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Very, very short stories.
Very, very short stories.

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How Does That Feel?
It’s supposed to feel good. Supposed to ‘make’ you feel
good. Like a good person. Y’know…Good. But it didn’t. It actually felt bad. Homeless guy. Buy him coffee and a sandwich. Like a nice
person. “Here you go…I got this for you”. Sealed the deal. Even brou...

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Granny made pancakes the same way every day. In her slippers and dressing gown, hair still taking shape under a factory of rollers, humming a Brenda Lee tune. Or Stones. Surprisingly eclectic, granny. Egg, milk, flour and an unregulated allowance on cinnamo...

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It was Stephen's fault. He shouldn't have done it at all. We told him. "Stop it Stephen, it's a sin. Stop". But I think that's what made him do it more. He didn't care. Yer man came out of nowhere. Honest to God, none of us saw him. We were running so fast ...

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Perfect Timing
She went for a walk. Not something she usually did - just take off like that, without warning...without yelling "Bye" to everyone, checking for keys and phone and million other pointless accessories. She just left. Closed the door and walked. It was only th...

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Altogether Now.
Tony, Andrew, Uncle Paul Lisa, Sharon, Sue Pat from work and Joe McCaul Oliver and Pru. The gang from football at the club The red head from the store Everyone sat in the pub A conversation roar. Wives and husbands, aunts and grans Uncles, cousins, friends ...

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Missing Picture
I ended up meeting him. He seemed fine. Relaxed, well-groomed
and happy to see me.  It was a bit weird
to be honest. I mean, it was just a joke. A prank. I hadn’t actually expected
him to show up. But there he was, as real as me and in the flesh. Firm

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Winging It
Hark, the celestial angels cry One's a girl and one's a guy. One harks louder than the other The reason being, the other's stutter. It might not seem like much to you But when you 'hark', it should be t-t-t-true.

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That's Fine Then
Here come the footsteps Prepare to pretend to be busy Can't look idle Too many questions What are you doing sitting there? Can't be honest Can't be true Thinking Brooding Feeling Look busy Grab a book Reading Exams Busy me Oh that's fine I'll leave you be Y...

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In Case of Emergency
It looked like great fun. A great old time. Friends and cousins all together; cakes, tea and good clothes. Loud cackling laughter, smell of hairspray and aftershave. The secret adult world on it's best behaviour. Ladies parachuting from the heavens in layer...

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Every night, they walk together. Her on the inside, habitually pampering his need to safeguard. Arms propelling body and words. Him, head bowed in rapt concentration, absorbing each act of the new drama. Continuing their march through life. Step by synchron...
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