway, the bear walked out to the freeway's center divider and crossed back and forth on the freeway several times, walking on the eastbound and westbound sides. Deputies said he seemed afraid, most likely due to all the cars travelling on the freeway and noise.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies and California Highway Patrol officers shut down the 210 freeway in that area for the safety of the bear and drivers, and after about ten minutes, the bear walked off of the freeway and southbound back into the residential area.

Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies monitored the bear’s location until the arrival of three wardens from the California Department of Fish and Game shortly after 9:00am. Glendale Police officers assisted with keeping an eye on the bear's travels.

California Department Fish and Game warden worked with sheriff's deputies to corral the bear into a spot where it could be safely tranquilized. The bear was tranquilized at the corner of Hermosa Avenue and Sunset Avenue, Montrose, and carefully boarded onto a truck.

The bear has its first ear tag to identify it, and has been returned to the forest.

There were no injuries during this incident.

The Alert La County emergency telephone notification system was used a second time at 10:20 AM to inform the community the bear was captured and it was safe to return to normal activities.

"We’re very glad that no one was hurt, including the bear," said Captain Mike Parker, Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.
"Yet we do have to keep in mind that bears are wild animals. Although we have tremendous compassion for the bear, we do have to put the safety of the public first."

"And in this case, like many others, it has ended well with no one hurt, including the bear. The bear will wake up in the forest in bear country thanks to teamwork from Fish & Game wardens, sheriff's deputies, other officers, and the public." Captain Parker said.

Partner to prevent or report crime by contacting your local Sheriff’s station. Or if you wish to remain Anonymous, call “LA Crime Stoppers” by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or using the website

Angela Shepherd, Lieutenant
Crescenta Valley Sheriff's Station
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
(818) 248-3464


It's Hot & It's Summer-The Bears are Back in the Foothills. What's a Human To Do? 

Tony Moore

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Part One - In a series of investigative reporting by FOX11 News on Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departments crackdown on illegal Facebook parties that often solicit narcotics and Nitrous Oxide (Noz).

Tony Moore

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616AM,Sat,On-duty LASD Transit Services deputy hit by car while render aid to motorist,3rd/Downey,East LA.In hospital

Tony Moore

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Deputy Involved Shooting in Centinela Hospital Emergency Room, Inglewood - LASD South LA

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau detectives are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deputy involved shooting that occurred on Thursday, October 18, 2012, at 1:10 AM at Centinela Hospital, 555 East Hardy Street, Inglewood.

Detectives have learned that the suspect was arrested for possession of a controlled substance Wednesday afternoon by South Los Angeles Station deputies. While in the station jail, he developed a medical issue. Paramedics were summoned and the suspect was transported by ambulance with a patrol vehicle escort to the Centinela Hospital's emergency room.

While in the emergency room, one wrist of the suspect was handcuffed to a gurney while his other wrist remained free. Using his free hand, the suspect grabbed a deputy's gun. Fearing for his safety and his partner's safety, a second deputy fired his weapon at the suspect.

The suspect was hit and was pronounced dead at the scene.

No deputies were injured and the investigation is ongoing.

Whenever an Officer Involved Shooting occurs and it results in the wounding of a suspect, multiple independent investigations immediately begin at the scene. These include separate investigations by the Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney in addition to investigations by Sheriff's Homicide Bureau and Internal Affairs Bureau. Attorneys with the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review also respond to the scene and have full access to the facts know to the Sheriff's Department throughout every phase of these investigations. Once concluded, every aspect of the shooting is reviewed by the Sheriff's Executive Force Review Committee.

Partner to prevent or report crime by contacting your local Sheriff’s station. Or if you wish to remain Anonymous, call “LA Crime Stoppers” by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or using the website

Authored by: Kim Manatt, Deputy Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau - Newsroom Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 4700 Ramona Blvd., Monterey Park CA 91754 Office: 323-267-4800 @LASD_News!/LASD_News

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Tony Moore

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Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Seeks Public’s Help in Identifying Child Annoyance Suspect

At approximately 4:45 PM, a 13 year old girl was walking home from school in the area of 35th Street East and East Avenue R-14, when a Hispanic Male driving a white Toyota Prius began calling out to the girl and soliciting her to get into his vehicle. The victim appropriately ignored the suspect’s request and ran home where she reported the incident to her parents, who then contacted Palmdale Station.

The suspect in this incident is described as being a 35 year old Hispanic Male with a shaved head, brown eyes, and a thin mustache. He is approximately 5’10” and weighs around 150 pounds. The vehicle he was driving is described as a “pearl” white Toyota Prius with a California license plate.

Palmdale Detectives are asking if anyone has any information regarding the identification of the suspect to please contact the Palmdale Station’s Detective Bureau at 661-272-2400 or provide the information anonymously through Crimestoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS.

With millions of children walking to and from school every day across the United States, it is important that parents talk with their children about what to do should they be approached by someone they do not know. The below Tips from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children can help prepare your child for a safer journey to and from school.

Tips for Parents and Guardians

1. Instruct your children to always TAKE A FRIEND, always stay in well-lit areas, never take shortcuts, and never go into isolated areas. Teach them to stay aware of their surroundings and observe all traffic rules in place to more safely share the roads and sidewalks with others.

2. Walk the route to and from school with your children pointing out landmarks and safe places to go if they’re being followed or need help. Make the walk to and from school a "teachable moment" and chance to put their skills to the test. Make a map with your children showing acceptable routes to and from school. If your children wait for a bus, wait with them or make arrangements for supervision at the bus stop.

3. If anyone bothers your children or makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused, while going to or from school, teach your children to trust their feelings, immediately get away from that person, and TELL you or another trusted adult. If an adult approaches your children for help or directions, remember grownups needing help should not ask children; they should ask other adults. Instruct your children to never accept money or gifts from anyone unless you have told them it is OK to accept in each instance.

4. Even though there may be more safety in numbers it is still not safe for young children to walk to and from school, especially if they must take isolated routes anytime during the day or in darkness. Always provide supervision for your young children to help ensure their safe arrival to and from school.

5. Instruct your children to leave items and clothing with their name on them at home. If anyone calls out their name, teach them to not be fooled or confused. Teach your children about the tricks someone may try to use to confuse them or engage them in conversation. Children should also be taught that they do not need to be polite if approached and to get out of the situation as quickly and safely as possible

6. Ensure current and accurate emergency contact information is on file for your children at their school. If you, or another trusted family member or friend, need to pick up your children, make sure to follow the school’s departure procedures. These procedures need to include the school’s confirmation of your children’s departure with only those you authorize to pick them up.

7. Teach your children if anyone tries to take them somewhere they should quickly get away and yell, “This person is trying to take me away” or “This person is not my father/mother/guardian.” Teach your children to make a scene and every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.

8. Teach your children if anyone follows them on foot to get away from that person as quickly as possible. If anyone follows them in a vehicle they should turn around, go in the other direction, and try to quickly get to a spot where a trusted adult may help them. Advise them to be sure to TELL you or another trusted adult what happened.

9. Instruct your children to never leave school with anyone until they've checked with a trusted adult. If anyone tells them there is an emergency and they want your children to go with them, teach your children to always CHECK FIRST with you before doing anything. Also teach your children to always CHECK FIRST with you if they want to change their plans before or after school. Make sure your children always play with other children, have your permission to play in specific areas, and let you know where they are going to be. Instruct your children to TELL a trusted adult if they notice anyone they don’t know or feel comfortable with hanging around them.

10. In the event your children may be lost or injured, make sure they carry a contact card with your name and telephone numbers such as work and cellular. This card should be hidden from plain view.

Key Tips to Reinforce With Your Children

1. Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when walking, biking, or standing at the bus stop. Make sure you know your bus number and which bus to ride.

2. Say NO if anyone you don’t know or a person who makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused offers a ride. Do NOT accept a ride from anyone unless I have told you it is OK to do so in each instance.

3. Quickly get away and yell, “THIS PERSON IS NOT MY MOTHER/FATHER/GUARDIAN” if anyone tries to take you somewhere or is following you. If anyone tries to grab you, make a scene and every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.

4. NEVER LEAVE SCHOOL GROUNDS before the regular school day ends. Always check with the office before leaving school early.

5. NEVER take shortcuts or walk through alleys to get to or from school faster. We will talk about which way to go to and from school. Remind me if activities you participate in cause you to leave earlier or arrive home later than usual. Remember to call me once you have arrived home.

This information and more can be found on Palmdale Sheriff Station’s website at or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website at

LASD - Palmdale Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff
750 E Avenue Q
Palmdale, CA 93550

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 661-272-2400 

Tony Moore

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Advisory: The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is investigating a possible kidnap of a 10-13 Yr Old Boy from the area of 26th Street East and Ave S, Palmdale, CA.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at approximately 8AM, two children reported that a 10-13 year old Hispanic boy who appeared to be walking to school was possibly kidnapped at 26th Street East and Avenue S in the City of Palmdale. 

The witnesses described the victim as a male Hispanic 10-13 years of age, wearing a black shirt and black backpack. 

The witnesses said the victim was grabbed by two Hispanic men in their mid-30’s, who put the boy into a tan compact pickup truck and drove westbound on Avenue S. 

The tan compact pickup truck was described as having tinted windows, with two rear cargo doors, and a rear sliding window. 

The identity of the possible kidnap victim and the two men is not known. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators have been working with area schools throughout the day and following other possible leads to see if a kidnapping did or did not actually occur. 

Deputies have gone door to door with Sheriff’s volunteers and Sheriff’s Antelope Valley Search & Rescue deputies canvassing the neighborhood for clues. They have checked with area schools and followed up on any students who did not attend school who matched the description. All were found to be okay. 

No missing children matching the description have been reported in the Palmdale area Tuesday morning. 

Sheriff's Detectives are seeking the public's assistance in identifying the possible victim and urging the public to contact Palmdale Sheriff's Station at (661) 272 2400 with any information about this incident. Or if you wish to remain Anonymous, call “LA Crime Stoppers” by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or using the website 

Palmdale Sheriff's Station 
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 
750 East Avenue Q, Palmdale, CA 93550 
(661) 272-2400 

Nicole Nishida, Public Information Officer 
Mike Parker, Captain 
Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau - Newsroom 
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 
Twitter @LASD_News!/LASD_News

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff 
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 

Tony Moore

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Sexual abuse allegations by a Rosemead wrestling coach involving a male 14-year old victim are under investigation by Special Victims Bureau detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The suspect in this case is WANTED for sexual assault of a minor.

At the start of the incidents, the victim was allegedly befriended by the suspect who was an assistant wrestling coach for Rosemead High School from 2007 to 2009. Since 2010 to the present time, he has been employed as a wrestling instructor of the Bad News Panthers Children Wrestling Club in Rosemead.

The suspect is Herbert Daniel Ortiz. He is also known as (AKA) Herbert Ortiz Monroy, a 29-year old Hispanic male, 5’8, 160 lbs. His last known residence was in Baldwin Park.

The sexual abuse allegations were disclosed by the victim to his mother.

Investigators were told of the alleged abuse by a victim's mother. She said she had been alerted to a “Youtube” video on the internet. In the video, another male alleged he was victimized by the suspect and was warning viewers, specifically those residing in Rosemead, California, to protect their children. The mother recognized the suspect as a former assistant wresting coach at Rosemead High School and asked her 14-year old son if he had been a victim. Her son then disclosed the sexual abuse by the suspect.

The crimes occurred in the cities of Rosemead, El Monte and Baldwin Park.

During follow-up investigation, detectives learned that the suspect had knowledge that the “Youtube” video had been posted to the internet.

Sheriff's Special Victims Bureau detectives have been unable to locate the suspect and it is believed the suspect is intentionally eluding detectives due to the alleged offenses.

Investigators believe there may be additional victims who may have been sexually abused by the suspect.


Parents, possible victims or witnesses are asked to call Special Victims Bureau detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 1-877-710-LASD (5273) or by e-mail at Or if you wish to remain Anonymous, call “LA Crime Stoppers” by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or using the website
Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau-Newsroom - Electronic Communications Triage Unit, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Crimesourcing, Info security, data privacy, Social Media Emergency Mgmt and emerging technologies in law enforcement. Social Media Investigations Instructor. 
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